This timeline is our Character Bible that was constructed once we got into writing season 5 and beyond of FRVS. There's a lot of information in this timeline that didn't make it into any of our episodes. This is the intended historical timeline of our main characters of FRVS, and it goes back very far in history, and very far into the future. You can see why we contemplated writing prequel seasons and sequel seasons to the original FRVS series, right?

A look at significant events of the lives of FRVS characters from 793 to 2019.

This timeline is our Character Bible, there are so many tidbits of character information in this timeline that were not covered within the episodes of FRVS. All the contents of this timeline were discussed by Cassie and Kristi while developing the FRVS characters and their arcs during the creative process of writing the FRVS series. Enjoy!

Be warned that reading this timeline could spoil you for episodes of FRVS (years 1999 to 2012 specifically since those are the years in which FRVS episodes take place), when an event in the timeline has an episode in which the information was included the description links to the episode.

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8 June

Magnus Ljufu Ror leads the beginning of the Viking Age, he and his men destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne (an island off the north-east coast of England) - monks were killed in the abbey, thrown into the sea to drown, or carried away as slaves along with the church treasures. * Ror = Rohrer

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6 June

Hyde Garman Mannering is born to Robert and Hulda Mannering



Hyde Mannering earns the nickname "Dogge" (medievil name for "dog" meaning a person is friendly and faithful, with dog-like qualities)


10 April

Mor Saerlaith Ó Scolaidhe is born to Eoin and Concessa Ó Scolaidhe
* Ó Scolaidhe = Scully



Hyde "Dogge" Mannering (9) decides to use the surname "Doggett" when he runs away from home because of an abusive father

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8 April

Hyde Garman Doggett gets engaged to Mor Saerlaith Ó Scolaidhe


17 July

Hyde and Mor's wedding day, Hyde is murdered by rival Wigandus Rohre who had battled him for Mor's affections


2 September

Wigandus Rohre and Mor Ó Scolaidhe are married


14 June

Alardus Rohre is born to Wigandus and Mor Rohre, she dies in childbirth
* Rohre = Rohrer

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9 November

John Nicholas Doggett is born in England


8 June

Ailís Caitlin Harper is born in Ireland


6 May

Ailís Harper marries Keegan Ó Scolaidhe in Ireland



Ailís and Keegan Keegan Ó Scolaidhe arrive in Boston, MA on the Winthrop Fleet, Ailís changes her name to Alice



John Nicholas Doggett arrives in Boston, MA on the Winthrop Fleet, his wife Ériu died of sickness during the voyage


4 February

Keegan Ó Scolaidhe dies from exposure


3 April

John Nicholas Doggett befriends Alice Ó Scolaidhe (a widow), it's quite the scandal how much time they spend together



Alice changes the spelling of her last name from "Ó Scolaidhe" to "O'Scully"



Carmalita Amata de Velázquez (12) is hanged during the Salem Witch Trials

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James William O'Scully changes his surname to "Scully"


10 November

Captain Nicholas Samuel Doggett helps found the Continental Marines (United States Marine Corps)


4 July

Liam Doggett prints 200 broadside copies of the Declaration of Independence for distribution from his printing shop



The Continental Marines is disbanded


19 October

Henry Isaac Doggett is born to Nicholas Samuel and Jane Doggett


11 July

Congressman Nicholas Samuel Doggett officially creates the United States Marine Corps

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Henry Isaac Doggett (17) travels with an expedition of about twenty men to TX



Henry Isaac Doggett marries Josefa Olivia Vega at the Alamo Mission in Béxar de San Antonio, TX


17 April

Jonathan Jay Doggett is born to Henry and Josefa Doggett in Nacogdoches, TX



October - Jonathan Jay Doggett and Rose Evelyn Wright meet in Nacogdoches, TX


8 May

Jonathan Jay Doggett marries Rose Evelyn Wright in Nacogdoches, TX


4 July

Victoria Maud Doggett is born in Nacogdoches, TX to Jonathan and Rose Doggett


4 July

David Levi Doggett is born in Nacogdoches, TX to Jonathan and Rose Doggett


2 October

Texas War of Independence begins, Jonathan Jay Doggett serves under Stephen F. Austin


24 February

Jonathan/Rose Doggett build the Doggett family farm house in deep south Texas w/o permission from *Gutiérrez
*Antonio Gutiérrez and his heirs occupied the land that became McAllen, TX at least up to 1883


5 March

Texas secession from the Union. The Doggett family remains loyal to the Union, staying on their family farmland in McAllen, TX, to protect it. They fly the Union flag high and proud, despite facing threats from their Confederate neighbors. Fellow Union supporters join them on their land, ready to fight for the Union


2 April

Victoria Maud Doggett marries Edward Frank Price in McAllen, TX at the Doggett family home


1-3 July

The Battle of Gettysburg


12-13 May

Colonel Jonathan Jay Doggett (Union Army in Texas) leads troops to battle in the Palmito Ranch battle (the last battle of the Civil War)


19 March

David Levi Doggett marries Dana Elizabeth Nelson (21) in McAllen, TX at the Doggett family home


23 December

Anna Chloe and David Levi Doggett, Jr. is born to David and Dana Doggett in McAllen, TX



Marines adopt their motto "Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi" (Always Faithful), a popular phrase used by Doggett men to say "I love you"


7 December

Anna Chloe Doggett marries Eric Cromwell in New Orleans, LA

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4 July

David Levi Doggett, Jr. marries Mertie Grace O'Reilley in McAllen, TX


22 February

Olivia Grace Doggett is born in McAllen, TX to David and Mertie Doggett


7 January

Abel and Anna Mulder arrive at Ellis Island (Jersey City, NJ) from Leipzig, Germany


6 April

Samuel Earl Doggett is born in McAllen, TX to David and Mertie Doggett


28 July

World War I begins


25 April

Carmen Isabel de Velázquez is born in Chihuahua, Mexico to Marilu and Hector de Velázquez


11 November

World War I ends


16 April

Stephen Edward Scully born to Peter and Catherine Scully in San Diego, CA


2 May

Joseph Paul Covarrubias is born in Martok, Sommerset County, England to William Anthony and Abigail Gaila Covarrubias


18 March

Samuel Earl Doggett marries Aghna Bessie Miller in San Antonio, TX - they spent their honeymoon in San Antonio


15 May

Roberto Esteban Reyes is born in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico to Lilia and Rafael Reyes


4 August

Henry John Doggett, Sr. born in McAllen, TX to Samuel and Aghna Doggett


4 November

Isabella "Isa" Caterina Gagliano is born in Torino, Italy to Chiara and Ennio Gagliano


1 September

World War II begins


14 June

Nazi Germany occupies Paris, France


7 July

Stephen Edward Scully marries Amanda Evelyn Dirks in Honululu, HI


14 September

William Jeffrey Scully is born to Stephen and Amanda Scully in Honolulu, HI


13 November

Liza Elenor Griffen born in Savannah, GA to Richard and Penelope Griffen


5 August

Alejandro Caton de Velázquez born in Phoenix, AZ to Luis and Aracely de Velázquez


12 November

Alejandro Caton de Velázquez born in Phoenix, AZ to Luis and Aracely de Velázquez


6 June

Allies invade Normandy (France) on D-Day


7 May

Germany surrenders


2 September

World War II ends


28 February

Katherine Alice Jones is born in San Diego, CA to Anthony and Margaret Jones


18 June

Carolina Amata Aguilar born in Nogales, Mexico to Antonio and Maria Aguilar


19 June

Johnathan Timothy Montgomery is born in Dallas, TX to Craig and Amy Montgomery


22 August

Roger Lloyd Thompson is born in Arlington, VA to Christopher and Andrea Thompson


25 June

Korean War begins


3 June

Walter Sergei Skinner is born in Austin, TX to Sergei Armand and Alice Josephine Moreaux Skinner


27 July

Korean War ends


29 July

Enrique Ramon Reyes born in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico to Roberto and Isabella Reyes


1 November

Vietnam War begins

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28 May

Katherine Alice Jones runs away from home because of her abusive father


9 October

Roberto Esteban Reyes Jr. born in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico to Roberto and Isabella Reyes


12 June

William Jeffrey Scully meets Katherine Alice Jones (15) in San Diego, CA - she lies to him about her age, says she's 18


17 June

William Jeffrey Scully marries Katherine Alice Jones in Las Vegas, NV


13 August

The Berlin Wall is built


4 July

Henry Doggett and Liza Griffen are married in Savannah, GA


8 August

Henry and Liza Doggett move into the Doggett family farm home in McAllen, TX


21 November

Alejandro de Velázquez and Carolina Aguilar are married in Albuquerque, NM


21 June

William Jeffrey Scully, Jr. is born in San Diego to William and Katherine Scully


8 December

Henry John Doggett, Jr. born in McAllen, TX (at the Doggett family home) to Henry and Liza Doggett


5 August

George Griffen (Liza Doggett's older brother) begins construction of the World Trade Center in New York City


16 March

Antonio Luis Reyes born in Reynosa, Mexico to Roberto and Isabella Reyes


20 March

20 March - Liza and Henry Doggett have an argument, she's pregnant and over-reacts, runs to family in Savannah, GA


4 April

John Jay Doggett is born in Savannah, GA to Henry and Liza Doggett


12 August

Shannon Ann McMahon is born in Dallas, TX to Timothy and Allison McMahon


13 March

Barbara Ann Kendall born in Long Island, NY to Thomas and Shelly Kendall


25 April

Carlos Mateo and Monica Isabella de Velázquez are born in Roswell, NM to Alejandro and Carolina de Velázquez


7 May

Melissa Andrea Scully born in Okinawa, Japan to William and Katherine Scully


5 June

Robert F. Kennedy is shot in Los Angeles, CA during his Presidential campaign


6 June

Robert F. Kennedy dies from a gunshot wound at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles


28 January

Alexander Sergeiovich Krycek II, Jr is born in St. Petersberg (Leningrad), Russia to Sergei and Yelena Krycek


15-17 August

Woodstock Festival in Bethel, NY. Walter Skinner and his wife, Sharon are there all three days.


20 September

Juan Tomas and José Tomas Reyes are born in Reynosa, Mexico to Roberto and Isabella Reyes


13 October

Fox William Mulder is born in Chilmark, MA to William and Teena Mulder

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25 January

M*A*S*H*" premieres on TV, John Doggett is awed by it and wants to join the military one day


23 February

Dana Katherine Scully born in Annapolis, MD to William and Katherine Scully.


4 October

Jason Patrick Doggett born in McAllen, TX to Henry and Liza Doggett


24 December

Jeffrey Frank Spender is born in Alexandria, VA to Cassandra and Charles Spender


14 September

(7x03 "Historias Del Pasado") Carlos and Monica de Velázquez's parents are murdered in Corona, NM by Enrique Reyes. Carlos and Monica are taken as his "trophies"


16 September

Carlos and Monica de Velázquez are taken from Enrique Reyes by his parents, Roberto and Isabella Reyes


8 October

John Lennon's "Imagine" hits airwaves, Fox Mulder hears it and dreams of world peace, friendship and love


24 October

Texas Stadium (Dallas, TX) opens, John Doggett's dad takes him to the first game, Cowboys beat Patriots 44-21


15 March

Allison McMahon commits suicide, Shannon finds her body



Gary Rohrer begins physically abusing his wife, Naomi and son, Knowle


20 May

Carmen Damita Reyes is born in McAllen, TX to Roberto and Isabella Reyes


9 June

Charles Edward Scully is born in Annapolis, MD to William and Katherine Scully - Katherine dies in childbirth


22 January

Samantha Ann Mulder is born in Chilmark, MA to William and Teena Mulder


24 March

Captain William Scully marries Margaret Elizabeth Jones (Katherine's older sister) in Annapolis, MD



Dana Scully becomes victim of child molestation from a neighbor in Navy base (Corpus Christi, TX), lasts until family moves to NY


4 April

World Trade Center towers open in New York, the Doggett family visits for John Doggett's 6th birthday


30 April

President Nixon, in a national television broadcast, accepts responsibility, not blame, for Watergate


16 June

Monica Reyes sneaks into polar bear den at San Diego Zoo, Dana Scully holds hand of John Doggett since she's scared


4 August

Dana Scully begins taking ballet class


8 September

Walter Sergei Skinner marries Sharon Ann Ward in Austin, TX


23 September

Walter Skinner is deployed to Vietnam


25 September

Alex Krycek kicked in head by a donkey, makes him go cross-eyed


13 October

Alex Krycek goes ice skating and falls on his head during figure skating class and his eyes un-cross



At the tender age of 4, Alex Krycek begins figure skating with the Central Red Army Club in St. Petersberg, Russia


18 May

Fox Mulder celebrates "The Streak" (Ray Stevens) when it hits #1, he throws a tea party with Samantha's stuffed animals


23 June

First extraterrestrial message from Earth is sent into space



Lynn Covarrubias admitted into an insane asylum


30 July

The House Judiciary Committee adopts the three articles of impeachment, charging President Nixon with obstruction of justice, failure to uphold laws, and refusal to produce material subpoenaed by the committee.


8 August

Scully family moves from Corpus Christi, TX to Lake Placid, NY


9 August

President Nixon announces he will resign


23 April

President Ford gives televised speech about end of Vietnam War and end of all U.S. aid to the region


29 April

Walter Skinner is part of Operation Frequent Wind (evacuation of American citizens and at-risk Vietnamese in Saigon)


30 April

Vietnam War ends


7 June

Walter Skinner returns home to Austin, TX - he begins writing a book of poetry about his experiences in Vietnam.


13 February

Monica Reyes watches Dorothy Hamill win Olympic Gold in figure skating, becomes obsessed with the Olympics


14 February

Monica Reyes gets the Dorothy Hamill hairdo for Valentine's Day


4 March

Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias are paired by the Central Red Army Club to be ice dance partners


9 June

(11x03 "Tug of War") Carmen Isabel de Velázquez (Grandmama Reyes) tells John Doggett he will spend his life with Dana Katherine Scully


4 July

The United States celebrates its Bicentennial


18 March

Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias split as an ice dance team when the Krycek family moves to the United States


25 May

(11x01 "How They Meet") Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek first meet while waiting in line to see "Star Wars" at a theatre in Lake Placid, NY. They are prevented from seeing "Star Wars" on its premiere day because of two immature old men who cut in line in front of them. Later Mulder and Krycek discover that they were the immature old men!



Dana Scully is molested by a male family member during a family reunion in San Diego, CA - tells mom, but not taken seriously


9 August

The Covarrubias family moves to New York City from Russia



Sergei Andreiovich Krycek and Yelena Ilianova Zakharova Kryceka divorce



Dana Scully begins private ballet instruction for pointe (four private lessons a week)


31 October

John Doggett can't decide what he wants to be for Halloween: President of the United States, or a US Marine!


4 November

Iranian militants seize the United States Embassy in Tehran, and hold hostages


22 December

Dana Scully first performs as a rat in "The Nutcracker", dreams of being the Arabian dancer one day. After the recital, Fox Mulder, only ten years old, asks Dana Scully to be his girlfriend. She accepts, and they start dating as only children do at their age (9 and 10)


27 December

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan causes world protests

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21 May

"The Empire Strikes Back" opens in theatres - Mulder and Krycek discuss how to use Han Solo's line "my hands are dirty too" to smooth talk girls, only for Mulder (because he got so nervous) it came out "my pants can dirty you too," Dana Scully sees her boyfriend, Mulder, flirting with another girl and kissing her, she breaks up with Mulder on this (undeclared) holday: The Empire Strikes Back Day!



Scully family vacations in England, meet the Follmer family and become family friends. Dana Scully gives no attention to Brad Follmer, he's not "fun" enough to hang out with. And back in those days, Brad preferred to be called Eagan (part of his full name: Bradley Markus Wesley Eagan Follmer)


11 October

Dana Scully (10) and Alex Krycek (11) first "have sex" together in a tube slide at their school's playground, Krycek doesn't know where to put it, so he pokes at her ear. Krycek calls it sex, but Scully knows better


13 October

(3x12 "Perils of Being in 3-D: Take Me Anywhere") Alex Krycek is bullied by teenagers in New Jersey on the haunted "Annie's Road"


8 December

John Lennon (of The Beatles) is shot dead in New York City


20 January

The US-Iran Agreement frees the 52 hostages held in Iran since 1979


23 November

(11x02 "Stratego") Samantha Mulder disappears/gets abducted by aliens


15 December

William and Teena Mulder's divorce is finalized


24 December

Dana Scully performs as the Arabian Dancer in the Lake Placid Youth Ballet's "The Nutcracker"


2 February

Henry Doggett, Jr. meets Ellen DiGregio on a blind date


4 November

Henry John Doggett III born in McAllen, TX to Henry Doggett, Jr. and Ellen DiGregio


25 May

"Return of the Jedi" opens in theatres - Krycek wants to wear the Princess Leia slave outfit, Mulder wants to be Boba Fett


13 August

Henry Doggett, Jr. marries Ellen DiGregio


23 October

A terrorist explosion kills 237 Marines in Beirut, Lebanon


25 October

US and Caribbean allies invade Grenada


5 November

Elenor Anne Doggett born in McAllen, TX to Henry and Ellen Doggett


10 June

(7x03 "Tug of War") John Doggett and Monica Reyes start dating


7 July

(7x03 "Tug of War") John Doggett and Monica Reyes lose their virginity to each other in the embarrassing and awkward "I'm seducing you" incident in a tree house


8 July

(7x03 "Tug of War") John Doggett and Monica Reyes break up


29 September

Cheerleader, Dana Scully trips up rival high schools Quarterback, John Doggett (he checks her out mid-game)


4 April

As a birthday gift to John Doggett his friends set him up on a bland date with Barbara Kendall. They go on a date and sleep together, she gets pregnant


18 June

Dana Scully is introduced to her brother, Bill's best friend, Scott Williams, they start dating (he's kind, romantic, and fun)



John Doggett, Knowle Rohrer, and Shannon McMahon join US Marine Corps (bootcamp)


21 September

(7x03 "Tug of War") John Jay Doggett marries Barbara Ann Kendall. Scott Williams (date) rapes Dana Scully at Homecoming Dance after-party


22 September

Dana Scully tries to break up with Scott, but he promises he will never rape or hurt her again


22 October

Scott Williams gets physically violent with Dana Scully when she tries to break up with him, attack turns to rape



Dana Scully starts using the name "Danielle Smith" with men that she sleeps with/flirts with behind Scott's back


24 December

(11x05 "Jersey #7") John Doggett and Dana Scully (aka "Danielle Smith") sleep together at Christmas party, she gets pregnant.


6 January

Luke John Doggett born in Long Island, NY to John and Barbara Doggett


28 January

Space shuttle Challenger explodes, killing all 7 on board


23 March

Scott Williams finds out Dana Scully is pregnant, late at night, in her family's basement, he uses hunting knife/rape her in order to abort the unborn child. He leaves her to die, bleeding out.


24 March

Charles Scully finds his sister, Dana, beaten, and bleeding in the basement after Scott Williams has left. Charles calls an ambulance. Margaret Scully accompanies her daughter to the hospital. A doctor informs Dana that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for her to conceive a child in the future. Margaret Scully decides that the rest of the family does not need to know what happened, and the incident is "forgotten"


6 April

Dana Scully tries to kill herself via sleeping pill overdose, Krycek finds her and saves her by taking her to hospital


10 April

Halley's Comet is visible from Earth


26 April

Chernobyl Disaster


5 May

Maria Linn Covarrubias runs away from home to purposely live as a homeless person in Washington, D.C.


30 September

Kyd Austin Miller is born in New York City


7 April

Timmy Jay Doggett born in McAllen, TX to Henry and Ellen Doggett


1 June

Scott Williams graduates from high school, tries to talk Dana Scully into dropping out to be with him



Scott Williams goes off to college in Florida, effectively ending his relationship with Dana Scully (in her eyes, not his). Fox Mulder goes to Oxford University (major: psychology)


28 September

Dana Scully and her poetry teacher, Walter Skinner, start having a love affair


29 May

Dana Scully graduates from Lincoln High School in Lake Placid, New York (she was accepted at Harvard and will begin her college studies there in the fall)



Dana Scully helps Alex Krycek establish a stip club "The Gutter" in Las Vegas, her stage name is "Red." Dana Scully and Alex Krycek become "Lust Buddies" and engage in casual, no-strings-attached sex. Alex Krycek and Dana Scully write a book titled "The Sexual Journey To Ecstasy: 202 Inventive Positions To Kinkier Sex"



*Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek stop speaking to each other because Mulder is angry with Krycek for having his crush strip * Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek don't speak to or see each other again until FRVS 1x00 "The Pilot"


23 July

John Doggett, Knowle Rohrer, Monica Reyes see "Red" perform in Vegas, John tips "Red" $500 (of Knowle/Monica's money). Dana Scully uses the $500 to quit her job at Krycek's strip club, and she moves to Cambridge, MA in preparation to attend Harvard.


27 August

Dana Scully meets John Montgomery (professor) at Harvard University, they are involved romantically


2 June

Frank Adam Doggett born in McAllen, TX to Henry and Ellen Doggett


22 July

Fox William Mulder and Diana Faye Fowley are married in Alexandria, VA


9 November

The Berlin Wall is torn down when East Germans were finally allowed to freely enter West Germany. Thousands of Germans responded emotionally by demolishing the wall with sledgehammers, pickaxes and other implements.

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9 June

Charles Scully joins the US Marine Corps against his father's wishes for him to join the US Navy


2 August

Iraqi troops invade Kuwait and seize petroleum reserves, setting off the Persian Gulf War


25 August

Dana Katherine Scully marries Johnathan Timothy Montgomery



John Montgomery puts a chip in Dana's neck which has technology which could help her conceive a child and carry to term. John Doggett, Knowle Rohrer, Shannon McMahon, Charles Scully are deployed to Saudi Arabia (Operation Desert Storm)


3 October

East and West Germany are united


4 January

Marita Covarrubias first meets John Doggett while in Saudi Arabia to visit the Saudi Royal family


11 January

Dana Scully finds out she is pregnant and due in September


15 January

U.S. and Allies are at war with Iraq


23 February

Missile hits military barracks (Saudi Arabia) where Doggett, Rohrer, Charles Scully and McMahon are stationed.


26 February

Charles "AWOL" Scully goes AWOL from the US military hospital in Rammstein, Germany


27 February

Dana Scully goes to Rammstein to find her brother, sees John Doggett in open-back hospital gown, Charles not there. She and Doggett talk briefly about her brother, she thanks him for saving her brother's life


15 March

John Doggett receives Purple Heart for risking his life and getting wounded saving fellow Marines in the barracks


3 April

A cease-fire ends the Persian Gulf War


26 May

Fox Mulder graduates from Oxford University, PhD in Psychology



Fox Mulder starts the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA


13 September

Jill Lynn Montgomery is born in New York City, NY to John and Dana (Scully) Montgomery


25 December

Soviet Union breaks up after President Gorbachev's resignation


8-23 February

The 1992 Albertville Olympics (France). Alex Krycek is upset that he didn't meet his goal of competing in the ice dancing competition at the Olympics


7 June

Susie Lee Doggett born in McAllen, TX to Henry and Ellen Doggett


11 September

Timothy McMahon is assassinated


3 October

Unhappy and dissatisfied with his marriage to Barbara, John Doggett begins having an affair with Shannon McMahon


8 November

John Doggett's marriage is strained because of his workaholism, and affair with Shannon


24 November

Dana Scully is involved with the Smoking Man, consensually (though she was asked to do so by her husband, John Montgomery), to play both sides of the Syndicate: good and bad



Marita Covarrubias becomes convinced that Dana Scully wants to help the CSM and alien colonists, not to resist


8 February

Fox Mulder begins work at the FBI in the Behavioural Science Unit, Washington, D.C. His wife, Diana Fowley gets sent on a secret assignment overseas


26 February

Bombing at the World Trade Center in New York City, John Doggett arrives on the scene to help as a member of the New York Police Department


13 March

Dana Scully successfully creates a vaccine to prevent and cure the alien virus, she and Montgomery keep this from CSM


1 April

Alex Krycek tries to be a cop in New York, uses name "Ricky Caruso" and goes on a ride-along with John Doggett


23 April

Fox Mulder discovers the X-Files hidden in the basement at the FBI, he is immediately interested in pursuing these cases as they deal with the unknown, and paranormal. He believes they may hold they key to find his missing sister, Samantha


26 April

Fox Mulder re-opens the X-Files at the FBI, Washington, D.C. with the help of Senator Matheson


28 April

John, Dana (Scully), Jill Montgomery try to leave life in the Syndicate - Dana's memory erased, the Syndicate gives her the false memory that John/Jill are dead


29 April

Jill Montgomery is given to Ally and Adrian McLeod (Syndicate members)


3 May

John Montgomery is forced by the Syndicate to work in a experiment/testing facility in Switzerland. Dana Scully is recruited to the FBI (without going to the FBI Academy) and assigned to the X-Files with Fox Mulder as her FBI partner


5 May

Syndicate members tell Walter Skinner to get involved with Dana Scully to keep a close eye on her, he agrees


10 August

John Doggett leaves Barbara a note to take Luke to school, he heads to work early to have relations w/Shannon McMahon. Luke John Doggett is kidnapped in Long Island, NY - FBI missing persons takes lead of the case (Agent Monica Reyes). John doesn't trust Monica well enough to lead the case, he suspects she's distracted by her (secret) relationship with her FBI superior, Assistant Director Brad Follmer.


13 August

Friday, Luke John Doggett found murdered in a field in Long Island, NY, there is evidence that he has been sexually molested before being shot in the back. This is the beginning of the end of John and Barbara Doggett's marriage, and John finds "comfort" in alcohol to help him get through the days ahead


8 October

Walter Skinner and Dana Scully begin dating secretly, he's her FBI superior and it's against FBI rules and regulations


5 November

Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate the deaths of an Arctic research team in Alaska in a casefile Mulder later named "Ice"


6 January

Figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan is attacked at Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI - Alex Krycek obsesses. That night, Dana Scully's father, William Scully, Sr., dies of heart attack. Also that night, suffering from deep grief and depression over the loss of his son, Luke, John Doggett plays Russian Roulette, gun jams and he decides then and there to stop drinking alcohol


18 February

John Doggett and Barbara Doggett's divorce is officially finalized



Alex Krycek has to shoot a child who attempted to escape from a Syndicate experiment/testing facility


18 June

O.J. Simpson arrested in the killings of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman - this is yet another "pop culture" event that grabs hold of Alex Krycek's attention. He considers going into tabloid journalism for a few extra bucks



Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully travel to Gibsonton, FL to investigate the death of Jerald Glazebrook, The Alligator Man. Mulder later names the casefile "Humbug"



John Doggett is accepted to attend the FBI Academy in Quantico



John Doggett moves from New York City to Falls Church, VA, and buys a house, intending to dedicate the rest of his life to the FBI.


19 April

Oklahoma City Bombing


3 October

O.J. Simpson found not guilty of murder - Alex Krycek loses faith in the justice system. Meanwhile, Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work with a psychic named Clyde Bruckman, he tells Scully that she doesn't die



Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate a case in Home, PA. Mulder goes home afterward and listens to his Elvis records while tossing an old baseball up and down from the comfort of his couch



Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are involved in an FBI raid on a doomsday cult Temple of The Seven Stars, Mulder very nearly falls in love with a cultist who believes they knew each other in past lives during the American Civil War



Dana Scully has one-night stand with Ed Jerse in Philadephia while working her "Never Again" casefile


31 January

"Star Wars: A New Hope" is released in theatres, Mulder and Krycek (still not talking to each other) freak the fuck out together (though still not talking to each other officially) because Han didn't shoot first


21 February

Mulder and Krycek (still not talking to each other) see the special edition of "The Empire Strikes Back" in theatres


23 February

Mulder and Krycek (yes, yes still not talking to each other) take Dana Scully to see "The Empire Strikes Back" in theatres


27 February

Scott Williams is sent to prison for raping a woman, fantasizes about Dana Scully and getting his revenge on her


7 March

Mulder and Krycek (not talking to each other) freak out that the special edition of "Return of the Jedi" is not out in theatres as scheduled


14 March

Mulder and Krycek (still not talking to each other) go see the special edition of "Return of the Jedi" in theatres and freak the fuck out over the following: the musical sequence in Jabba's palace changed, the special effects of the Sarlaac are different, the Ewok celebration music was no more, and who the FUCK is that guy taking the place of the real Anakin Skywalker. They swear off supporting George Lucas for the rest of their lives, and swear to never watch "Star Wars" *ANYTHING* ever again.



Assistant Director Walter Skinner thought it would be funny to send Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to a FBI Creative Team Building seminar in Florida with Agents Stonecypher and Kinsley. They never reach the seminar because Mulder wants to help investigate the disappearance of three men in the woods, where a deadly predator is suspected of killing them. He uses up his Scully-As-Mom tokens when he has her sing him to sleep after he had been wounded. He titles this unplanned casefile, "Detour"


19 December

"Titanic" opens in theatres, Walter refuses to go see a "chick flick" with his girlfriend, Dana Scully. She ends up going alone and John Doggett is there (alone as well), they check each other out at the concessions stand, but neither says a word to the other


20 February

Alex Krycek throws a mega hissy fit when Tara Lipinski wins Olympic Gold at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. He is thrown in the drunk tank


8 August

Knowle Rohrer gets accepted into Special Forces. Monica Reyes leaves Brad Follmer (NYC) without a word, heads to Washington, D.C. to spend the night with Knowle Rohrer. Knowle and Monica sleep together, he asks her to stay with him, but he laughs it off and she doesn't take him seriously


9 August

Monica Reyes leaves Knowle Rohrer without waking him, arrives in New Orleans, LA


10 August

Monica Reyes begins working in the FBI's New Orleans field office


17 August

President Clinton admits to an affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, in a live television address to the nation. Again, Alex Krycek obsesses. SCANDAAAAAAAAL!



Monica Reyes suffers a miscarriage, never tells anyone she was pregnant


19 December

The House impeaches President Clinton on two charges: perjury and obstruction of justice


25 December

Always highly observant of what is going on in his friends' lives, Alex Krycek realizes that Dana Scully's father has passed away (4 years ago!)


4-7 January

"Tithonus" - Dana Scully becomes immortal at the age of 28, her immortality goes unproven for years, not until in 2021 when Fox Mulder invents a time machine out of an old Delorean, and drops her and John Doggett off in 1861, to see if they both are immortal, by arranging to meet up with them both in Dallas in 1963


12 February

The Senate acquits President Clinton of impeachment charges


24-27 February

Again, tickled with the power he has to send his agents out on cases, Assistant Director sends Fox Mulder and Dana Scully on an undercover case, where they pose as a married couple, to investigate the strange goings on of the Arcadia Falls community. Pretending to be married to Scully only increases the potency of Mulder's crush on his pretty partner


20 April

Columbine school shooting


19 May

"Phantom Menace" opens in theatres - Mulder and Krycek silently (because they're still "not talking") argue over Jar Jar Binks - Mulder's stance (through brow wrinkling) "he's dumb", Krycek's stance (through eyebrow wiggling) "he's da bomb diggity, yo!"


29 May

Fox Mulder accidentally sets fire to the basement X-Files office, he lies and blames the Cigarette-Smoking Man. The X-Files are officially closed for now


25-30 June

As Fox Mulder calls it, "Fight The Future," he and Scully investigate black oil, bees and a UFO in Antarctica. They come dangerously close to kissing, until a bee ruins Mulder "move" - after escaping the UFO taking off in Antarctica, Krycek saves their unconscious butts, and they wake up in Russia, with airline tickets already arranged for them to fly back to Washington D.C. the next day via Kriysa Airlines


1-2 July

(1x00 "The Pilot") Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are investigating a X-File in Russia, on flight back run into Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias. Dana Scully and Marita Covarrubias become roommates (in an apartment). In the middle of the night, Alex Krycek moves into the apartment next to Mulder's.

  3 July

(1x01 "The Race") Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek run into each other at Happy Gilligan's Grocery Store, almost get into a food fight with a loaf of sandwich bread, and chip dip - and speed race back to their apartment building, and Mulder realizes that Krycek is his new next door neighbor! He's inspired to try to rekindle their friendship.

  4 July

(FAx01 "Fox & Alex and The Giant Potato") Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek get into a fight about a rather large potato in Krycek's pants, really... an actual potato (this is not an euphamism)

  9 September

(1x02 "Lucky Charms vs. Cheerios") Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek shoot up the cereal aisle at Happy Gilligan's grocery store. Bob (The Cashier Man) walks out on his job, not wanting to clean up after them



Walter Skinner and Dana Scully get engaged for the first time


13 October

(1x13 "The Cruise") Fox Mulder's 30th birthday is spent on a cruise ship to Hawaii


Y2K Bug freaks out Mulder and Krycek! Will computers and life as we know it end at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve?!


31 December

(2x11 "The Camping Trip") Walter Skinner and Dana Scully in Hawaii - Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek, and Marita winter camping in Wisconsin

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20 January

(2x12 "Snow Falling Over St. Petersburg") Yelena Ilianova Zakharova Kryceka dies in St. Petersberg, Russia (brain cancer)



According to "UFO Sightings" magazine there are mass alien abductions happening in Japan and Singapore. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are out investigating reports of a werewolf, and run into the "Cops" TV show film crew investigating reports of a very large, and dangerous bug, or Freddy Krueger...



Aliens destroy vaccine testing facility in Tunguska, Russia (scientists, test subjects, the weak vaccine destroyed)



London Airlines Flight 194 (London to New York) crashes at 3am - hovers over ocean before being "pulled" into the Atlantic.

Encouraged by the Smoking Man, Walter Skinner calls off his engagement to Dana Scully

Krycek and Marita tell Scully of her decision to erase her memory of her deceased husband and daughter back in 1993

Alien Bounty Hunter kills Syndicate doctor at a testing facility in Tunisia, CSM says Dana Scully is their last hope for survival

Alex Krycek steals last known sample of the Russian's weak vaccine against the alien virus

Smoking Man wants Dana Scully back for professional (create vaccine so he can survive colonization) and personal reasons

Dana Scully remembers her affair with the Smoking Man (in 1992/93), goes with him (her intentions unknown)

John Doggett is assigned to the X-Files, Washington, D.C. - Walter Skinner/Dana Scully engagement called off


14 July

John Doggett and Dana Scully go on first date to an amusement park



Agents of the X-Files Division investigate a mysterious murder spree tied to a drug-induced religious cult leader who can enter the dreams of people he knows, and can kill them in their sleep. He gets into John Doggett's dream, and thankfully Dana Scully wakes him up before he can axe himself to death in his sleep (rather than kill her as Tippett intended). Mulder names this case "Via Negativa"


4 February

Agent John Doggett, working alone, investigates a Soul Eater in Squamash Township, PA. After being shot and killed, and then regurgitated back to life by the Soul Eater (who took his death), Doggett writes his casefile, prints it, and then takes it home with him to hide from his partners in the X-Files Division. He wonders if the Soul Eater actually rid him of being able to die. He shames himself for considering he might be immortal


28 March

Super Buddies road trip to Colorado Springs, CO. Mulder, Krycek, Scully, Marita and Skinner die in a tornado*
* FRVS Season 4 explores the Afterlife with Mulder, Krycek, Scully, Marita and Skinner - while they are dead and haunting those who are living, Monica Reyes is brought into the series as John Doggett's new FBI partner. Eventually, it is revealed that they were not supposed to die in the tornado, and they are brought back to life at the exact moment when they initially died (going back in time).


29 March

Super Buddies tour the sights in Colorado Springs, CO


30 March

Super Buddies begin the long drive home from Colorado, Doggett is so frustrated he kicks Krycek and Scully out of the van


31 March

At night, Monica Reyes finds Krycek and Scully making out on the side of a road


1 April

Monica Reyes drives Krycek and Scully the rest of the way home from Colorado, days later she moves in with Dana and Marita


11 September

Terror attacks in New York City



Russian Syndicate testing/experiment gulag/facility in Tunguska is destroyed by aliens


11 February

Krycek bawls his eyes out like a hungry angry baby over the pairs figure skating scandal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics



The Agents of the X-Files Division investigate reports of a mysterious house in California whose interior is a perfect replica of The Brady Bunch house! Mulder names this case "Sunshine Days" after the song the Brady kids sang in the 1973 episode of the series titled "Amateur Night" (he really enjoyed their song)


16 May

"Attack of the Clones" opens in theatres - Mulder and Krycek discuss how romantically super-lovey 'shippy it is between Anakin and Padme


8 October

Walter Skinner is caught cheating on Dana Scully with Marita, on his and Dana's three year engagement anniversary


17 October

Dana Scully goes out with Brad Follmer, he ditches her for Monica Reyes, Dana ends up spending the night at John's


18 January

John Doggett marries Monica Reyes and Walter Skinner in Las Vegas, NV - annuled the next day


14 February

Alex Krycek and Dana Scully's book "The Sexual Journey To Ecstasy: 202 Inventive Positions To Kinkier Sex" published in Europe


4 July

Monica Reyes finds out Brad Follmer is betrothed to be married in England (European Voyage)



Brad Follmer and Monica Reyes get engaged on the top level of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. John Doggett intends to ask Dana Scully to be his girlfriend, but his fear of heights on the Eiffel Tower stops him in his tracks. The group goes on a voyage through Europe in search of Marita who disappeared after refusing to marry Brad Follmer


1 February

Syndicate facility in Prague, Czech Republic is destroyed, Alex Krycek assassinates lead Syndicate Doctor Novotny


14 February

Monica Reyes conceives a child with Brad Follmer


15 February

John Montgomery returns to the Syndicate (NYC Facility), shows loyalty by entering his daughter, Jill, to The Project


13 March

John Doggett tells Dana Scully "I love you" for the first time


15 March

John Doggett tries to ask Dana Scully to date him, he's hit by a car


16 March

Dana Scully hands John Doggett and Monica Reyes off to John Montgomery for protection


17 March

Dana Scully erases John Doggett's memory, he believes she and Monica Reyes died. Scully and Reyes stay at NY Facility



Scott Williams is released from prison, he makes it his mission to find Dana Scully, he reads online that she has died


13-29 August

The Summer Olympics are held in Athens, Greece


2 January

Alex Krycek helps John Montgomery get Dana Scully out of the Syndicate Facility in New York. Scully has John Montgomery take her to John Doggett's home.


17 February

John Doggett is shot in Dallas, TX while on a case with the FBI


18 February

Scott Williams reads an online news article about the shooting in Dallas, Dana Scully's name mentioned


26 February

Margaret Scully marries Joseph Paul Covarrubias in London, England (Dana and Marita/Maria are step-sisters)



Scott Williams moves to D.C. to find Dana Scully, follows her to John Doggett's home from the FBI, he is angry she's with him


12 March

Diana (Fowley) Mulder asks Fox Mulder for a divorce


19 May

"Revenge of the Sith" opens in theatres - Mulder and Krycek are angry at how Anakin has hurt Padme and immediately start to 'ship her with Obi Wan, but Mulder argues that it's not the Jedi way to get romantically involved, Krycek swears one day Obi Wan will become a Sith, just to piss off Mulder.


4 July

John Doggett tells Dana Scully "I love you" (via Semper Fi), Scott Williams delivers a love note to her at John's cabin in Luray


25-30 August

Hurricane Katrina


10 September

Dana Scully tells John Doggett of her sexual abuse history, he tells her he once tried to kill himself


25 December

Dana Scully receives a hunting knife for Christmas from an anonymous person, she/John think it's from Scott Williams



Fox Mulder is the Assistant Director in Charge of the X-Files, Washington, D.C.



Fox Mulder and Kim Cook date


10-26 February

2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy


10 February

Scott Williams kidnaps Dana Scully with the intention of murdering her at his family home in New York


12 February

Knowle Rohrer finds Dana Scully on side of the road in Pennsylvania after she escaped Scott Williams


14 February

Dana Scully disowns her step-mother, Margaret Covarrubias


21 February

Dana Scully moves in with John Doggett (Falls Church, VA)


11 April

John Doggett proposes to Dana Scully by placing a dozen roses randomly during the day, leading to his cabin in Luray, VA


25 April

John Doggett arrests Nicholas Regali for the murder of his son, Luke, in August 1993


30 April

John Doggett and Barbara Doggett release Luke's ashes to sea at a beach in Long Island, NY


4 May

The "Bunkie" in the FBI basement is accidentally closed early by Alex Krycek. John Doggett is called to active duty, must report to Camp Lejeune by 23:00, he and Dana fight, and he leaves on bad terms


13 May

Alien invaders attack Marine barracks at Camp Lejeune


14 May

Alien invaders begin attacking cities and towns, infecting people with their virus using bees, destroy cities


24 May

Whitefall, alien artifacts cause worldwide drop in temperatures. Kyd Miller joins survivalist group at the Herb Brooks Arena in Lake Placid, NY


2 June

John Doggett and Dana Scully married in private ceremony on deck of the Pequod


25 November

Katherine "Katie" Isabella Doggett is born on the Pequod to John and Dana Doggett




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12 August

Kyd Miller's girlfriend, Jessica Logan, taken by the Breeders and is never seen again


21 December

Fox Mulder proposes to Maria Linn Covarrubias and marries her on the same day. Alex Krycek proposes to Marita Lynn Covarrubias and gets rejected


22 December

Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek save the planet from the alien colonist.


25 December

Survivors of the battle to defeat the alien colonists celebrate their win with "Return of the Jedi" Ewok music


8 March

John/Dana Doggett move into their cabin in Luray, VA. They work to rebuild their home in Falls Church



The weather climate of Earth returns to normal


4 July

William Henry Doggett is born in Luray, VA to John and Dana Doggett



Rebuilding of cities and towns begins, government starts reformation


12 November

Interim President #46, Ray Douglas, takes over position of power until the 2016 election (he is confirmed as President by leaders of the United States military), he selects Shannon McMahon as his Vice-President



Leaders of independent groups of survivors of the Alien War refuse to accept a new United States government (and an unelected President). Violence erupts in areas not yet undergoing reconstruction. Aliens that didn't die during the war resurface to add to the chaos


1 January

Survivalist groups in the Midwest declare their lands as seperate from the country, no longer a part of the United States of America. Talk of a second Civil War begins


19 January

Carolina Amata Isabella Carmen Naomi Rohrer, and Johnathan Justin Carlos Rohrer are born to Knowle and Monica Rohrer in Washington, D.C. Battles break out in the Midwest in an attempt to force the survivalists groups to remain part of the United States.


9 June

Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias are officially married. Alex takes her last name, with a hyphen.


1 January

With her marriage to Alex Krycek "on the rocks," Marita asks Fox and Maria Mulder if they would be all right with Mulder donating sperm so she can have a normal, non-Krycek-blood baby. They say "yes."


29 May

Pookalina Shmi Mulder is born to Fox and Maria Mulder in Alexandria, VA


7 August

President Ray Douglas declares war on the Survivalist Nation in order to restore the Union. John Doggett and Knowle Rohrer are called to duty once again as Generals of the United States Marine Corps. Kyd Miller serves under General Rohrer. The war is fought with a mix of modern technology, alien technology, and on horseback


13 October

Alexander Sergeiovich Krycek II Jr. Jr. Covarrubias (later he'll request everyone, including his parents, call him "Martin") is born to Alex and Marita Covarrubias


18 December

Marita Covarrubias files divorce papers against Alex Krycek-Covarrubias, irreconcilable differences


6 January

Alex Krycek-Covarrubias and Marita Covarrubias' divorce is finalized


4 February

Alex Krycek-Covarrubias and Marita Covarrubias hook up one-night-stand style



Nearly 70% of all major cities and communities around the world have been restored to pre-war conditions. The world population is estimated to be around 2 billion


8 November

President Ray Douglas wins re-election, declares that by the end of next year the Union will be restored and the Second American Civil War will end. The Union looks poised to win, with wins in almost all significant battles


9 November

Sasha Baby Krycek-Covarrubias is born to Marita Covarrubias and her ex-husband, Alex Krycek-Covarrubias


15 December

General John Doggett is severely wounded, doctors say that he shouldn't have survived (it would have been a fatal wound with anyone else), but despite too much blood loss, he does not die


22 December

John Doggett is relieved of duty in the Second American Civil War, and returns home to his family in time to celebrate Christmas with them


20 January

Though he's been President since 2013, President Ray Douglas attends his first official Inauguration Day at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.



John Doggett continues the rebuilding of his house in Falls Church, VA after the USMC denies his request to rejoin the war as General. Dana is relieved that he won't go back to war



John, Dana, Katie, and Will Doggett move from their cabin in Luray, VA back to their family home in Falls Church



Breaking News: North and South Koreas merge to become one Korea


13 October

The Second American Civil War ends, the Union is restored. Crews are send in to communities to help rebuild


14 November

Vice-President Shannon McMahon tenders her resignation lettre to President Douglas, effective on 1 December. President Douglas asks Knowle Rohrer to be his new Vice-President, he accepts


1 December

Knowle Rohrer is sworn in as Vice-President


25 December

Knowle Rohrer tells his wife, Monica, that he wants to run for President in 2020



Large protests break out all over the country demanding the immediate release of Second American Civil War prisoners. The government hasn't released them because they held power to influence the Survivalist Nation uprising and secession. The current administration refuses to release them, fearing their entry back into society could create another uprising. This is one of the major issues for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election



Leaders from Middle Eastern countries hold a joint press conference to announce that agreements have been made, and they are working together to make a stronger, more equal, peaceful Middle East. They are considering merging the countries of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar into one large country. News media declares that peace has been achieved in the Middle East. Tourism in the region is open to citizens all over the world



Kyd Miller is visiting Saudi Arabia as a tourist, and meets Kayla Taylor, and knows in his gut that she's "the one"



The FBI is re-established by Fox Mulder, he assumes the position of the Director of the FBI temporarily because he wants to return to the X-Files Division. When the X-Files are reopened he asks President Ray Douglas to appoint a new Director so he and Alex Krycek can be partners again in the basement office


18 January

President Ray Douglas appoints Frank Donovan as the new Director of the FBI


3 June

The FBI Academy at Quantico reopens, Kyd Miller joins, wanting to be an FBI agent. He has an interest in the paranormal ever since he was a teenager and his parents told him they were immortals. He wants to find an avenue to investigate immortality in the hopes of one day finding his parents alive and well (instead of having died in the 9/11 attacks in 2001)


14 June

Knowle Rohrer appears on morning talk shows to announce he will be running for President in the 2020 election

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