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"Fox & Rat" Season 8 Teaser Trailer
FRVS Season 8 Teaser Trailer

"Fox & Rat" Season 9 Teaser Trailer
FRVS Season 9 Teaser Trailer

FRVS - "Save The Future" Teaser Trailer
"Save The Future" Teaser Trailer

FRVS Series Finale Trailer
FRVS Series Finale Trailer

FRVS End Credits
FRVS End Credits

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"Season 11 Interview"
1 July 2017 - an interview with Cassie

"PRESS RELEASE: FRVS Movie 2" by Zeke Ramone
13 June 2009 - a brief meeting with Kristi
(no spoilers)

"Hiatus Interviews"
2008-2009 - interviews with the FRVS cast

"A New Beginning" by Zeke Ramone
13 November 2006 - an interview with Cassie
(spoilers: 8x25 "Semper Fi", 9x01 "Darkness Falls", 9x02 "Ad Noctum")

"Looking Forward" by Emma Keturah
5 December 2005 - an interview with Kristi
(spoilers: 7x01 "mea culpa", 7x14 "Home For Christmas", 8x05 "Chance", 8x06 "Close To You", 8x09 "Disclosure", 8x10 "Poodle In A Puddle", 8x11 "What We Used To Know", 8x13 "Highly Sensitive")

"We've Got A Plan" by Zeke Ramone
an interview with Kristi - March 7, 2005
(spoilers: 7x17 "Super Buddies Without A Cause", 7x22 "The Truth Begins")

"Past, Present, Future" by Zeke Ramone
an interview with Cassie - November 15, 2004
(spoilers: 6x21 "Sleepless In D.C.", season 7 up to 7x10 "The Truth Within")

"Season Six & Beyond" by Zeke Ramone
an interview with Kristi - April 5, 2004
(spoilers: 6x15 "El Rehén", 6x16 "The Burden of Intuition", 6x23 "advocatus diaboli")

"A Little Bit of Nostalgia" by Zeke Ramone
an interview with Cassie - January 5, 2004
(spoilers: 6x13 "Big Christmas Plan" & 6x14 "Silent Night")

Fan Fiction

"Our Last Dance"
Author: Kristi
Rating: G
Season: FRVS 8x11 "What We Used To Know", 8x12 "Moving Forward"
Category: FRVS, Rohrer/Reyes UST, Rohrer POV, FRR
Summary: What if Monica married Brad Follmer? This is an alternate story line for the 8th season of "Fox& Rat" Virtual Series.

Author: Cassie
Rating: PG
Season: FRVS 8x25 "Semper Fi"
Category: FRVS drabble, Doggett/Scully, Scully POV
Summary: Dana’s thoughts after the events of FRVS 8x25 “Semper Fi”.

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Ye Ol' Spoilers

FRVS Movie 2
This is a scan of the writers' notes while they were developping the story of the second FRVS movie, "Save The Future" during the summer of 2009.


October 2005
From the Virtual Series Awards voting: Best Series, Best Drama, Best Comedy

November 2004
From the Virtual Series Awards voting: Best Series, Best Alternate, Best Comedy, Best Producer

Golden Web Award - from: Golden Web Awards.com

December 24, 2001
eXcellent fan fic award - from: Angelic Nights

August 9, 2001
X-cellent Fan Fic Site Award - from: M&S Shippers Cafe

January 14, 2001
Xtraordinary Fanfic: "Friends In Low Places" - from: P1013
Xcellent Fan Fic: "The Fish" - from: P1013


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