Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual series? I don't think I understand what this site is all about. A virtual series is a written series posted online. In this case, FRVS is a series including characters from "The X-Files".

Will there be more stories? Every now and then we will write a "Fox & Alex and..." story, you can find a link to those on the "Fox & Alex and..." page. We are juggling around ideas for prequel stories and galaxy far, far away stories, but nothing definite has been planned nor will any such stories be promised.

Where does FRVS take place according to "The X-Files"? FRVS does not take off or spin off from anywhere in "The X-Files" series. This is a series that spoofs "The X-Files", has it's own character backgrounds, series mythology and supporting original characters. Though we do reference events that have happened on "The X-Files", we do not replace a season or episodes from the series. We're a lot more original than that.

What are the main pairings of FRVS? I want to make sure this is something I will enjoy. If you're worried about this, and this is truly a question on your mind. THIS IS NOT (!!!) A SERIES FOR YOU. We'll be honest... if you're going to determine your enjoyment of fanfic based solely on reading a certain relationship pairing or your personal favorite relationship pairing, FRVS is not for you. Here's a trick: hold CTRL and W at the same time. Thanks!!!

We developed FRVS as a series anyone could read and enjoy regardless of favorite XF relationship pairings. FRVS is NOT "The X-Files" and the characters and relationships are not the characters or relationships that you saw on the XF series. Having said that we will say that FRVS does NOT cater to XF 'shippers of Mulder/Scully or Doggett/Reyes, any other relationship pairing is game. MSR and DRR will be mocked, if you don't like that try this again: CTRL + W

Why don't you write more conventional pairings like Mulder/Scully and Doggett/Reyes? You would get more people to read if you wrote what the fans want. To answer your question please hold down (at the same time) ALT + F4, thank you.

Can I archive episodes from the series? No. Episodes of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series are solely for archival on this website only. If you want to link to us, you need to link to our entire site (not just individual stories). You can find linking banners on this page, please make sure to link it back to: - Thank you.

I want to help you write future episodes, movies or your prequel season. How do I get involved? Do you accept stories from other writers? FRVS has finished its run. Any future episodes/movies/seasons will be written by the creators, Cassie and Kristi. If you have FRVS fanfic, feel free to send it to us and we'll see if we can find a place on our website for it.

Is FRVS Mulder/Krycek slash? No and a little bit of yes. Mulder and Krycek are straight men in the series, but we like to toy with the idea that sometimes they have those slashy moments of oddness. If you don't like reading slash, you will still like FRVS. If you only love to read slash, you will still like FRVS. Bromance+ is the most appropriate word to describe the relationship/friendship between Mulder and Krycek in FRVS.

Why did you write most of your episodes in script format? When you run a series with 203 episodes, two movies, and pretty much two writers (the occasional guest writer helped us out a handful of times) it is faster and easier to get episodes out on time when written in script format. AKA the short answer to that is... we're lazy.

Why are Mulder and Krycek's names sometimes spelled "Moulder" and "Krychek"? That's Nate for you. He was picking on Kristi and her love of "The X-Files" and Krycek. She used to get really upset by this, but got over it... eventually.
Deal with it. If that bothers you, we suggest: ALT + F4

I want to run a virtual series? Can you help me and be my mentor?
No, we offered up advice to people in the past who wanted to start their own X-Files virtual series, and we were not listened to (said series by the other person/s failed, not even a full season). If you want to write your own virtual series we wish you the best of luck, but you need more than just luck to make a virtual series successful.

What are/were you guys on when you wrote some of these stories? Fresh air and caffeine in the form of Mt. Dew (not a sponsor of FRVS).

Why does season 4 suck? Season 4 is well-known among FRVS writers (and some fans) for being the worst season of the series. There are a few reasons for this... 1) most of the season was written post-9/11 and because the season dealt with death and the Afterlife, it was all very depressing. 2) We were very disgruntled with "The X-Files" (circa season 7 and 8) and wanted to see all the main characters die (except for the one character that we felt brought life back to the actual XF series, Doggett). 3) We were struggling to find our rhythm and our overall arcing storyline for FRVS and were dealing with our first real bout of writers block. So yes, we killed off the initial main characters of FRVS. We know this was not the best idea, and we try to forget the season ever happened.

I've read the first three seasons, and I'm a little concerned. This is weird, does it ever get serious? Yes. Eventually we calmed down and our writing style grew up. We also took on more serious issues and controversial topics. We even dealt directly with the threat of alien colonization and post-colonization.

I don't believe your NC-17 rating warning on some stories. I'm going to read it anyway, is that all right with you? Yes. But you've been warned and if your parents find out and you are under age, or if you are offended by the content, we are not responsible for anything. You've been warned.

Have you ever written any Mulder/Scully relationship fanfic (how about Doggett/Reyes relationship)? I would love to read my favorite pairing by you guys. Thanks! If you are interested in reading our MSR and DRR fanfic, please follow this link. Please remember that MSR and DRR are not our favorite things about "The X-Files" so we cannot be held accountable for your reaction to the "stories" at this link. Enjoy!

Why are you two so mean !?! ;)
Because, we enjoy a little wicked humor from time to time. If that bothers you... well, at this point you know the drill... ALT + F4


New to the series and want to let us know how much you love it? Got questions about the series or the site? Please let us know, we love to hear from our readers. To contact the creators of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (Cassie and Kristi), please send an e-mail to the e-mail address below.

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