"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (FRVS) officially began on 5 September 1999. In the year before the launch of the series, FRVS was known as "The Adventures of Mulder and Krycek," a series of short -comical- stories posted to the now defunct *Diana Fowley Haters Brigade (DFHB) eGroups mailing list. We were encouraged to continue writing the silly little stories about Mulder and Krycek as best frenemies, so we did. After we had accumulated enough stories, we decided to post them online as an archive and call it "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, with the intention to feature our stories in episodic/serial format. FRVS originally aired online from 5 September 1999 until 28 November 2009 - just over ten years! And now that TV revivals are all the rage, even FRVS is jumping onto that bandwagon, and is set to bring readers (old and new) an eleventh season, and third movie in the Fall/Winter of 2017!

* FWIW, we here at FRVS do not actually hate Diana Fowley

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Sunday, 5 September 1999 - the very first episode of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (FRVS) is posted online to the Diana Fowley Haters Brigade (DFHB) eGroups mailing list. The episode was called "Lucky Charms vs. Cheerios," and it sparked so much positive feedback and encouragement to keep on writing stories about Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek being rivalrous friends that more and more stories were written, and the very first "The X-Files" virtual series was born.

At first the stories of FRVS were on a site called "Fox and Alex Build A Wesbite", which was a site set up as if Mulder and Krycek ran the site themselves. The episodes were in a section called "The Adventures of Fox and Alex". After the first season of stories, we decided that we wanted to do more seasons so FAABAW and "The Adventures of Fox and Alex" transformed into "Fox & Rat" as you know it today.

When we began writing our stories we had no idea how long the series would run. We had no idea how to write (sorry about that! <--- re: the first four seasons of FRVS). We were still teenagers and had no idea what we were starting. We had no idea how to plot an arc. We only knew that we wanted to see the characters of "The X-Files" in silly situations.

Eventually "The X-Files" got rid of Mulder, and brought on a brand new character, John Doggett. We used this as an opportunity to add more characters to FRVS. With the addition of new characters on "The X-Files" TV series characters such as Knowle Rohrer, Brad Follmer, Monica Reyes, Shannon McMahon and Robert Comer became key characters in the episodes of "Fox & Rat".

Unlike "The X-Files" TV series (nine seasons) and movies (two), "Fox & Rat" (ten seasons and two movies) took a head-first leap into developing, following-through with, and finishing the alien mytharc.

FRVS began as FAABAW and has grown to become one of the better known "The X-Files" virtual series on the world wide web. FRVS never catered to majority preferences and views of the X-Files online fandom (despite constant pestering by unloyal FRVS reader wannabes). FRVS earned its loyal readers through the telling of silly stories, dramatic events, and because the writers wrote what they wanted to write, not what fans wanted them to write.

And this is the quick and short version of how "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series came to be.


October 2005
From the Virtual Series Awards voting: Best Series, Best Drama, Best Comedy

November 2004
From the Virtual Series Awards voting:
Best Series, Best Alternate, Best Comedy, Best Producer

Golden Web Awards

December 24, 2001
eXcellent fanfic award
Angelic Nights

August 9, 2001
X-cellent FanFic Site Award
M&S Shippers Cafe

January 14, 2001
Xtraordinary Fanfic Awards for "Friends In Low Places" and "The Fish"
from: P1013


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Cassie (head writer, creator)
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Ging Gorza (guest writer)
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Jenny (reviewer)
Cerasi J.(reviewer, guest writer)
Gothic Spook (reviewer, guest writer)
Emma Keturah (reviewer, guest writer)
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FRVS was inspired by "The X-Files" season 4 episodes "Tunguska" and "Terma". We enjoyed watching Mulder and Krycek working together so much that we felt this incessant need to write short stories about their rivalry and eventual friendship.

Comedy. On "The X-Files" the characters are typically very serious and without many character quirks. We thought with FRVS that we'd spice them up a little and give them personality and a sense of humor.

The films of Mel Brooks. We grew up on Mel Brooks (thanks, dad!) and... well we'll just let the following quote speak for us:

"You only spoof the thing you love, there's no fun in ribbing a bad movie. It's too easy. You have to have a target you respect, one that's big enough to stand up to parody." - Mel Brooks


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