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6 December 2013

Loved this series, except for this Knowle guy. The first seasons had me ROFLing

10 July 2013
holy cannoli, i am amazed this is still around! <3

23 June 2011

This VS is like an inspiration to everyone that has ever been here. what a sexy theme you guys got going. You know I love me some fox and rat! I love coming here time and time again. It's such a great inspiration in every way imaginable.

12 May 2011
I love you girl .keep going girls <3 I want something more between Scully and Monica >PLEASE <3

14 January 2011
wow i love these the last episode. i read the whole series fantastic

12 October 2009

Hah...I've just discovered FRVS. Halfway through season 4. I think you guys might be geniuses. Seriously. Thanks for making me laugh so much!

15 September 2009

OMG...finally,the last season.I was waiting for sooooo long but now..I-AM-SO-HAPPY...Thnx girls, you make my day...xoxo

19 May 2009

Site remodel looks great. I'm glad to see that you guys were able to get this one back up and running. It's a really unique aspect of The X-Files community. Without'd just a tad bit boring.

14 November 2006
Country: Mozaambique
One of the best stories i've read and still am reading in my still short life.

3 October 2006
Virtual Series Report
Country: USA
I LOVE your new layout and the preview for the new season is really cool. Can't wait for November 6!

23 January 2006
Independent Living
Country: USA
Favorite Season: Season 8
Favorite Character: Fox Mulder
Favorite Episode: "The Beginning and The End"
Really like the site design, and look forward to finishing reading the end of a great series, you guys had a great run.

2 August 2005
Country: Canada
Favorite Season: Season 6
Favorite Character: John Doggett
Favorite Episode: "Inner Child"
Been workin like crazy so havent read in awhile but im catchin up, still awesome guys keep up the great work!

22 July 2005

Emma's LiveJournal
Country: Australia
Favorite Season: Season 7
Favorite Character: The Magazine Girls
Favorite Episode: "Historias Del Pasado"
Omg Cassie & Kristi! I'm so excited about this new season!! Awesome new site by the way. You've done a fantastic job.

31 October 2004

Can there be a better site than yours? I think everyone will answer the definite “NO”!

22 October 2004
I really enjoy this series.
It's funny, and well written!
Keep up the good work!

8 October 2004
im finally continuing with season 2, and i can say YOU ALL ROCK! i like the one with the fishies, i believe it was called "bluhp bluhp" HAVE FUN WITH NATURE!

27 April 2004

Just checked out the new layout and stuff. It's great. The new character profiles are very funny. Fantastic work.

9 November 2003

OMG with each new episode I take a step closer to death from laughing so much!
This is so funny! I love the epdisode where they get stuck in the elavator and 'destinys choice' THANK YOU for creating the funniest virtual series ever : )
You all keep up the good work : )

6 October 2003

I was searching for fanfic, and I found this place. I read one of the stories, and now I'm hooked.

Dana Scully
14 July 2003

I just stumbled across this site one night and read one of the stories; i nearly died laughing because i loved it so much!! I'm totally hooked!

Erin McDuff
20 June 2003
I've hung around here since almost the beginning and you people never cease to amaze me. Folks out there who don't even know what "The X-Files" is can enjoy this site. Keep up the great work!

8 June 2003

The Fox and the Rat have such a cool page! Alex has to get a life; he's just too cool not to have more than few women falling for him...or ignoring him! Get on out there and party, honey! Mulder has to get a life; the aliens left on their ship already... Dana, Marita and Monica rule! John, you're probably the only sane male in the bunch; Follmer, Spender and Alfredo need your help....

Cerasi J.
2 March 2003
Oh man, this is GREAT! Everything is so wonderfully laid out and the characters are fab!! Keep up the GREAT work!! [BTW Kristi, thanks for the codes and whatnot! =)]

18 January 2003
Hey!!! Just read the Vegas story so far, I love it! Jeffrey says hi, by the way. ::Giggles:: And tell Fox we're raiding his and Alex's alcohol while they're gone. ::sings offkey:: THE CASINOS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF DOGGETT...

1 January 2003

I love your webpage guys!!! and i love the virtual series as well!!! the best ever!!! But come on... get Alex and Marita back together... they are the best! the craziest! Love them! thank you for your attention... :-)

5 December 2002
Weee!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! It's hilsrious!! You guys do GREAT with this!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!

1 December 2002
Hey Kristi! Wow haven't been here in a while! I got caught up with all the's going very well, u all are doing a great job! So humorous :) Make me very happy! yep.yep.
Love all ur sites and this one is on my top 2! Keep it up!

~ Meg luvs Alex ~
2 October 2002

luv the series, marita & alex are great together. where do you get these hilarious ideas? cool stories, funny shit. addictive, every time a new episode comes on i drop everything to read it, you guys are cool keep up the great work, totally love it! ;)

25 August 2002

great new look. can't wait for the premiere.

Loyal Fan
5 August 2002
This series rocks my socks! I can't wait for season 5 to start! Whoo!

22 June 2002

I was pissing myself when I first started reading, love the fish and the syndicate. I would love to hear more about Keanu Reeves, Scully and Marita could keep him as a pet.

20 April 2002

OK site - sorta. Seasons 1 to 3 are by far the best. Why wheren't all the originally created characters listed in the survey?

9 April 2002

The first three seasons were great. But the forth has just been... blah. The only 4th season ep that was really worthwhile was "Olympic Dreams Can Come True". But the other were okay. I'm still looking forward to the fifth season! And anyway, it can't get any worse than the real show is now.

doggett's girl
2 March 2002

I read the first season. I love it. It is so funny. I hope the next three are as good as the first.

31 January 2002

I´ve read every story from the fox series but since all of them are dead, it simply has become... a little bit... boring, how long will you play this game? I like your series really, but I´ve become confused alittle bit, espeacially about the last few pieces...

25 January 2002
Make em live again. That´s my only please.

26 December 2001

Hey there! Love the website! It rules! oh and btw... Pleeaaassee bring all of them back to life... thank you!

14 October 2001
Hey your series is simply super. Go on like that and bring more about Krycek and Marita. They are such a cute couple, don´t forsake me. Besides I got a Kr/Ma Website, it´s still in work but you can already read a few stories. Bye Bye

Alicia Alexandria Westwood (aka Alex)
12 October 2001
I love you're series, it's hilarious. Keep on writing and DO NOT forget Krycek's Prosthetic Arm! Mention it more!!

22 August 2001

You know, I have to say that the best episode on this site is by far the story "Possessed" by that genius Nathan West. I mean, my GOD, what talent that boy has. You should all try and learn a few things from that remarkable boy. >:-)

power of melodic metal
7 August 2001

YOUR STORIES ARE SO INSANE, SUPER, GREAT, SICK, I love them. I´m addicted to them. Keep on writing. Bye (PS Krycek and Marita are the best)

19 July 2001

I love this series.These are so much fun!
I can't wait this fall!

Grace Thompson
23 June 2001

I've read all of season 1 and most of season 2 so far. This site is highly addictive! I absolutely LOVE it! Keep up the great work!You guys have a wonderful sense of humour.

Elle Day Shaverow
1 May 2001

I thought it was time I signed your guestbook! You're series is awesome!

21 March 2001

I your stories!!! I especially like "The Fish" and "The Race"!!! As long as you guys keep writing I'll keep reading!!!

3 March 2001

Forever X-Files
This is WONDERFUL! I just finished reading "The Website" JUST GREAT! I'm so glad that you made a site to go w/ the story. heheh Byers

24 January 2001

Oh my god, your site is the best!I just finished all the episodes up to ''The New Establishment'' in one sitting, and this is the first work of fan fiction that actually makes me laugh out loud(I know I'm a freak, who cares?). I love the way that the characters are all wacky since the XF is so damn serious all the time.Keep up the x-cellent(he he)work, I will be reading(duh!).

Erin McCoy
18 October 2000
I just got done reading "Pilot" and I just had to say that I loved it! The stuff you write is hilarious! I'm going back now to read more! Keep up the great work!

21 August 2000
Cassie! Kristi! I tried to sign this recently...but, something didn't work :-P Sooo, I will sign it now :-D I just read the first season two eps...great job! I especially loved the beginning of "Ground Rules" need to show that to some shippers! "The Sex-Files"! LMAO!!! :-D I can't wait to read the other stories...I'm also looking forward to seeing mine here! :-D Mmmm ::drools:: I'm drinking Starbucks now...I don't see how that is relevant to anything...but, it got rid of my headache! :-D LOL...I guess I'll go now...and, possibly start the trilogy idea :-D Byers! Being chased by my dad mowing the lawn right now!

14 August 2000

This is sooooooo kool!! The stories are great! You guys are Nutts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 August 2000
Always loved this site! So origonal and awesome! YAY! I'm seeing a theme here...all Rat and some Fox and lots of green! *hehe* You rock! :)

19 June 2000

This is AWESOME!! WONDERFUL!! Love it! I don't know if I can wait until August!!!! But I will have to. I love it when Mulder and Krychek are fighting! hehehe! lol! Keep up the MARVOLOUS work!

14 June 2000

Dreamland X
Guys, this site is looking great, I love it, I love the fanfic, excellent stuff! Hi Alex! LOL!

13 June 2000
Hey Cassie and Kristi! Grrr! I just started typing this before, when I suddenly got signed is the evil shippers' fault, of course :-D Anyway, what I was *trying* to say before, is that it is sooo amazing how you made a series like this! I love the character profiles, and your stories are sooo much better than the show has become! Speaking of which, I can't believe that shipper wrote those things in your guestbook! If she wanted to say that, couldn't she have just said it to your face, Cassie? ::angry noromo sigh:: I'm not making this a private message, either, 'cause the truth must be known sometimes...Where was I? Oh yeah, both of you have done an *excellent* job with would be fun to do the same with Sliders someday, but 'ship is much easier to write, lol :-D Wow, this is really getting long...I'll go and read more of the stories now, (I am *really* looking forward to The Cruise, Kristi!) and I can't wait for season three! ~Proud Noromo Forever~ Jill

Jamie Tanquary
5 February 2000

XFiles Shippers
You got a pretty good site going here. Keep it up and running for all of us fans!!!

27 December 1999

Katyusha's Page (Gordeeva/Grinkov Russian fan site)
Hi! Thank you very much for signing my guestbook! I just wanted to return the favor :o). I think the X-Files is the best show on the American TV!!! And I love Sarah McLachlan a lot too:)!!!!!Keep working on your site :)

20 December 1999

Hey guys! Melissa here! I know I took long enough to sign the guestbook..but I promise this isn't the first time I've been here. Cassie told me about it a while back..and I love it!! The whole Mulder/Krycek thing is a great idea! So far it's wonderful and I have lots more to check out. Great work! Talk to you all later!

24 November 1999

My Untitled XF Page
Love the stories!!! LMAO!

24 November 1999

It's Raining Sleeping Bags
Great site, can't believe Mulder and Ratboy got into this together. *G* I'll be visiting more to see if they haven't killed eachother yet. *LOL* Keep up the great work! :o)

MuldersGirl (trust-no-1 from PAXF MB)
23 November 1999

You Are The Only One I Trust
Hi! (<>..<>) Luv the site! It's very funny & creative! :o) Keep up the great work!

22 November 1999

Dreamland X
I'm back to sign your new guestbook, and to say your website is looking really, really good! Great work guys! :) Fingers crossed that we don't experience anymore guestbook x.files! LOL

Lisa-Marie Ferla
22 November 1999

Website: LisMee's page?!?
BTW, CHEERIOS?!? That's just slightly strange...

22 November 1999

The XF Group
Awesome page! Love the new guestbook! I'll be happy to sign it as many times as you'd like. Keep up the good work on the page. It just roX!!! :)

21 November 1999

The X-Dimension
Hey, 'sup!!! Kool page ya got! I like your Mulder page! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope ya had an x-filish birthday! Sorry to hear that your other guestbook got abducted!

Cornflake Girl
21 November 1999

Yeah Whatever
Hola! I *finally* got to sign the guestbook! Anyway, groovy website! I like it, I really do! Keep it up! Happy birthday, Cassie! Now I gotta go save France and get burned at the stake (just call me Joan). Bye!

21 November 1999
Sandra's Really Cool X-Files Page
great site...keep it up!!

Zoë Lentz
21 November 1999

Cool site!! You two are obsessed(focused). It's a masterpeice.
I couldn't make my own website, if I took a class to learn how. You have obviously spent a lot of time on it. Hopefully I am the first one to sign your new guestbook.

8 November 1999

Dreamland X
Hey guys! :) Congratulations on the awards! Hehehe!!! You've both done a heap of great work, keep it up!! :) Krycek is the sexiest, but Mulder is sexy too! :)

One Breath
2 November 1999

Dreamland X
Interesting page you got here. Looking forward to any new additions. Keep it up.
Mulder Rules!!!

31 October 1999

Phile@heart's X-Files Website
I love the site!!! The backgrounds for you fan fiction make it hard to
read though. But I love your fic!! I liked the 1013 story better. Thanks for joining my webring!! You website is awesome!

Anna Mulder
29 October 1999

I love your page, but why is Krychek on it? I remember only seeing "Fox"... so I clicked. Oh yeah, I got this address from FWMW!! I liked the "Lucky Charms" story, I'm gonna go buy some for him. That BAD rat! I'll keep coming to see any updates!! I'm always looking for more Mulder sites!! And the Mulder's Roswell Grays Shrine was cool!! I love Exley! Keep up the good work!! And only 9 more days!! LONG LIVE MULDER!!!

Lisa-Marie Ferla
21 October 1999

I found out about your site from the DFHB mailing list - you people are crazy!!! And that "Lucky Charms" story was nutty...

8 October 1999

Hey! Great page guys! I love it! ThanX for the credit with the pic! :) I feel special! If you have a banner, maybe I could link your page to the Dreamland club page!Keep up the good work, I look forward to visiting again! The Fox is hot, but the Rat is hotter!!

21 July 1999

You are hereby demanded to never stop writing Mulder and Krycek Adventures. Keep up the good work!

2 May 1999

I can't stop laughing! Your Mulder and Krycek are so stupid. I love them!

3 December 1998

Keep going! But do not include the Fowl One, ok?

Diana Fowley Sucks
17 November 1998

I love all your Mulder/Krycek Adventure stories! They're a real treat to read after a long day in class! Keep going!

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