"We've Got A Plan" by Zeke Ramone
an interview with Kristi - 7 March 2005
(spoilers: 7x17 "Super Buddies Without A Cause", 7x22 "The Truth Begins")

Well it’s that time of year again, the season finale of “Fox & Rat” Virtual Series is right around the corner. So instead of spring cleaning, we’re spending this rerun week chatting with Executive Producer and writer Kristi, and perhaps she can give us some insight on any spring cleaning that’s going on within FRVS. She’ll also take some time at the end of the interview to answer some fan questions that we have received in the past couple of weeks.

Zeke Ramone: Rumor has it that you’re behind in writing episodes for the end of season seven, is this true? If it is, how could this affect the rest of the season and perhaps the series?

Kristi: Yes, this rumor is true, and I’m trying my hardest to get back on track and get on time with things. I’ve been very busy with life and it’s not only drained me of all creative energy, it’s taking up a lot of my time. I really hope this doesn’t affect the rest of the season, and if there’s a will, there’s a way.

As for the rest of the series… Cassie and I have a plan and we’re going to stick with it till the end. We’ve got some awesome story/plot ideas planned out for the rest of the series and I really hope our readers will be just as excited by them as we are.

ZR: So now that the whole FRVS gang is back together are there any plans to mix it up? And by that I mean mixing it up between the characters who are involved in relationships at this point in the series. We have Krycek/Marita, Doggett/Scully, and Follmer/Reyes, they can’t all remain happy for too long, can they?

K: For a long time, “Fox & Rat” has been known as this kind of silly, tongue and cheek, slap stick humor virtual comedy, but with the recent developments that have happened through season seven, I think it’s safe to say that not everyone will be as happy as butterflies. Scully went through a lot this season and that has affected her. Monica has been through a lot too, and now with her renewed “gift”, that has to be hard on Brad, and Monica. And Krycek has been bad this season, whereas, we’ve seen Marita grow and become the serious woman she once was. We have a plan for all of these relationships, it’s just a matter of time to see that plan played out.

ZR: Mulder seems to have changed a bit this season. Can you explain the possibilities of where this change came from and how it will affect the way episodes are handled in the future?

K: Yes, Mulder has changed this season. I like the change that we’ve done to him. In the past he used to be this quirky, goofy, immature, little boy in a man’s body… okay, so he’s still got his quirks, but that’s why we love him. Now, we’ve got Mulder growing up at the end, revealing that he knew all along that Diana was there to betray him. There’s only so much he can take, right? Cassie and I have thought him out as well, and we have some great ideas for where his character will go and how he will grow.

ZR: What’s happened to the “Without A Trace” characters? Will we be seeing them in future episodes?

K: Well, they’re up in New York City going about their lives and work. It’s how life goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we do see them in the future, anything is possible.

ZR: Ok, so it’s been said that Monica Reyes is psychic. We’ve found out over the course of the season that psychics are immune to the alien virus. Is Monica going to find a way to save the planet from alien colonization? Will alien colonization occur? What kind of details about alien colonization are you allowed to speak of right now?

K: Psychics are immune to the alien virus, that is correct. As for Monica saving the planet from alien colonization... well, anything is possible. As I’ve said before, we have a plan for the rest of the series. We know when the series will end and all major plot and character arcs that will happen. I can’t give you many details about alien colonization, or even if it will happen at all.

ZR: Will the Cigarette-Smoking Man ever return (from the dead)? I can’t imagine FRVS without such a badass bad guy.

K: The Cigarette-Smoking Man is dead. Or is he? You never know with these bad guys, they can show up after being killed off from existence, but with some plot twist, they come back. You never know. But I’m sure we’ve seen the last of him.

ZR: I was half expecting some kind of action-packed rescue operation to go down when Scully and Monica got out of the facility. I think it was an interesting and different approach to subtly release them from that place. When planning their individual releases, did you consider having say Doggett, Follmer, Mulder, Skinner and others storm in on the place armed with weapons? If so, why did you choose to get them out quietly and without too much complication? By the way, I adore the part in “Super Buddies Without A Cause” when Krycek saves Scully from the Alien Bounty Hunter and the Smoking Man.

K: Back in early season six, or even late season five, when we were planning out the story arc for season seven, it came up that maybe we should have this big action sequence to get them out of the Facility, but as time went by and stories went on, we realized that it was better to have Alex Krycek save Scully only. It made more sense that Doggett, Follmer, Mulder or Skinner wouldn’t know of the Facility, and only Krycek did. I think the scene in “Super Buddies Without A Cause” that you spoke of was a great character moment for Krycek. All season long he’s been this little shit, to be blunt about it, and then suddenly he’s this strong guy with determination. He loves Scully, they are great friends. Long time friends. I think he owed it to Scully, and our readers to save Scully from that place and take care of the Smoking Man… and what would “Fox & Rat” be if Krycek didn’t say “Smoke on this Puff-Daddy”?

ZR: Scully seems a bit nervous and uptight now that she’s back from the facility, especially in her relationship with Doggett. What can you tell us about that, and will Monica suffer the same kind of anxiety?

K: Before writing this season, we did a lot of research, mainly Cassie did the research, on rape and what can happen to a person. Scully was raped by the Smoking Man many times this season and she had to pretend to be in love with him for her own and Monica’s survival. So yes, Scully does have a lot of anxiety, it’s just something real that happens to people when something like that happens. Hopefully Doggett and Scully can work out their relationship and hopefully Scully can realize that Doggett won’t hurt her and that he can help her. She just needs to open up.

As for Monica… she’s different. ::laughs:: She’s been through a lot in the Facility too. Not the same as Scully, but a forced abortion on her has hit her hard, and never mind the fact that she was in isolation for almost a year… was it really that long? I can imagine that Monica will have troubles of her own.

ZR: And now I have some fan questions to share with you. Answer them as much as you possibly can.

MONICAFAN: Are you going to get rid of Krycek?

K: Monicafan, very interesting question. No, we won’t be getting rid of Krycek… but you never know. The possibilities of alien colonization coming around can leave a lot of people in the world dead or even missing. Sometimes a series does need to “clean house”.

LILANGEL: Now that Mulder knows the truth and he’s single, what is he going to do?

K: Good question lilangel. Mulder does know the truth and there are a lot of interesting possibilities we can do with him. We already know that he’s talked to Diana, but he’s still living with another enemy, Alex Krycek. Mulder has been betrayed several times in “Fox & Rat”, and it could be time for him to put a stop to it.

EM: How will Krycek be treated by the rest of the group, now that Monica and Scully are back from the facility?

K: Another good question, Em. Krycek has screwed up, but I don’t think you needed me to tell you that. At the end of season six, Krycek tried to kill Doggett with a car, tried to kill Monica with a knife, and because of him Scully went through the hell of the Smoking Man at the Facility. I think it’s save to say that Krycek has it coming. And whatever “it” is, I’m sure it’ll be what he deserves.

CASSIE: Any chance Tony Almeida of “24” making an appearance on the series? I love when we crossover our favorite TV shows on FRVS.

K: I wasn’t expecting this question Cassie. ::laughs:: Tony Almeida is a great character, isn’t he? The possibilities to have another crossover character from a favorite TV show is possible. He is a Marine!

ZR: Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to talk a little FRVS for the fans.

K: You’re welcome. I hope I answered some questions and gave a little to look forward to without spoiling any thing. Remember, the season seven finale is on March 28th.

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