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"You think of me as an idiot, Diana. I think you should start to take a good look at yourself." - Fox Mulder

Go Mulder! Go Mulder! Tell her what for!

This is an episode full of Mulder where he thinks about everything that has happened over the past year. He visits Monica who's back at home with Brad now! Yay! Is there trouble in paradise between Mulder and Diana? Read on for an episode full of contemplation!


7x22 "The Truth Begins"

Title: "The Truth Begins"
Written by: Kristi
Date: November 1, 2004; January 31, 2005; February 2, 6, 2005
Air Date: February 28, 2005
Rating: PG
Series: FRVS - Episode #145
Spoilers: 2x13 ďBreak StuffĒ, FRVS Season 4
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Mulder contemplates the past year.




Fox Mulder strolls down the damp sidewalk, a little ways away from his Alexandria, Virginia apartment, and approaches a little flower shop on the street. He carries a newspaper under his arm, wears his black trench coat, and whistles ďSinging In The RainĒ as the clouds above him part to allow sunshine to shine down on him. He stops in front of a row of flower bouquets and slows his whistling as he searches for the perfect assortment of flowers. He finds a bouquet with lovely yellow daffodils and daisies. He knows these will bring a smile to her face. He picks up the bouquet and pays for the flowers, neglecting to receive any change. He doesnít need any money back on this beautiful day.

Mulder continues to walk down South Van Dorn street until he reaches the Alexandria Apartments. The doorman opens the door for Mulder, giving him a welcoming smile. Mulder nods and continues to whistle as he makes his way to the elevator.



Brad quietly stands in the doorway of the bedroom, looking in at Monica Reyes as she peacefully sleeps. She's been home for about a week now and hasn't wanted to see anyone. Even though she says it's because she's not used to being around people, it still worries Brad that she is trying to push people away. But last night she talked about wanted to see Fox Mulder and how she hopes he can stop by sometime soon.

This past week has been challenging for the both of them. Brad finds it difficult to help Monica when she claims she doesn't want help, but needs it anyway. She's changed so much since a year ago, but that doesn't mean he loves her any less. If anything he loves her more since they were apart. He never really realized how much she actually meant to him until she was out of his life. But now, she is home safe and sound.

They've been working hard this past week with getting her to be able to walk longer distances. She can make her way around the apartment fairly well on her own, she's very slow though which is very frustrating for her.

It's also been tough for Brad to get use to her psychic ability. There were times he was sitting and thinking about something and she would comment as if he said his thought out loud. This is not only hard to get used to for Brad, but for Monica as well.

And not to mention how they've already had an argument about Monica not wanting to take the medication Dr. Montgomery has prescribed for her to take to help her deal with visions.

Brad watches her fall asleep every night since she's been back. He's sure she knows that he does that, and he hopes he's not being too over protective of her because he knows she wouldn't want that.

Brad quietly takes a sip of his coffee and leaves the bedroom doorway and goes into the living room. He sets his coffee mug down on the coffee table next to a small vase with a single daisy in it. He picks up the newspaper, and just as he opens the paper, three quiet knocks on the door interrupt him.

Brad gets up and opens the door to find Fox Mulder waiting patiently with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

Hey Mulder.

Hi. I just thought Iíd
drop by and see Monica,
if thatís all right. I was
taking a morning walk and
found myself in your neighborhood.

Sure, come on in.

Brad moves aside and allows Mulder into the apartment.

Monicaís not up yet, but I
can wake her for you. Iím
sure sheíd love to see you.

Only if she wants to get
up. I donít want to bother her.

Sheís been home for a week, and
just last night she was talking
about you and hoping you would come over soon.

Has she seen anyone else?

Brad shakes his head.

No one besides me. Sheís still
pretty weak and didnít feel up
to seeing everyone just yet.

Well, if sheís still not up
to it today, I can come back
another time or something.

Brad nods.

Iíll go ask her.

Thank you.

Brad heads to the bedroom to see if Monica is awake and feeling up to seeing people today.

Monica was released from the Facilityís Rehabilitation Centre a week ago. She hasnít been feeling up to seeing anyone since she is still pretty weak. There were a lot of things she couldnít do on her own, such as walking more than really short distances, and she wanted to work on that before seeing everyone. At first Brad had thought this was Monicaís way of distancing herself from friends so she didnít have to face what happened at the Facility, but she quickly assured him it was because she wasnít used to being around so many people.

Brad never realized how hard it must be for Monica to be around a lot of people after being in isolation for so long.

Mulder stands in the doorway, quietly waiting patiently. Itís been too long since heís seen Monica and he misses her. But heíll understand if sheís not up to it today. His eyes wander around the apartment. Already he can see that it is brighter now that she is back. He didnít like seeing Brad so down all the time and over working himself. Itís good that heís actually home on a Saturday, and especially with Monica.

Brad comes back out of the bedroom.

Sheís getting up and will
be out shortly.


Did you want anything to
drink? Coffee? Water? Juice?

Coffee will be fine.

All right. (beat) Make yourself at home.

Thank you.

Brad goes into the kitchen and Mulder makes his way over to the couch. He sits down and patiently waits with the flowers in his hands. He looks around the apartment. Brad was right, the giant teddy bear wouldnít fit in this apartment. Itís a good thing he donated it to an orphanage.

Mulder chuckles to himself about how ridiculous it was of him to buy that big thing. At least he got Brad to have a good laugh over how he got it out of the apartment. It was simply ďMulder LuckĒ.

Behind Mulder, Monica quietly and slowly makes her way out of the bedroom. Her body is still weak, but sheís showing great improvement. She smiles when she sees him.


Mulder turns his head to see her and quickly gets up, hiding the bouquet behind his back, hoping she didnít see it. Heís surprised to see her with short hair. He doesnít know all the details of whatís happened to her, but he assumes that her short hair has something to do with it.


Mulder goes over to her and she smiles. He gives her a gentle hug.

You look good.

Youíre wondering about my hair.

Monica smiles slyly. Mulder nods in agreement, she was always good at reading people. He puts his arm out to offer her help with walking.

No, no. I can do it.

She smiles at him. Mulder backs away to give her the chance to do it on her own, knowing that it is important for her to do this.

All right.

He walks slowly with her to the couch.


She smiles, glad to have made it to the couch successfully. Sheís been working on that for a while. It takes a lot of energy for her to walk around, and sheís not used to it. Itíll be a while until she can take long walks outside, but sheís determined since the weather is changing to her favorite season.

Youíre doing great. (beat) I
got you something that I think
youíll like.

He looks at her slyly and smiles.

You didnít have to get
me anything, Mulder.

He pulls the flowers out from behind his back. Monica smiles and takes them.

My favorite.

She smells the flowers. Itís been ages since sheís smelled flowers. Brad has bought her a daisy a day, just like he used to before she was taken. But itís been ages since sheís smelled daffodils. She smiles and gives Mulder a hug.

Thank you.

Youíre welcome.

They sit down on the couch just as Brad comes out with coffee for Mulder.

Here ya go.

He hands Mulder the mug of coffee.

Thank you.

(to Brad)
Mulder got me flowers.

Want me to get a vase for those?

Monica nods her head and hands the flowers to Brad. Brad leans down and kisses her on top of her head.

You hungry?


All right.

Brad disappears back into the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase. Mulder takes a sip of the coffee.

Whoa. What is this? Itís... really good.

That would be Reyes Coffee.

She smiles at him.

Well, wow. Iíve never tasted
anything this good before.

Monica smiles, knowing her family has the most unique of everything.

So how are you doing? Brad has said
that you have improved a lot. (beat)
I donít know much of what happened
to you, and if you donít want to tell
me, you donít have to. I understand.
(beat) Iím starting to ramble arenít I?

Yes. (beat) Youíre nervous because
youíre afraid to know what happened
to me. Youíre afraid that Iím not
happy, but I am, donít worry. (beat)
As you saw, Iím walking on my own. (beat)
I wasnít able to do that for a long time.
Iíve been going to physical therapy.

You look good.

Monica quietly laughs.

I look horrible, Mulder. (beat)
Compared to the last time you
saw me a year ago. (beat) And
I know youíre still curious
about my hair.

I donít compare people.

Monica looks down, still not feeling very good about how she looks. Thinking she still looks ill and sick. She is still thin and pale, but sheís showing great improvements with that as well.

Just you being here has
brightened things up, you know.

Monica looks up and forces a smile at him.

Especially that smile.

Her smile turns true with his last comment.

So what have I missed in
your life while I was away?

Well, I donít know if you knew,
but Iím married, and have been
for a long time. And while you
were away, my wife came back.
Her name is Diana Fowley.

Thatís wonderful, Mulder.

Yeah. Itís been great having her
back and living with me. (beat)
She likes to pick on Alex too.

Mulder smiles with humor. Monicaís smile fades upon hearing Alex Krycekís name. She knows what heís done and that heís responsible for what happened to her and Scully. Thereís no way for her to forget about that and how he tried to kill her.

For her, it doesnít matter that Krycek saved Scully and killed the Smoking Man. Because of him, she lost many things in her life. She could be married now, have a child by now, but none of that is true to date because of Alex Krycek.

(fake happy)
Well I hope Diana gives
him a very hard time.

Monica forces a smile, trying to act like sheís not affected by Alex Krycek.

Donít worry, we both do. (beat) Work
has been going great. Iíve gotten
to know Brad a little better now
that heís the head of XFD. Itís been
great having him as the head honcho.
We actually have work to do.

Mulder smiles.

About a year ago, I actually got
a huge teddy bear to put in this
apartment. Brad wasnít too happy
with me, but we ended up giving it
to an orphanage. (beat) It was quite
a challenge getting it out of the apartment.

Mulder chuckles remembering how he fell down the stairs and out to the street with it, by chance of ďMulder LuckĒ.

You have luck... ďMulder LuckĒ.

She smiles slyly at him, especially since he never told her the name he gave his luck and how he refers to it in his mind. He looks at her with curiosity.

How big was the bear?

About this wide.

Mulder holds his arms out as wide as they can go.

And about this tall.

Mulder stands up and stretches his arm high above his head. Monicaís eyes go wide. Sheís never seen a teddy bear that big.


Mulder sits back down.

Yeah, it was an interesting
task of getting it tied
onto my convertible too.

I bet.

Brad comes out into the living room with the flowers in a crystal vase. He sets it on the coffee table. Mulderís cell phone rings. Brad takes a seat in the chair across the room.

Mulder picks up his cell phone and answers it.

Mulder. (beat) Uh-huh. (beat) All
right. I will. Iím at Monica and Bradís
right now. (beat) Yeah, Iíll get it
on my way home. (beat) Okay, bye.

Mulder hangs up his phone.

That was Diana. I should get going.
Sheís making cookies and just discovered
that Krycek ate the rest of the brown sugar.

All right. Itís good to see you again.

You too.

He smiles at her and stands up. Monica follows, much slower than him, but still on her own. Brad gets up and walks Mulder to the door too.

Maybe, if youíre feeling up to it,
we could all get together sometime.
You know, to welcome you and Dana back.

A Super Buddies party?

(looks down)
Actually, I... ended Super
Buddies a while ago.

Oh. (beat) Well, Iíd love to
get together with everyone.
(beat) Would it be too much to
ask that Alex doesnít come?

Not a problem.

He smiles at her and opens the door.

Iíll see you later.


She reaches out and gives him a hug.

(whispers in his ear)
Youíre a good man, Fox. No
matter what anyone tells you.

She pulls away and looks him in the eyes with a sad expression, as if she knows something he does not. He looks at her confused, not sure what sheís talking about. He quietly nods his head.



Mulder turns and walks away down the hallway.



Mulder enters the apartment with a small grocery bag containing the needed brown sugar. Mulder goes into the kitchen and sees Diana sitting alone at the table. No cookie ingredients are in sight. Diana looks troubled. Mulder takes notice immediately. He sets the grocery bag down on the counter and sits in the chair across from Diana.

Diana, what is it?

Diana lets out a sigh. Something is definitely on her mind and itís obviously been bothering her.


Mulder listens with worry, she seems upset.

I um... we need to talk.

Mulder nods his head.

All right. (beat) Is everything okay?

No, Fox.

Is it your job?

Diana looks at him. Yes, in a way it is her job.

I think we should get a divorce.

Her words stun Mulder. Deep down he knew this conversation was inevitable and he thought heíd be able to accept it. But now that itís here, itís hard for him. He never thought it would happen this soon.

You and I, Fox, weíre... weíre
two different people. You have
your priorities, and I have mine.
You have your hobbies and theyíre
completely different from mine.
Some say that opposites attracted,
and Iím starting to disagree with that.
(beat) Maybe when we first got together,
but now... (shakes head) Youíre not exactly
the man I married all those years ago.

People change, Diana.

Not like how youíve changed, Fox.

She lets out a sigh and looks at him.

I... I just... I canít take
it any more, Fox. (beat) You
want children, and I donít. My
god, youíre still a child yourself!
How do you even think you could raise
a child with me, or anyone, when your
priorities are with the X-Files, or
Super Buddies, or some other lame idea
that pops in your mind?

My priorities are with the happiness
of others. (beat) And I ended Super Buddies.

You live in a dump, Fox, and you
didnít even think of moving when
I came back? (beat) And donít get
me started with your ďbunkieĒ, Alex Krycek.

It is obvious that Diana has had enough of this crap assignment.

I mean, weíre married, and you
still want to live with Krycek!
How is that fair to me, or us as
a married couple?

You never had to lie to me, Diana.

Diana looks at him in shock.

Lie to you? Fox, Iím not sure
I know what youíre talking about.

Come on Diana, I know that
the only reason you made
contact with me a year ago
was to make sure I didnít know
what was happening to my friends.

Diana looks at him. He knew this whole time?!

Now that my friends are back and
safe and that Smoking son-of-a-bitch
is dead, I knew this conversation
was coming. (beat) I just didnít
expect it to be this soon after theyíre
both back safely. (beat) Did you ever
love me at any time Diana?

Heís been hurt one to many times now and heís not going to pretend any more. Itís time to let the real Fox Mulder come out and make a few confrontations.

Diana is almost speechless. Why the hell did he pretend not to know?

(after a beat)

You mean to tell me that you
knew what was going on since
day one?

You think of me as an idiot,
Diana. I think you should
start to take a good look at yourself.

Diana looks at him in shock. Sheís not the one who acts like a clown and does off the wall activities.

Take a good look in the mirror, and
youíll see an even bigger idiot than
me. (beat) You spend your life stabbing
people in the back, or remaining married
to a man just so you can make sure he
doesnít do the right thing. (beat) Youíre
the one working for a secret government - who,
for the majority of itís existence, was
working towards a selfish survival and went
against all that was right. (beat) Now,
go ahead and tell me that Iím the bigger idiot here.

Diana stares at him for a beat.

You think you can change the world,
but you canít. You waste your life
searching for answers to questions
that donít have answers. Do you really
think youíve accomplished anything, Fox?
(beat) Take a good look at your life for once.

Thunder rolls outside as the storm system approaches the area again.

Mulder listens, allowing her to speak.

You live with your enemy, and call
him your ďbestest budĒ. (beat) You
weep around about Samantha, as if
itíll do any good. You believe in
false hopes that one day sheíll come
back to you. Your only source of
happiness was Super Buddies. You
have a horrible relationship with any
and all family members. (beat) And
sometimes I think you should be
committed for the crazy things you believe in.

Youíre right. I am like that. (beat)
But at least I donít go around intentionally
hurting people and lying to them. (beat) How
can you go through all of your life like that?

They are both silent for a moment, and the only sound heard is the pouring rain outside the apartment. Mulder doesnít expect an answer from her.

(after a beat/calmer)
If you want a divorce, letís
get a divorce. We were crazy
to think we could work anyway.

Heís hurt.


Diana stands and goes into the bedroom and retrieves a suitcase of her belongings. She goes over to the door and looks into the kitchen. Mulderís back is to her.

Iím leaving Fox. Youíll
receive the papers by mail.

She opens the door and leaves the apartment, slamming it on her way out. Finally, she is relieved of her torturous assignment.

Mulder doesnít move from his chair in the kitchen. His expression is numb. He feels that heís been betrayed by so many people in his life. Diana Fowley was, as he knows it to be, the first of many out-spoken betrayals.

The apartment is silent, allowing him the chance to think things out. The only sound heard is the gentle ticking of the clock and the pouring rain outside. Raindrops gently trickle hypnotically off the buildingís rooftop.

Mulderís put up with all the lies long enough. Since day one he knew something was happening to Scully and Monica. He also knew he could not do anything about it, he didnít want to risk their lives. After all, he was living with the enemies.

He had a feeling Doggett and Brad were looking into it, but he wasnít sure for the longest of times. He knew the best thing to do was lay low. Once he and Diana got back to Washington, D.C. from Belgium, he knew the reason she was there. To watch him and make sure he didnít go digging around to find out why Scully and Monica were missing. It was that first day back that he put two and two together and knew Diana was involved in their disappearance. And if Diana Fowley was involved, so was the Syndicate and Alex Krycek.

Mulder wants more than anything to figure out why they were taken, and what was done to them. Heís been worried for Scully since the moment he saw her, but he will not pry. If she needs to tell him, she will. Mulder knows she is safe with John Doggett and is glad that Scully feels safe with him too. At least, he hopes she feels safe with him, heís a good man.

And then there is Monica. She looked so weak today when he went to see her. She seemed changed, and maybe he is going crazy, but he can swear on Samanthaís life that Monica was reading his thoughts. She seemed to know things, like ďMulder LuckĒ, that he has never mentioned to her previously. And before he left she told him that heís a good man, no matter what anyone tells him. It was as if she knew Diana would be having this conversation with him. After all, it was her words that stuck in his head when Diana was telling him everything wrong in his life.


As much as he hates to admit it, she does have many valid points. After all, he is living with the enemy...

As if on cue, Alex Krycek enters the apartment.

Howdy-ho, roomie!

Krycek tosses his leather jacket on the pool-ball coat rack by the door and walks into the kitchen.

(oblivious to Mulder)
So hey, I was thinking. Itís Saturday
and all and maybe we could all head out
to the clubs and get some chicks. (beat) Weíll...
Youíll get the chicks since Iíve got Marita,
and I just bought her this really tight
black leather outfit. Sheíll be like Catwoman.

Krycek makes a seductive ďmeowĒ sound.

(not caring/deadpan)
Not feeling up to it. Have fun.

(doesnít notice Mulderís mood)
Suit yourself. I just thought Iíd
give you the chance to find some
hot new chickadee and throw out
the old wench, you know?

Youíll be thrilled to know that
Diana and I are getting a divorce.
(beat) Sheís gone.


He didnít even give half a thought before opening that big rat mouth of his to think of Mulderís feelings on this subject.

Well, I need to get into my
sexy wear for the night.

He turns and leaves the kitchen. Mulder turns in his chair and watches him.

He lets out a sigh. Why does he continue to live with the enemy?

Mulder gets up from the table and walks out of the apartment.

Krycek steps out of his bedroom in his ďsexy wearĒ leather pants and looks quizzically around the apartment.


No answer. Krycek shrugs his shoulders. Guess Mulder had to go somewhere.



Mulder slowly walks down the street, aimlessly wandering as the pouring rain falls down on him. He walks past a small shop where a young blond woman, Satori, is standing outside, stirring a cup of tea while watching the rain fall.

Youíre lost.

Thunder cracks and Mulder stops and looks back at her.


I said, youíre lost.

Mulder looks up at the sign above the young womanís head. ďSATORIíS PSYCHIC READINGSĒ.

Iím not in the mood for any
palm reading tricks. Thank you.

Mulder slowly turns away from her and starts to walk. Satori watches him.

Youíre wondering what to do
about your friend who has
betrayed you.

Mulder turns around, surprised she knew that.

Am I right?

Why are you talking to me?

Because I know a troubled man
when I see one. (beat) And youíre
drenched and might catch a cold.

Mulder looks down at himself. Yep, heís drenched all right.

Would you like to come in?
I have some tea if youíd like.

Mulder nods his head and goes back to her shop.


Mulder enters the shop, followed by Satori. Thunder cracks again outside. Mulder doesnít want to enter the shop all wet.

Let me take your jacket. I
donít mind if you get the coat
wrack gets all wet.

She smiles and Mulder takes off his coat. She takes it and puts it on the coat wrack. Mulder opens his mouth to speak, but Satori stops him.

No, Iím not trying to suck
money out of you by giving
you a psychic reading, so
donít worry.

She turns and smiles at him.

Iím on a break anyway. (beat)
Why donít you have a seat and
Iíll get some tea for you.

Thank you.

Satori disappears somewhere in the shop, leaving Mulder alone in his thoughts.

Where have I seen her? Mulder wonders to himself. This woman seems very familiar to him. He looks around the shop, so many crystals and new age stuff. Mulder smiles to himself, he should take Monica here one day. He knows she would love this store.

Satori comes back to the waiting area with a cup of tea.

Here you go.

She hands Mulder the tea and he takes it.

Thank you.

Satori sits across from him, knowing he wants to talk about whatís bothering him, but doesnít want to end up paying for a psychic reading without realizing it. Plus, why would he want to pester someone with his problems?

If you need to talk, Iím a good
listener. (beat) And I promise not
to charge you anything.

Mulder looks up in her direction and she smiles.

So youíre the real thing, huh?

Yes. (beat) And Iím not one to
consult a magic eight ball for
my answers like those hotlines
you used to call.

Mulder laughs, remembering how one time he thought he lost his job because of one of those hotlines and he ended up trying to live in a cardboard box outside of his apartment building because he was told that is what would happen to him.

Can I ask you a question?


Iím in this sticky situation where
Iím living with this guy who has
betrayed me and my close friends. But
he doesnít seem to know heís done anything
wrong and thinks that I donít know about it.
(beat) But I do, and Iím not sure what to
do about this. Do I confront him?

Do what you know is right in your heart.
(beat) The heart never lies, and its
feelings and emotions are always true.

Mulder nods his head. He knows what he wants to do, but heís not sure how to do it. You have to be careful with Krycek. Itís obvious that the boy does not think before he reacts.

Mulder lets out a quiet sigh.

Youíre worried for your friends
that you spoke of, arenít you?

Youíre the psychic.

Mulder smiles at her.

Your friend... Danielle? Dana?


She trusts the man sheís with.
Sheís just afraid to let him in.

Will she ever-

-Yes. Someday.

What about-


Mulder nods.

Sheíll be fine. Sheís got troubles
of her own to deal with, but sheíll
be fine. (beat) They all will be fine.

Mulder looks at her. Her words bring him comfort. Maybe it was fate that brought him down this road.

Suddenly, his eyes lighten up! Yes! He knows her! From the time when Krycek got them all killed! Yes! Thatís it. She once dated John Doggett!

Mulderís expression changes as he thinks back to that strange time in his... life.

Itís funny... John Doggett dated a psychic. I wonder if she remembers... Mulder wonders to himself. He looks up at Satori, and she simply smiles at him.

Mulder stands up.

Looks like the rain has let up.

Satori glances out the window.

Yes it has, Fox Mulder.

She smiles slyly at him. Why is it that everyone has been smiling at him with a sly look... okay, so itís just been Monica and this woman, but still. Suddenly, it hits him, and his eyes go wide. Oh my gosh... is Monica-

(re: this thoughts)

Mulder looks at her for an answer. Satori smiles at him.

I believe you already know.

Mulder smiles slightly and goes over and takes his coat off the coat wrack.

Thank you for listening.

Itís not a problem.

Mulder puts his coat on and steps out the door and back onto the wet sidewalk. He casually strolls along, randomly being hit by small sprinkles of rain, as he contemplates the Krycek situation. He needs to confront him and not live his life as a lie anymore. He needs to let Krycek know how he feels, and then, only the situation will tell what will happen.

Krycek has betrayed him and his friends, and Mulder does not want to tolerate it any longer.

Off Mulder pensively walking down the street deciding what he should do, we...





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