"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Seven


Review By: Gothic Spook

"I called off Super Buddies today." -Mulder

Noooooooo! No more Super Buddies?! Say it isn't so! The world must be coming to an end!

Another heart wrenching episode! Scully goes to Montgomery for help. What will he do? Will he get her released? Will CSM ruin the day? Who saves Scully from an Alien Bounty Hunter? Read on for this tear jerking episode with the greatest ending!

7x17 "Super Buddies Without A Cause"

Title: "Super Buddies Without A Cause"
Written by: Cassie
Date: June 20, 2004; November 15, 2004
Air Date: January 24, 2005
Rating: PG
Series: FRVS - Episode #140
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Betrayal, secrets and lies have all lead up to this.

“Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire” – Arab Proverb


JANUARY 2, 2005

Strughold sits behind his desk. The room is dark, save for the warm desk lamp that is on. Strughold is reading a hardback book that is printed in the Arabic language. He looks at the clock that hangs on the wall. In less than two hours prayer call will begin. He sets his book down and rubs his eyes. He should try to get sleep before the day gets underway. He’s been spending too much time lately working on his bee project. The members of the Syndicate believe that he only has a silly liking of bees, but he and other aliens know that he is secretly working on genetically mutating the insects so their stings will infect their victims with the alien virus.

The alien plans for colonization aren’t just in military strategic attacks on the power nations of the planet, but also in the form of hundreds of millions of genetically mutated bees. The armies of the world would have no way of defeating so many small enemies and colonization could begin quickly without notice. What Strughold is working on now is altering the genetics so the bees can be ordered to attack when the aliens need them to.

The Syndicate would never see this coming. They believe Strughold to be on their side.

There is a knock on his office door.

Come in.

The door opens and the Alien Bounty Hunter enters. The two men nod their heads in respect of each other.

I need the location of the last
research facility. I have been
told it is in New York state. I
have the names of the head scientist
so I may eliminate them from being
able to create the vaccination.

What of the facility in Switzerland?

All scientists of the facility
have been terminated.

Good. (beat) The head scientists at
the New York Facility are Doctors
Dana Scully and Jonathan Montgomery.
They are the most important to destroy.
They were the two who created the
weak vaccination against us.

The Alien Bounty Hunter nods his head.

What is their exact location?

Strughold motions for him to wait a moment as he turns on his computer. A program opens up and Strughold enters the name “Dana Katherine Scully” into a search box.

Charles Spender had me implant
a chip in Dr. Scully’s neck years
ago. I made sure to incorporate our
locating technology into the chip so
we could keep an eye on her.

A screen loads with a detailed map of New York state. It continues to zoom in until it pin points Scully’s exact location.

It looks as if she’s just returned
to the facility in New York.

The Alien Bounty Hunter leans over to get a look at her exact coordinates. He gives Strughold a look and then exits the office, on his mission to destroy Scully and Montgomery.


JANUARY 2, 2005

The Cigarette-Smoking Man lies asleep alone in his bed, a smug expression on his face. We see that he is unclothed. The pillow next to him looks as if someone had been lying next to him.

We pan over across the dark room. Scully is sitting in the corner of the room on the floor. She is frightened to lie next to him. The moment she knew he had fallen asleep, she got out of bed and came to sit here on the floor. That was nearly three hours ago. She’s cried so much in that time that no more tears will come from her eyes. Her knees are curled up to her chest and her arms hug them. She rests her chin on her knees. Her body is trembling.

Everything that has happened to her has finally beaten her down. She no longer has the strength to endure the abuse she is submitted to by the hands of the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

Slowly she places her shaking hands on the floor and stands up. She quietly walks to the bathroom and shuts the door. A dim night light lights the room. She opens the medicine cabinet and stares at the small first aid kit. She knows that there are small surgical scissors in there. She can end all her suffering right here and now if she used those scissors to puncture the veins in her wrist. She takes the kit out of the cabinet and closes the cabinet door.

She stares at her reflection and sees the frightened girl inside her. She is calling out for help, not death. She needs someone to understand her, believe her, save her, and care for her. Death will do none of that.

She may be weary of the life she’s been forced to live through, but that doesn’t mean it has killed her strength of her desire to leave this place.

Through she’s hesitant to trust him, there is only one man she can turn to for help here. John Montgomery. She turns around and leaves the restroom. Security guard or not, she will leave this room to go to Montgomery. She crosses the bedroom and heads to the door and opens it. No security guard on duty. She leaves the room.

She quietly heads down the stairs of the building and lands on the floor Montgomery’s room is on.

The hallway of the residence hall is dimly lit and extremely quiet. Her footsteps quietly break the silence. She cautiously makes her way to Montgomery’s living quarters door.

She steps in front of his door and knocks three times. She looks down the hallway in the direction that she came. She is afraid maybe that she has been followed. She holds her hands together to prevent them from shaking in fear. If the Cigarette-Smoking Man were to show up he would for sure beat her severely for escaping him again. She unconsciously runs her thumb over the silver bracelet that is on her wrist – the one John Doggett gave her – this brings her strength and the feeling of security, knowing that she is wearing something that he gave to her to show her his love for her.

The door opens with a quiet click. This startles Scully, she gasps in fear. John Montgomery stands before her. He’s still dressed and is wearing his reading glasses.


Montgomery hasn’t seen her since he and the Cigarette-Smoking Man returned from The Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve. He sees the black eye that is healing and sees that her eyes are red and raw from crying. He steps aside to let her in, then shuts the door.

Scully stands in the foyer of his living quarters, her back to Montgomery. Now that she is here she doesn’t know what to say. Her bare feet feel the chill of the hardwood floor below her. She wraps her arms around her waist, automatically closing herself off. She looks around his living quarters. His decorating style hasn’t changed since she was married to him: Arabic style – white walls, dark browns, pottery, incense burner, and brass bowls are displayed. She slowly walks into his living room – black leather couch, solid oak coffee table with a marble chessboard on it. A hand woven Persian rug lies on the floor.

She sits down on the middle of the couch. Through she isn’t familiar with her surroundings, she feels slightly more comfortable knowing that Montgomery will not hurt her.

Montgomery joins her on the couch. He sits next to her. He tries to look her in the eyes, but she turns her head the other way. She doesn’t like to show herself when she feels hopeless and weak. He carefully places his hand on hers. She flinches from his touch. It was unexpected. She pulls her hand away from his. Montgomery knows all too well that something is bothering her. When they first got involved so many years ago, she had reacted the same way to him. She told him it was because of what Scott Williams, her ex-boyfriend, had done to her. He hospitalized her because she wanted to end their relationship in which he had sexually assaulted her and physically and emotionally abused her.

Scully stares at the artwork on the walls.

Are those paintings?

Her voice is hoarse and she’s trying to disguise it by speaking softly.

Arabic calligraphy – proverbs
and inserts from the Qu’ran.

They’re beautiful.

Scully turns her head to look at him. She forces a smile as tears well up in her eyes again.

Dana... what happened?

He speaks gently and respectfully to her. Not wanting to make it seem as if he’s forcing her to talk to him too quickly. It breaks his heart to see her in this condition. He can’t even imagine how she is feeling inside. No matter how numb he has become inside due to the hard life of the Syndicate, she warms his heart and brings out his human emotions.

(tearing up)
John... I...

She shakes her head, unable to find the strength inside her to speak of the horrible crime the Cigarette-Smoking Man has committed against her.

She is afraid she will be hurt even more for being here. She stands up and walks over to a bookshelf. She runs her fingers over a leather-bound Arabic Qu’ran. She wishes she still had her faith, but so much horrible things have happened in her life that she turned her back on her God. She refuses to believe that any loving deity would put her through so much pain and suffering in life.

She closes her eyes and searches for her inner strength. That is where her faith resides now. Inside herself, in her heart.

John... I can’t do this anymore. (beat)
I tried... I tried to talk to him, and
he blatantly ignored my request not to
be his lover anymore.

The word “lover” makes her sick to her stomach.

He threatened Monica’s life if I refused
to have sex with him... yesterday evening, he...

She trails off. What she wants to say next is very difficult for her. Just the word to describe what the Cigarette-Smoking Man did to her makes her nauseated.

I refused him and he... (holds back tears)
He held me down and raped me. Not once, but twice.

Tears fall from her face.

I have no reason to be here other than
serving him as a whore. That’s all
I am now-

She chokes up again as she reflects back on the orgasms she experienced while the Cigarette-Smoking Man raped her. She quickly runs to the bathroom and throws up violently in the toilet. Montgomery follows her quietly. He kneels down next to her, and holds her hair back. He gently rubs her back as she continues throwing up. He wants to offer her as much comfort as he can. His eyes fill with tears. Scully does not deserve to be treated like this. No one deserves to be treated like this.

Scully stops throwing up and wraps her arms around Montgomery’s neck and weeps. Her body collapses, no longer wanting to control its physical strength. Montgomery holds her and runs his hand over the top of her head. He presses the side of his face against her head and gently kisses the top of her head. Her body shakes uncontrollably in his arms.

No decision has ever been this easy to make.

I’m going to negotiate your release, Dana...

She lets out a loud sob. Her body releases more tension and her grip around him weakens. Words cannot express how grateful she is to hear him say that.

You deserve so much more than this.
You always have, and I’m not going
to stand by and let that son-of-a-bitch destroy you.

His voice cracks with emotion. He feels solely responsible for what she’s been through. He should have negotiated her release months ago, no matter what threats the Cigarette-Smoking Man would have thrown his way. He knows that other members of the Group will not be pleased to hear how the Cigarette-Smoking Man has been treating one of the most important people in the research of creating the alien vaccine. He knows with the Group behind his decision that the Cigarette-Smoking Man will have no choice but to release Scully – let her return safely to Virginia.

Scully pulls herself away from him and wipes her eyes. She’s calmed down. Her eyes thank him from her soul.

I’ll get you some clean clothes
and a class of water.

Scully nods her head. They rise to their feet.

You can sleep here tonight.
I’ll take the couch.

They walk out into the bedroom. Scully doesn’t know what to say. She has never let anyone see her breakdown like she just did. Montgomery hands her gray sweatpants and a white long sleeve T-shirt.

I know you’d be uncomfortable, but would
you like for me to check you over, make
sure your body is all right?

Scully nods her head, she knows it is important to be checked over by a doctor after a rape.

Any immediate concerns?


I’m pretty sure that he’s
clean of any sexually
transmitted diseases, but
I’ll run blood tests on you
as well.

The idea of all this makes Scully uncomfortable.

(hoarse, hesitant)
It’s the best thing to do.

She is still worried. She’s been throwing up quite ab it lately and she’s unsure of whether it has to do with the Smoking Man’s rape or if it is a sign that she is pregnant. Montgomery sees the look on her face, he gives her a look.

Could you also run a
pregnancy test?

Montgomery nods his head. He hopes to God that that test is negative.



A large group of people has gathered around a staircase outside of Photo Shoppe – across the way from the ice cream place. Many of them are wearing their red and lime green Super Buddies T-shirts. Everyone is excited about Mulder’s first ever public speech as the President of Super Buddies.

Marita stands outside of the store in which she has taken a part-time job, Photo Shoppe. She’s standing with her brunette co-worker, Samantha.

I can’t believe how many
people joined Super Buddies.
I just saw the local CBS
affiliate arrive to cover
the speech.

I’ve never heard of Super
Buddies. What’s it about?

Achieving world peace through
love and friendship. He tries
to get small groups together
to go on adventures together, and
by adventures I mean vacations.
It’s not all bad, I just don’t
like the T-shirt colors. Lime green
isn’t a color that I think looks
good on many people.

That sounds like a group I’d
be proud to be a part of. I think
friendship and love are very
important in life. Who do I talk to to join?

Fox Mulder, but between you and me,
he’s called this meeting because
he’s ending Super Buddies.

Samantha looks thoughtful.

Fox Mulder… why does that
name seem familiar?

Mulder gets around. I think
his goal in life is to meet
everyone in the world, as well
as finding his long lost sister.

Has he been in the news much?
I watch the news all the time.

He’s employed by the FBI so
maybe he has.

Maybe that’s how I’ve
heard of him.

Marita wrinkles her brow. Hmm… how could Samantha know his name? Perhaps she is Mulder’s long lost sister, Samantha. Nah, that would be too easy.

Suddenly a thunderous applause is heard as Mulder arrives. He’s wearing a black suit and a red tie. He waves at the crowd. An unhappy smile is on his face. Krycek is at his side.

Marita spots Doggett and Brad approaching her and Samantha. John is coughing and sniffling. It looks as if his time Polar Bearing in the icy water yesterday has given him a cold.

Uh-oh, John, looks like
you’ve got a little cold.

Just a bit. Nothing chicken
noodle soup, Tylenol, Sudafed,
and a nice evening on my couch
watching “Casablanca” won’t cure.

John, Brad. I’d like you to meet
Samantha Clemens. She’s the reason
I got a job here at Photo Shoppe.

John extends his hand and shakes Samantha’s hand.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.
I’ve heard a lot about you from Marita.

So you got her a job?

I caught her making silly
faces to get a kid to smile
for his picture. The rest is history.

Samantha smiles at him. She thinks he’s quite an attractive man.

Clemens? What kind of
surname is that?

French, though my family
came from Germany. (beat)
May I ask what is your last name?



I like to say that it is. (smiles)
Actually, it’s English.

Well, that’s too bad, I hear
that the English and French
don’t get along very well.

Well, I seem to think we’ve
started off well.

In the background, Brad watches John and Samantha continue to flirt with each other. He turns to speak to Marita.

She didn’t even acknowledge me.

Guess we can say that she wants
to get friendly with John, if you
know what I mean.

I’m not sure he’s ready to
date right now.

Marita’s smile fades. She remembers how she did her part to help Dana and Monica escape the facility back during Christmas. Knowle called her immediately after he dropped them off at the airport in New York. In a couple of months she will have them on a case in Moscow, Russia and they will be able to reunite with Dana and Monica.

But you never know, maybe
a miracle will happen and
Dana will return to him someday.

Brad raises an eyebrow, does Marita know that Dana and Monica are alive too? He wants to question her further about this, but just as he opens his mouth to speak, there is a loud, high-pitch squeal of a microphone. Everyone covers their ears.


The microphone squeals again.

Sorry about that.

He taps the microphone and clears his throat.

Ladies, gentlemen, and Super
Buddies of all ages. I have
gathered you all here today
because I have come to a tragic
realization that the world is not
as it seems. (beat) That Super
Buddies is not as I thought it should be.

Mulder bites his lower lip to keep his tears from falling. He looks to Diana for support.

Super Buddies is without cause
when a group of members choose to
lie and deceive a member. More
specifically me, the President
of Super Buddies. Some of you may
think me an oblivious fool. That I
am not. Over the past ten months, I have
noticed the absence of my dear friends
Dana Scully and Monica Reyes. (beat)
Instead of doing the right thing and
informing me that they apparently died
in a car accident, this group of
individuals continued to tell me that
they did not know where Dana and Monica
were. Fact is they knew they had died.

Mulder dramatically pauses and takes a deep breath.

Because of those individuals, I’ve
decided that the bond of friendship
is not strong enough to keep Super
Buddies alive. From this moment on
Super Buddies is officially and
permanently terminated.

Mulder pauses to let the crowd react. There is a hushed buzz of chatter. No one knows what to think of this. Super Buddies is such a great idea.

You may all burn your Super
Buddies T-shirts in a fire if
you want since you all probably
lied to me and didn’t want to be
a Super Buddy anyway! (beat) And to
Santa Claus, who could not be here
today, I think you for my bike. I’ve
missed having a bike the past few years.

Santa Claus isn’t real you idiot!

Mulder’s eyes to wide – his lower lip quivers. He slowly turns to face Krycek. Krycek, who played Santa just last month. Krycek is all sympathetic.

There, there, Fox.

Krycek opens his arms to hug Mulder. Mulder leans closer to him and speaks softly.

I already know that. I only
pretend to believe in Santa
so that Marita and I can make
you guys dress up all silly-like.

(loud, angry)

Krycek punches Mulder. Mulder topples across the staircase. Before Mulder realizes what is happening, Krycek is leaping through the air like a flying squirrel. He pounces on Mulder. Mulder screams and curls up into a fetal position to protect himself from injury.

Mulder and Krycek struggle on the dirty mall floor. They tun on ears, stick out their tongues, poke belly-buttons, and give each other noogies. The camera crew of the Fox News affiliate records them. A reporter steps in front of the camera.

This is Cameron Garza reporting
live from the downtown shopping
centre in Washington D.C. where
President of the world peace and
friendship organization, Super
Buddies, has just announced the
termination of the group. As you
can see, the world must be nearing
its end when the President of friendship
has gotten himself in such a violent fight.

Mulder pops up on screen in front of reporter, Cameron Garza.

The world’s going to hell!

Krycek tugs on Mulder’s tie to pull him back down to the ground to continue their violent escapade.

Meanwhile at the New York Strughold Facility…

Scully is still in Montgomery’s room. Earlier, Montogomery lied to the Smoking Man, saying that he’s keeping an eyes on Scully at the lab to see if there is anything he can do to up the percentage of her ability to conceive a child. Actually the results of her pregnancy are not ready. At least the Smoking Man has no clue that Montgomery is planning to arrange her release.

Scully is watching the Fox News coverage of the termination of Super Buddies. She sits in the middle of the couch, her hands cover her mouth as she watches the coverage of Mulder’s speech and the fight between him and Krycek.

(soft, to herself)
Oh no… Mulder…

She wipes a tear from her face. It upsets her to see Mulder so upset over her “death”, the termination of Super Buddies, and seeing him and Alex fighting.

The fight between Mulder and Krycek ends. Mulder returns to the podium to say something more. His hair is a disaster and his suit and tie are out of place.

(on TV)
I hope you all learn a
valuable lesson from what
you’ve witnessed here today.
Betraying your friends and
deceiving them is a bad thing
to do. Your friends are your
extended family.

Krycek butts in and interrupts him.

I just want to say one thing
on national television. (beat)
Marita Lynn Covarrubias, I love you.

Fox News cuts away from the chaos of the Super Buddies meeting.

If there are any further developments
in “Super Buddies Without A Cause”, we’ll
bring them to you immediately. (beat)
When we come back we’ll bring you an up
close and personal look at Michelle
Kwan’s bid to win her ninth U.S. National
title next week in Portland.

Scully turns off the television. John Montgomery joins her in the living room. He walks out of his bedroom, putting on a tie. Scully looks at him.

Do you need any help?

No, thank you. I’m quite
all right. (beat) I have a
lunch meeting with the Group.
Since they don’t know what I
intend to discuss, I’m not sure
how long I’ll be gone.

Scully stands up, something has been on her mind since Montgomery said he was going to negotiate to get her out.

John, there’s something
I’d like to request.


I want you to release Monica
with me. (beat) I know she is
important to our cause, but she’s
a good person and doesn’t deserve
this kind of treatment.

Montgomery sighs. He’s not done with his testing and research with Monica Reyes. Nevermind Monica’s health is so poor it wouldn’t be wise to release her at this point even if his research were completed.

I don’t want her hurt
anymore, and returning
her to her friends and
family will be good for her.

I’m not done working with her.
She’s nowhere near being healthy
enough for release. (beat) I guarantee
to you that she will not be hurt
anymore under my watch. She will live.

But John-

- Dana, please don’t argue
this with me, even you know
that I’m right.

Montgomery grabs his keys and walks to his door.

Remember, don’t open this
door to anyone while I’m gone.

Montgomery exits his living quarters.

Scully doesn’t know what to think of this. She doesn’t want to leave Monica in this place if Montgomery negotiates her release.

The silence of the room rings in her ears. Something doesn’t seem right. Something seems wrong. She can feel it in her gut. She sits down on the couch again, and tries to think of anything but what the Smoking Man did to her.

Focus: soon she will be able to see her family. Her mother, sister and her brothers. Focus: she’ll be able to be with John Doggett. Focus: she’ll be able to get away from the black-lunged son-of-a-bitch for good.

Scully wraps her arms around herself and stares at the wall ahead of her. She hopes she will have the strength inside her to keep herself from falling apart when she returns to Virginia. She doesn’t not want John Doggett to see her broken down and weak. She wants him to see her as he last saw her: strong and capable, nothing could shake her too easily.



Buddy is sitting in front of the television in the living room. He is watching “That’s My Baby” on Animal Planet. The TV remote control is near his paw. No human is to be seen inside the house. Buddy is home alone.

A key unlocks the front door. Buddy quickly uses his paw to switch from Animal Planet to a 24 hour news station. It’s too late, John and Brad walk in a catch Buddy using the remote control. They stand behind the dog and watch him surf through the different channels.

John? Has anyone ever told
you that your dog is different?

He’s not different. He’s special.
Aren’t you ‘Bud?

Buddy looks back at his master with cute puppy dog eyes.

John and Brad sit down on the couch. Both men let out a relieved sigh. Peace and quiet at last.

So… you and Samantha
really hit it off, huh?

Doggett looks at Brad.

What do you mean by that?

She got you to go out for
lunch with her, didn’t she?
(beat) I guess for once you’re
listening to my advice.

You mean you’re advice about
moving on? (beat) Samantha’s
nice and all, but she’s not
really my type.

Buddy hops off the couch and runs back to the remote control and channel surfs. He stops on TVLand, “Mr. Ed” is on. Buddy barks happily and wags his tail.

Have you ever considered
trying to get over Monica
even though you know she’s
alive, but you can never see her again?

Brad is quiet for a long beat.

It’s hard for me to say this
aloud because it means admitting
it to myself. (beat) I think that
in time I will move on. There’s
only so much time in life to dwell
on things you have no control over.
(beat) You?

Doggett shakes his head.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over
Dana. Feelings may diminish over time,
but I know that I will never give
up hope of seeing her again. Like
how I’ve never given up hope of
bringing Luke’s killer to justice.

Brad nods his head. He understands. Brad wonders if John will ever get a break in life. As long as he’s known him, his life hasn’t been easy.

I’ve been thinking of requesting
a transfer to the San Antonio
field office.

San Antonio?

Yeah, Jason lives there. He
and I get along well. I think
it’d be good to be closer to
my family. I realized over Christmas
that despite how my parents treat me,
they do love me, they are proud of
me. I’ve lived far away from them
for so long. They’re all I’ve got in
terms of having a family.

I know how you feel. I only wish
my parents hadn’t disowned me.
I think it’d be nice to have good
family ties. (beat) I’m going to
request a transfer to the Office
of the Director next summer.


Brad nods his head.

You’d be good there. You’ve
straightened out Agent Mulder
considerably since you’ve been
in charge of XFD.

I only wish I could straighten
out Agent Krycek. Not just for
his incompetence in the field,
but for his involvement in Monica
and Dana’s disappearance.

Yeah… they are both wanting to see Krycek pay for his involvement, but there is nothing they can do about that.

So what do you think about
Mulder ending that Super Buddies thing?

I was surprised that CNN covered
the announcement. I never really
realized how… popular the group was.

Do you think it would be wise
to let Mulder know the truth one day?

Silent beat.

Actually, I suspect that he
knew something was wrong long
before Jeffrey blurted it out
that Mon’ and Dana are dead. I was
with him once and I was about to
tell him the truth, but he cut me
off before I could finish the
sentence. (beat) Mulder’s a smart
man, I don’t doubt that he suspects
they are still alive.

Do you know how many people
would think you are crazy
for complimenting Mulder?

I know a responsible and
intelligent person when
I meet them.

Next thing we know you’ll be
telling the Director that
Mulder’s cut out for A.D. status
in XFD just so you can get that
OPR promotion.

Doggett looks at Brad jokingly, but he’s met with a serious expression. Doggett’s grin fades.

You’re kidding, right?

Off of Brad’s expression that tells John that he’s dead serious about possibly saying Mulder is cut out for a promotion to Assistant Director status:



The members of the Syndicate have gathered for an urgent meeting regarding the Project.

What is the meaning of this meeting?

I don’t know, but my fiancée
isn’t happy that it’s taken
me away from final decisions
regarding our wedding, which
is a little over a month away.

Perhaps Doctor Montgomery has
successfully completed the vaccine.

Marita secretly worries that this meeting is about Scully and Monica’s escape from the facility. She hopes that no one knows that she aided in their escape.

The door to the room opens and Krycek walks in, carrying a pizza take-out box, he holds a slice of pizza in his other hand, it’s oozing with cheese.

Hey homeboys! Whazzup?

Krycek plops down in a chair next to Marita. He winks at her.

You know, Alex, you sound
like an idiot when you talk like that.

Krycek throws his feet up on the conference table.

Yeah, well, if you had been
broadcast all over the world
kicking Mulder’s ass, you’d
be actin’ all homey-like too.

The Smoking Man lights up a cigarette across the table from Krycek. Krycek does not approve of this.

Hey! CSM-ippy! Put that out!
Don’t you know that second
hand smoke kills? Nevermind it
tarnishes the taste of my pizza.

Overeating greasy pizza can be a killer too.

Krycek stands up defensively.

Hey old man, you wanna
take this outside, homey-G-funk?

John Montgomery enters the room behind Krycek.

Mr. Krycek, have a seat.

Montgomery walks to the head of the conference table as Krycek sits down. He looks around the room at all the familiar faces. One is missing.

Where’s Strughold?

No one answers.

I assume he’s too busy
at our facility in Saudi Arabia.

Is it important for him to be here?

Diana Fowley enters the room and quietly takes a seat next to Marita.

Sorry I’m late.

It’s not important for him
to be here because the reason
I’m holding this meeting has
nothing to do with the progress
I’ve made in the Project. (beat)
It has been brought to my attention
that Mr. Charles Spender has deceived
the group in his intentions to bring
Doctor Scully back.

The Smoking Man wraps his lips tightly around his lit cigarette. Montgomery gives him a look.

It was brought to my attention
that Mr. Spender has threatened
the life of our one and only
test subject that has survived
exposure to the alien virus. He
threatened to kill test subject
RT-7915-3, Monica Isabella Reyes,
if Dana continued to refuse him
sexually. (beat) She recently
refused him and he raped her.

Montgomery pauses to allow the Syndicate members to take all this information in. The Smoking Man lights up another cigarette.

We all know that as members of
this group that we are exempt
from paying for any crimes we have
committed. I’m holding this meeting
to tell you that I will personally
remove Dana Scully from the facility
and any obligations she may have to
the Project. This includes removing
any threat that Mr. Spender has placed
on her for his own selfish reasons.
Dana will be returned to her family
and friends by early next week.

No matter how terrible a crime was
committed against Ms. Scully, she
cannot be put back in society. She
knows too much. (beat) I can find
a qualified therapist to come in to
speak with heron a daily basis, to
help her cope with the rape.

That is not enough. Part of the terms
under which I returned to the Project
were to submit my own daughter to
testing, and that Mr. Spender leave
Dana alone. Granted, after we found
out colonization is closer than we
initially thought, it became necessary
for Dana to return, but that did not
mean Charles had rights to force her
into a relationship with him.

(to CSM)
How dare you violate my future step-daughter.

The Smoking Man says nothing and gives the Well-Manicured Man a smug grin. Across the table, Krycek is giving the Smoking Man a death glare. This man deserves death for what he has done. Not just to Scully, but to Marita and for the death of his mother, Elena, a few years ago.

I want to request that this
group remove Mr. Spender from
holding any authority within
the facility and the Project
from this moment on.

You have no power to make
that kind of request.

The Smoking Man is not happy with Montgomery, but especially he is angry with Scully for reporting him. The Well-Manicured Man stands up.

I think it is clear, Mr. Spender,
after what you’ve done that you
must be removed of any authority
in the group. You will stay inside
your living quarters until proper
punishment has been decided. You
are not to see, speak, or interact
with Ms. Scully at all. Are we understood?


The Smoking Man looks at Krycek, knowing that if Krycek loses control of his temper that he could very well kill him. The Smoking Man doesn’t want that to happen.

What will happen to Ms. Reyes
once the vaccination is complete?

I haven’t come to a decision
on that yet.

The First Elder turns to face the Smoking Man.

Why did you lie to us? You
said Ms. Scully was only back
for purposes related to the Project.

I’m sure I needn’t remind you of the
relationship I had with Dana a little
over ten years ago. (beat) Three
years ago her memory began to return.
I went to her, made love to her. Nothing
had changed her feelings for me. When
I got involved with her this year, it
seemed to me that she was still in love with me.

(worked up)
That’s no excuse for what you’ve done!

You can’t keep me from seeing my fiancée!

Charles, enough!

Tension is high in the conference room. No one likes what the Smoking Man has done.

Montgomery stands up and nods his head to acknowledge the entire group.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have
work I need to attend to.

Montgomery exits the room.

Krycek looks at Marita. He knows what he wants to do, but he feels he should discuss it with Marita before taking any action.



The bar is empty and the bartender, Kim, is cleaning and drying beer mugs. Knowle Rohrer sits on a barstool in front of Kim. He drinks out of his large beer mug.

The doors to the bar open and Mulder walks in. He is distraught. He takes a seat next to Knowle and looks at Kim.

I’d like your hardest alcohol please.

Knowle looks over at Mulder, doubting that he can handle what he’s ordered.

(to bartender)
Water it down for the
young one here.

Knowle nods his head, indicating Mulder. The bartender nods his head as he gets Mulder’s watered-down drink.

(to Mulder)
A little early to be
drinking, isn’t it?

(sips his drink)
Yeah, it is. (beat)
So what’s your problem?

Argument with the only woman
who understands me. (beat) Ended
badly, and she says she wants to
leave me. (beat) You?

Mulder sets his beer mug down.

I called off Super Buddies today.

Knowle looks at him, confused.

Super what?

It was my worldwide
friendship and peace organization.

Knowle downs the rest of his beer and signals for another one.

My name’s Fox.

Mulder holds out his hand, Knowle shakes it.

Knowle Rohrer.

So what happened between
you and your lady friend?

I’ve been sleeping around with
a ‘lady friend’ who has helped
me gain access to top secret

That’s not right.

I know… but we’re swingers,
and now Shan’ has decided
she’s not a swinger anymore,
and that she hasn’t been for a long time.

Knowle drinks from his new drink.

I don’t know what to do. (beat)
I’m afraid of commitment and
I think that’s what she wants.

Do you love her?

Knowle looks down into his beer mug.

Yes, I do.

He quickly picks up his beer mug and downs the rest of his large mug. It’s hard for him to admit this.

If you love her, then go back
to her and let her know. (beat)
I learned something today…

Mulder takes another small sip of his drink. Knowle looks at him.

As I was walking through
the park, crying about the
end of Super Buddies, I saw
these two squirrels. And these
two squirrels were fighting.
They were chasing each other and
running away from one another.

Knowle listens to him.

I sat down and watched those
squirrels for a long time. (beat)
You know what I realized as I
watched them?

Knowle shakes his head “no”.

After all their fighting, they
ran up the tree and went into
the same hole. They love each
other. (beat) Love is all of the
emotions, and the fact that you
know what you’ve been doing is
wrong leads me to believe that you
will win her heart again.

So you’re saying that ‘Shan
and I are squirrels?

Everyone is like those squirrels.

Mulder takes a large gulp of his drink.


Mulder shakes his head, this drink is a little too strong for him.

Knowle watches and can’t believe he’s listening to what this man is saying, but he sees his point. No matter how angry, mad and hateful you can be to those you love, those emotions are a part of your love for them. He and Shannon fight sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love one another. It only proves that through the bad times, they are still there for each other at the end of the day. Knowle pays the bartender with a rather large tip. He stands up, pats Mulder on the shoulder and he walks to the exit.



Marita is sitting in a chair at her dining table. She is on the phone. She is worried, frantic.

Are you absolutely positive?
(beat) And you don’t know
what time he could be there?

Off screen, Marita’s apartment door opens. A moment later, Krycek joins her in the dining room. He sets a red rose down on the dining table and smiles at her. His smile fades when he sees the expression on her face.

(on phone)
Thank you.

Marita hangs up and looks at Krycek. She is concerned.

Marita, what is it?

The facility in Geneva has
been destroyed, all doctors
and test subjects killed.

Who told you this?

Dr. Mueller. He said that a
security tape was recovered
and they isolated the sound.
An alien bounty hunter is on
his way to the New York location.
Apparently Dana and Dr. Montgomery
are the next targets for elimination.

Krycek is silent. If the Alien Bounty Hunter knows the location of the New York facility, then he will surely be able to kill Scully and all other scientists and test subjects. That would include all the new research Montgomery has done that is leading to finally creating a successful vaccination against the alien virus.

I need to go back
up to New York.

Marita stands up.

No. It’s too dangerous. If
you go there and the bounty
hunter is there, he could
kill you too.

I’m not going to sit back and
let Scully and Monica die. I’ve
got to redeem myself to them, save
their lives. I feel personally
responsible for all they’ve been through.

Krycek storms out of the dining room and heads into Marita’s bedroom.

Where are you going?

She follows him into her room and sees him digging into her closet.

Krycek crawls out of the closet with a steel box in his hand.

What’s that?

You know when we were in
Russia and I stole their weak vaccine?

Marita nods her head.

Well, I also picked up a little
something else so I could protect
myself if the aliens ever found
out I have the weak vaccine.

Krycek opens the steel box and takes out a stiletto that is used to kill aliens when stabbed into the back of their necks.

You stole that?

Of course I did, you know what these
things can do. Why do you think only
authorized personnel have access to them?

Krycek stands up. Marita’s eyes are begging him to stay with her, to not go back up to New York. She doesn’t want him to die.

If they destroy the facility,
they destroy our only chance at survival.

Krycek tenderly wraps his arms around Marita and kisses her on top of her head. He cups her face with one hand and looks her in the eyes.

I love you, Marita.

He holds his gaze for another moment as if he may not see her again after he leaves her apartment to try to stop the Alien Bounty Hunter.

Krycek walks away from her, quickly leaving the apartment. Marita watches him leave, also worried that he won’t be coming back.



Scully is nervously pacing the room. She hasn’t seen or heard from Montgomery since earlier in the day. She’s worried that he spoke to the Smoking Man, and that he’s been killed for wanting to negotiate her release.

The phone rings. Scully walks to it and picks up. She doesn’t say anything.

(muffled, on phone)
Dana? It’s me.


I just got back the
pregnancy test results.

Scully’s knees go weak. She’s expecting the worst. She sits down on the couch.

They’re negative. You’re not
pregnant. Same with the STD
tests. You’re all right.

Thank God.

Scully senses hesitation on Montgomery’s end of the phone.

What is it?

I spoke to the group today and
they agreed for you to return
to Virginia. I’ll be able to
drive you back there next week.

That’s not what the hesitant
pause was about though, right?

I can never get anything
by you, can I?

So what aren’t you telling me?

Back when Charles wanted me
to program the chip in your
neck so you would be able to
conceive a child… I didn’t.

Scully blinks her eyes. All this time she’s been worried that the Smoking Man was going to impregnate her.

I couldn’t do that to
you, Dana.

Scully doesn’t know what to say to this. She’s thankful he didn’t program the chip in her neck, but at the same time she wishes he had so that maybe one day she'd be able to have children with the man she loves.

I can still activate it for
you, if you’d like, but I want
you to remember the risks involved
for both you and an unborn child.
You may not be able to ever carry
to term, or complications caused
by the chip technology could be fatal.

So you want me to make that
decision on my own?

It’s your body, your future.

I feel like this decision
should be made by myself
and whomever I’d spend my
life with. (beat) Is there
any way you could remove the
chip in order to eliminate the
technology that causes the
complications? (beat) Charles
told me that if the chip is
removed it will bring my cancer
out of remission like the last
time it was removed.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove
the chip. Charles wasn’t lying
to you about that.

I guess that means he wasn’t lying
about the aliens being able to use
the chip to track me down either, huh?

Montgomery sighs and says nothing. Scully’s future may be looking up, but in about a year and a half hard decisions will have to be made concerning her survival of the alien colonists and how they could track her down with the chip implanted in the back of her neck. She’ll have to decide whether or not to keep the chip and fight against them face-to-face, or to remove the chip and risk dying from cancer.

Do you need more time to
come to a decision about
activating the chip so
you can have children one day?

Scully takes a deep breath, she’s unsure of what she should do.

I can’t think about it right
now, John. I can barely bring
my mind to comprehend everything
that has happened in the past week.

All right. (beat) I’m going
to work in the lab for another
hour or so. I’ll see you later.

All right.

Scully hangs up the phone and stands. She walks to the window and looks outside. It’s snowing heavily and the winds are high.

Suddenly the power cuts out in the building.

Scully lets out a sigh and goes to retrieve some candles. She walks across the room, her bare feet touching the cold hardwood floor below her.

There’s a knock on the door. Scully lights a candle and sets it on the coffee table. There’s another knock. Scully looks at the door, her gut feeling tells her not to answer it. She goes over and looks out the peep hole in the door.

She sees nothing. The lights in the hallway are out and all is dark.

She unlocks the door, thinking that Montgomery returned from the lab early because of the power outage. He wouldn’t be able to get into his room since the locks are controlled by electricity on the outside.

She opens the door and a hand grabs her out of nowhere. The distinct smell of cigarette smoke is in the air.

(harsh, quiet)
You’re going to remain quiet
and you’re going to cooperate.

The Smoking Man leads her down the hallway to the stairwell. The Smoking Man does not let go of her arm.

(trying to be brave)
What is this about?

She’s terrified of this man, the situation and what is going to happen to her. She suspects that he has killed Montgomery in order to have his way with her.

We’re going to run away together,
get married. Live the normal life
you’ve always wanted to live. Have
a family together.

Get your hands off me.
I’m not yours to control!

She tries to pull her arms out of his grasp, but he tightens his grip. He pushes her back hard against the wall of the stairwell, she almost loses her footing, she clutches onto the rail to keep from falling.

If you ever betray me again.
I promise that you will not live
to see the next day. It is your
duty to obey me.

Scully gives him a cold look, but says nothing. The dim light of the night seeps into the stairwell from a window. He continues to drag her down the stairs. She does not fight back. She should just accept life with him as her fate. She’s too weak to fight him – both mentally and physically.

Once outside the Residents Hall, she sees that the power in the Research building is not out. Her feet are burning numb from having to walk in the snow barefoot. The Smoking Man continues to drag her further away from the buildings of the facility. A voice in the back of her head pleads with her to break away from his grasp, to go find someone who can help her.

Scully quickly whips her arm out of the Smoking Man’s grasp and throws him a nice left hook. She runs away, back toward the Research building where John Montgomery is. Her feet are in so much pain from running through the fresh snow. If Montgomery is alive, he should still be there. She hears the Smoking Man running behind her, catching up to her.

She runs into the Research building and runs straight into the Alien Bounty Hunter. She slips and falls hard to the ground. She’s defenseless against the Alien Bounty Hunter. He steps toward her menacingly and takes out his stiletto weapon to kill her with.

SUDDENLY! The swift thwit of another stiletto is heard. Alex Krycek is behind the Alien Bounty Hunter. He quickly stabs him in the back of the neck. The Alien Bounty Hunter falls to the ground, green blood oozing from his neck as he melts into a puddle of green goo.

Krycek offers his hand to Scully and helps her to her feet.

Are you all right?

Scully has no time to answer. The Smoking Man runs into the building. Scully’s heart skips a beat. She squeezes Krycek’s hand and gives him a look that begs for his help.

(out of breath)
Let her go, Alex. She’s mine.

The Smoking Man looks at the ground and sees the green ooze that was the Alien Bounty Hunter. He looks up at Scully and Krycek. The Smoking Man pulls a gun out of his coat – he aims it at Scully. Krycek pushes Scully behind him to protect her. He lets go of her hand.

Dana, find Montgomery.
He’ll get you out.

The Smoking Man cocks his gun and aims it directly at Krycek. Scully doesn’t want to go alone. She also does not want to leave Krycek alone with this bastard.

What about you?

Don’t worry about me.
I can take care of myself.

There is no lack of confidence in Krycek’s voice. He pulls out his gun and aims it at the Smoking Man. He quickly glances at Scully.


Dana, you know what I will do
if you don’t come back to me.

Scully looks at Krycek, knowing that it is safe for her to run away. Krycek will not let the Smoking Man hurt her as long as he is alive. She runs off down the hallway, leaving the Smoking Man alone with Alex Krycek. The Smoking Man is surprised she did not listen to him.


Krycek glares at the Smoking Man, holding his aim on him.

Get a good look, old man.
It’s the last you’ll ever see of her.

Dana leaves the Smoking Man’s sight as she runs down to Montgomery’s office.

The Smoking Man makes eye contact once again with Alex Krycek.

You are not in charge here, Alex.

He’s furious with Krycek for getting in his way.

Then why haven’t you
done anything yet?

Krycek doesn’t break eye contact with him, and his gun remains fixed on the Smoking Man’s head.

This doesn’t concern you, Alex.

Krycek’s eyes narrow into an intense glare of revenge and justice.

Oh, but it does.

Krycek menacingly takes a step towards the Smoking Man. At any moments the Smoking Man could pull the trigger on him and his brain will splatter onto the pristine white tiled floor of the building.

His mind is filled with hatred for this old man. He knows what happened to his mother, to Marita, and now to Scully. He won’t allow a little bullet to take him down. He owes that much and more to everyone who has been hurt by this situation.

Krycek looks deep into the Smoking Man’s raven eyes.

I know everything you’ve
done. (beat) I know about
my mother, your plans to
get Scully into your possession.

He takes another step closer to the Smoking Man.

And I know what you did
to Marita Covarrubias.

You know nothing of the
necessities of the Project.

Krycek narrows his eyes, sharply glaring at this man. He knows the values of the Project more than this selfish man.

You’ve betrayed the
Project and the group.

Since when are those
high priorities to you?

You’ve manipulated me
into hurting the people I love-

-Love? You?

The Smoking Man smirks.

You know nothing of that emotion.
You’re nothing more than a petty assassin.

You don’t deserve to live
because of what you’ve done.
You’ve ruined more lives than
I’ve taken. (beat) You’ve
smoked your last cigarette, old man.

Krycek takes aim at the Smoking Man’s head. His finger at the trigger, ready to set his friends free with the release of the bullet.


Krycek’s heart skips a beat and his breath is taken away. His arm lowers, loosly holding onto his gun. His eyes slowly look down at his abdomen as red blood stains his white shirt, slowly oozing out of his body.

The Smoking Man smirks with satisfaction.

Krycek looks up at the Smoking Man with absolutely no fear. He stands now for Marita. For Dana. For his mother.

It’ll take more than
that to kill me.

Krycek raises his gun at the Smoking Man. He looks deep into his eyes, seeing his fear. The Smoking Man feels he won’t stop until he’s finished what he’s started.

Smoke on this… Puff Daddy.

He looks into the Smoking Man’s cowardly eyes and squeezes the trigger.


The bullet flies, hitting the Smoking Man point blank in the head. Blood flies everywhere, hitting the clean floor and glass doors behind the Smoking Man.

Blood splatters on Krycek’s face. He keeps his stance as the Smoking Man’s body falls to the ground. Blood seeping onto the floor, forming a growing pool of blood.

Krycek slowly lowers his gun and carefully puts it away. His eyes don’t break away from the Smoking Man’s dead body. He takes a deep breath, finally feeling the burn in his gut from the bullet the Smoking Man shot into him.

He’s sure that Scully has made it safely to Montgomery’s office. He steps over the Smoking Man’s body and walks out of the building. He needs to go to a hospital for help. His work here is done.




The windshield wipers of the care swish back and forth hypnotically as Montgomery drives south towards Washington D.C. on I-95. Scully sits next to him in the passenger seat. She’s staring out the window at the snow falling outside. She’s wearing a coat and running shoes on her feet. She’s still rather cold from running barefoot through the snow, despite the heater in the car being on the entire three hour trip. She’s not sure if this is real of if she is dreaming. It doesn’t feel right for her to be heading back to her life and freedom when Monica is stuck at the facility for an undetermined amount of time.

Scully understands that Monica is important for the survival of the human race in terms of creating a successful vaccine against the virus, but why must she remain against her will? Shouldn’t she have a choice of whether or not she wants to be tested on in order to help? Montgomery said that he will take good care of her, treat her well, but he’s unsure if she’ll ever be able to return to her own life.

We’re coming up on the D.C.
area. Did you want to go
to your mother’s?

Scully looks at him blankly. Her family hasn’t been all that understanding of her in the past when it came to her having been in abusive relationships. They all but turned their backs on her when she was raped in the past. Scully knows she doesn’t want to deal with her mother’s accusations, nor does she want to explain why she was thought dead for the past ten months.

Montgomery sees Scully’s hesitation. He knows what she’s thinking.

Where do you want me
to drop you off?

Falls Church.

Montgomery nods his head and drives on. He takes an exit for Falls Church. They are silent for a few beats, knowing the next few minutes could be their last together.

Am I ever going to be asked
to return to the Project again?

No. I’m in charge now. It’s
no longer necessary to continue
testing on anyone because of what
I’ve learned from Monica.

Scully looks down at her hands.

Have I ever contributed anything
meaningful to the Project? Of have
I always just been his to play with?

Montgomery looks at her.

I think you know the answer
to that question.

Her relationship and marriage to Montgomery in the early 1990s taught them both that you can think you are emotionally numb, but really you are not because if you are good, truly good, you will never forget how to love. Their love for each other kept them going throughout their years together with the Syndicate. In that way she knows she contributed to their success and progress.

What if I never met you?
Where would we be today?

You can’t think of ‘what if’s, Dana.
(beat) Everything happens for a reason.
I believe that everything we go through,
every decision we make in our lives will
eventually lead to a positive outcome.

I find it hard to believe
that all the horrors I’ve
been through in life could
lead me to a very happy ending.

Scully laughs scoffingly and turns her head to look out the car window.

Do you think you could have
dealt better with Charles
Spender if you had not survived
the abuse you received from Scott Williams?

Scully looks at him.

If your first experience with
emotional, physical, and
sexual abuse had been only with
Mr. Spender, at this time, you
may not have been able to handle
the situation, and who knows
what could have happened to Monica.
(beat) As I said before… everything
happens for a reason.

Though she is slightly offended that he’s saying her past with Scott Williams is what helped her deal with the Smoking Man during the past several months, she never paused to think about what her life and the lives of those she loves could have been like if she had made different decisions previously in her life.

They are silent again for a few minutes.

Are you sure about the decision
you made concerning the chip
in your neck?

Scully takes a deep breath.

It’s one of the hardest
decisions I’ve ever had
to make. I hope I’ve
made the right decision…

She isn’t certain she made the right decision, she’d rather not think about that now.

You’re a smart woman. I don’t
doubt that you’ve made the
right decision for yourself.
(beat) I’d like to apologize to
you for entering Jill into the
Project. I never meant to put
her in harm’s way. I did what I
thought was right and what I thought
I could handle.

Tears sting Scully’s eyes. She bites her lower lip to keep herself from crying. She doesn’t want to be an emotional wreck when she arrives at Doggett’s home.

(trying to control emotion)
As angry as I was with you when I
found out she was there, I also
immediately knew that she wouldn’t
have been there if you had any other choice…

Her voice trails off into silence.

You’ll want to take the
next exit and turn left
until you get to Egret
Street. John’s house is
the fifth house on the right.

Montgomery follows her directions and in a couple minutes he pulls up in front of John Doggett’s house. He puts his car into park and he turns off the headlights. He looks at Scully. She is staring out the window at Doggett’s house. All the lights are off.

What time is it?

It’s a little after midnight.

Scully doesn’t look at him. Her eyes remain fixed on Doggett’s house. This moment feels like a dream to her. She feels like any moment now she will wake up inside the facility in the Smoking Man’s arms.

Dana… I want you to know that
I’ve always admired your strength
and courage… your ability to work
through all the adversity in life.
I know it won’t be easy for you
immediately, but things will get
Better as time goes on.

Thank you.

She turns to him and hugs him, wrapping her arms around him, holding him. She’s so very thankful of his kindness, his inspirational words and all that he has done to ensure her freedom.

She pulls away and gives him a small smile.

Take good care of Monica.
She’s a good person.

I will.

Scully opens the car door and steps out onto the freshly fallen snow on the street. She quietly shuts the door and waves goodbye to Montgomery. She turns and faces Doggett’s house.

The night air is cold all around her. She takes a deep breath. As much as she wants to return to this life, she knows that her next step is the beginning of a new chapter. She knows that what she’s been through she has yet to heal from and it most likely will not be easy.

She slowly walks up to Doggett’s door and rings the doorbell. She waits anxiously, rubbing her hands together. She’s unsure of what to say to him when he opens the door.

A light turns on in the stairway inside the house. Behind her, Montgomery starts the engine of his car.

The door to the house opens. John Doggett has his eyes shut to block out the light. His hair is a mess and he’s wearing boxer shorts and his Marines T-shirt.

-Mulder, I told you that-

He stops speaking when he opens his eyes and sees Scully standing in front of him. They do not know what to say to each other. Neither notices how cold it is around them.

I hope I didn’t wake you…

She feels as if she needs to keep all her emotions in check. No need to burden John with all she’s been through.

John steps towards her, and wraps his arms around her, holding her close to him. Thankful she is here. He noticed the healing bruises on her face. All he wants to do is comfort her, protect her, and welcome her back. He lightly kisses the top of her head. This brings her to tears. She latches onto him and breaks down crying, letting the stress of yesterday’s events out of her body.

Doggett is not sure what he should say to her, he knows nothing of what she’s been through. He pulls away from her and gives her a weak smile. She wipes the tears from her face, trying to push her emotion away.

He steps to the side to let her in his house, guiding her inside by placing his hand on her back. He closes the door.

Outside, Montgomery turns the headlights on, and he drives away to return to the facility – a place that he cannot escape.




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