"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Seven


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"Monica was pregnant before she... died. Today, or sometime this week, could have been her due date. It’s just hard for me, that’s all." - Brad

Aw man! If you want a real beyond belief heart breaking episode, you're in the right place! Have your tissues at the ready. Krycek finds out what really happened to his Mother. Brad is in so much pain knowing he would have had a little girl born any day. And when Montgomery does an unauthorised test on Monica, what will the test conclude and how will Scully react? Make sure you have a box of tissues near you and then read on for the ultimate heart breaking episode!

7x13 "Not Today"

Title: "Not Today"
Written by: Kristi
Date: October 13-14, 18-20, 21, 2004; November 1, 2004
Air Date: December 6, 2004
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #136
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Scully and Monica experience more hardship at the Facility. Skinner attempts to mend his relationship with Kim. Marita moves into her new apartment and repressed memories come back to her.



The florescent lights flicker on in the cold empty cell. Monica Reyes doesnít bother moving, she is beyond the point of being numb. Sheís been broken down from her once cheerful self to someone would find more comfort in death than in life.

Monica lies on her side, facing the cold wall. Her tears fall today, knowing that nine months ago she and Brad made love and conceived what could have been the greatest gift of life. All that is gone now, and she has nothing. Nothing but her memories of happier times that only end up causing more tears to fall.

For eight months she has been locked up in this cold, empty cell. Locked away from her life, her happiness, and her family, never to return again. No one is here who she can talk to. Scully has tried and tried, finding any possible way to help Monica. But Monica canít help but look at her and see the woman responsible for her unborn daughterís death.

Not a day passes that Monica doesnít think of her fiancé, Brad Follmer, and her family. She longs for the comfort of love. She can see no end to this hell.

Scullyís concern for Monica rises with each passing day. She had even put Monica on suicide watch when she was found with scars on her wrists. Monica had used the dull springs of the bed mattress. Scully stayed on watch almost every hour. Scully could not risk having Monica kill herself to end this torture when she has been working to find a way to get Monica back home. Monica never tried suicide again. Any comfort she may have from the bed was taken away and she was forced to sleep on the cold, hard concrete floor.

Monicaís body has become weak and thin. Her frail body bruises easily now. Her skin has become pale and her muscles barely work on without someone having to help her. When she is transported to Scullyís lab they have to put her in a wheel chair. Itís amazing she has survived this long. Her eyes are tired and red from tears that fall every day. Sleep never comes easy, if at all.

The cell door opens with a loud clank, which no longer startles Monica. Scully enters her cell, conducting her morning rounds. She carries a tray with pills and vitamins.


Monica doesnít acknowledge her. She blames her weakened state on Scully, believing this is a way of punishment Scully has put on her for when Monica tried to escape many months ago. Scully had told her that punishment could happen for trying to escape.

Despite all Scully has tried to do, Monica is blinded to her kindness because of the forced abortion that Scully and Montgomery did to her. That was only the beginning of breaking her down, and she fears the day when another traumatic event will happen.

Scully goes over to Monicaís bedside and kneels down next to her friend.

Monica, are you awake?

Monica wipes a tear from her face and turns over to face Scully. Her eyes are read from crying. Scully places the back of her hand on Monicaís forehead. No fever today.

Scully looks down with sympathy, wishing there was something she could do to get Monica out of this hell.

If only there was something I couldíve done to prevent this.

Monica looks into her eyes, knowing what Scully is thinking. But still, itís hard for her to allow herself to talk to Scully because of whatís happened.

Iíve brought you some vitamins
and medicine that will help you.
(beat) can you sit up for me?

Monica slowly and weakly rises. Scully assists her, knowing how weak her muscles are. She hates seeing Monica in this condition and wishes more than anything that there was something she could do to get her out of here.

Scully hands Monica a pill and a paper cup of water.

Take this, okay?

Monica takes the pill and drinks all the water.

(whisper/scratchy voice)
More water?

She weakly holds out the cup, her hand shaking in weakness and in coldness. Scully looks towards the door, making sure no one sees. She nods her head and takes the cup from Monica. She pours more water and gives the cup back to her. Monica drink the water, hoping to satisfy her thirst.

Scully watches her. She canít even imagine what she must be feeling. Monica has no freedom and is treated like a lab rat. Scullyís own hell of dealing with the Smoking Manís ďconsentedĒ rapes feel like nothing when she comes down here and sees Monica. Scully is thankful to have the freedom of sunlight, fresh air, human interaction Ė although not all interaction is wanted at all. She canít even imagine what it must be like to be in solitude, knowing that every time that door opens youíll be pricked by a needle, or given medication. Itís no wonder Monica attempted to take her own life. Who could live in such malicious conditions?

At least Monica has become cooperative over these past months. The guards at this facility are dicks and Scully is glad to have authority over them. She only hopes her authority holds when sheís not around. If anyone were to hurt Monica, sheíd feel solely responsible.

I wonít be seeing you the
rest of the day. They
gave me a day off.

Monica nods her head and looks down. At least this means she wonít be ďtestedĒ on today since Scully is the only doctor with permission to test on Monica.

Scully hands Monica a tiny paper cup with vitamins in it.

I want you to take these
vitamins too, okay?

Monica takes the cup and pops the vitamins in her mouth. Scully takes the paper cup back. She picks up her tray and stands up.

Iíll see you later, okay?

Monica nods her head and carefully lays back down on her bed. She looks at her arms. Bruises have formed from constantly being pricked with needles. Monicaís eyes make their way to look up at Scully as she leaves the cell. Hatred burns inside with envy knowing that Scully gets to move freely and independently throughout the Facility. She shuts her eyes, thankful that she will have a day off from being tested too.

Scully opens the cell door and stands in the doorway for a moment to look back at Monica. It breaks her heart to see her life this. She leaves the cell, locking the door behind her.

I thought you had the day off.

Scully startles easily and she turns to face Montgomery. He is coming down the hall towards her.

(collecting herself)
I do. I was doing my morning
rounds so you wouldnít be
bothered with them all day.

Montgomery nods his head.

Well, I hope you enjoy your
day off, you deserve it.

Scully weakly smiles. Yeah, the only reason sheís getting the day off is so she can be rested to give the black-lunged-son-of-a-bitch a child. At least he wonít be touching her until Montgomery gives permission for them to conceive a child.

I will.

She smiles and walks back to the lab to put her tray and coat away. Montgomery watches her from the hallway. Scully hangs up her lab coat and exits the lab.

Montgomery turns to look into Monicaís cell. He knows the reason why she is here. Her mind was unable to be erased. He believes that this is because she has a psychic ability. Despite the Syndicate telling him to forget his theory about psychics being naturally immune to the alien virus, he canít help but want to know the truth.

Monica is his only chance at testing out his theory since he is unable to return to his independent research for the vaccine in Switzerland.



Marita Covarrubias sets a heavy moving box down on the ground of her new apartment. Currently, the apartment is bare and boxes are scattered around on the carpet.

The morning sun shines into the apartment. Marita sighs happily and looks out her window. She smiles, being proud of herself for moving into her own place. One bedroom, two bath, kitchen, dining room and living room.

Dr. Peterson, her psychologist, told her that if she bought her own place, it would help her become more independent. She had looked at many luxurious apartments, but decided, on her own, on a simple apartment that was much more affordable, and only twenty minutes away from her twin sister, Maria, who lives as a homeless by choice.

Dr. Peterson had helped Marita realize that money was tarnishing her. The small apartment was a good choice. She even had to get rid of some of her things so she could move. She gave many items to charities.

Krycek comes through the door carrying a box. He quietly sets it down and looks over at Marita. Heís glad to see her truly happy in this moment. He smiles as he watches her look absolutely beautiful in the early afternoon sunlight.

He quietly makes his way over to her and wraps his arms around her waist and kisses the back of her neck. Marita smiles at his touch.

Only a few more boxes
left down there.

Thank you for helping, Sasha.

She turns to face him and wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him gently on the lips. He smiles at her, and not his usual ďIím da manĒ perverted grin. This is a sincere one, a grown up one.

Iím gonna go get the rest.
Itís pretty cold out there,
so you can stay here and unpack.

Marita nods and smiles. She loves when he is the caring man she fell in love with. They part and Krycek makes his way back to the door.

You know, it would be so
nice to live in a place like this.

Marita smiles.

You know, get away from Mulder
and Diana. That dump isnít fit for rats.

Maybe you should move out.

(ďslyĒ, hinting)
Move out and in with you?

Krycek rises an eyebrow as he hints to her his desire to be with her. Marita smiles. It would be a nice idea, but sheís not sure sheís ready for that commitment.

Perhaps someday in their future.

Iím an independent woman
now. (beat) I need this.

I know.

He smiles at her and heads out the door.

Marita sighs gleefully and goes into her new bedroom to start unpacking. She goes over to a box and opens it. She smiles as she sees the little memories and brick-a-brack from her life. She sets a few items on her dresser.

Near the bottom of the box, she pulls out an envelope. She looks at it, no remembering what she couldíve kept in an envelope. She opens it and pulls out an airplane ticket to Geneva, Switzerland.

When would she have had to go to Switzerland?

She looks over the unused ticket and notices the departure date being ďOctober 8, 2002Ē. She sits down on the end of her bed and stares at the ticket.

Why would she have an unused ticket to Switzerland from two years ago. She doesnít know anyone in Switzerland, and as far as she can remember, sheís never been there.

Off her puzzlement...



Kim walks across her living room and over to her foyer and grabs her winter coat and puts it on. She wraps a dark purple scarf around her neck to keep her warm. She grabs her keys, gloves and winter hat from a near by table and opens her door and leaves.

A car pulls up in the driveway of the small duplex. Kim locks the door as Skinner comes up the walkway. Kimís back is to Skinner, having not noticed his car pull up. She puts on her gloves and places the hat on top of her short red hair.

Kim, we need to talk.

Kim turns around startled.

What are you doing here?

I need to talk to you.

I donít have anything to
say to you, Walter.

Kim tries to walk by him, but he stops her. Ever since he proposed to her with the engagement ring he gave to Scully, with ďTurtle. Eek.Ē engraved on it, she has been avoiding him, ignoring him, and not answering his phone calls. She recently put in a transfer request to be the secretary to someone else.

I screwed up.-

-No kidding.

She glares at him and tries to pass him again, but he stops her and holds her by the shoulders.

Kim, please listen to me.

Kim sighs and looks at him.

I know what I did was awful.
I know you deserve better
than that, and Iím sorry-

-Youíre only sorry that Iím not Dana.

She glares at him.


-Well, you know what, Walter?
Iím sorry I couldn't live up
to being your ďDana replacementĒ.

Youíre not a ďDana replacementĒ, Kim.
(beat) I donít know where youíre getting that.-

-ďTurtle. EekĒ!

She glares at him and he lowers his head, hating that he was so stupid.

I love you, Kim.

Kim rolls her eyes and fights back tears. She does love him, but she doesnít believe that he truly loves her like he loves Dana Scully.

I want us to work. (beat) I know
Iíve screwed up big time with you, but...

He sighs.

I donít think before I do things.
(beat) Proposing to you wasnít what
I shouldíve done, and certainly not
with an old engagement ring-

-That was for Dana.

She glares at him with hurt.

I have to go Walter. I donít
want to keep my sister and nephew
waiting. I donít have time for
your excuses.

Kim pushes by Skinner and leaves him on her doorstep. He watches her drive off, not wanting to upset her any further.

Skinner slowly walks to his car.

He wasnít making up excuses with her. Although there might have been a time when Kim was his ďDana replacementĒ, but not anymore. He knows that he wants to marry Kim one day, and jumping the gun like he did was just him feeling that heís not getting any younger. And heís not.

Heís been married before and that fell apart because of his job and his affair with Dana Scully. Sharon, his ex-wife, found out about them. They tried to work things out, but Sharon couldnít deal with it any longer. He loved Sharon too, but allowed the seduction of Dana Scully to over come any rational thought he may have had.

When Skinner became involved with Scully and it wasnít a secret, he then blew that by cheating on her with Marita. Heís gone his whole life finding some way to screw things up and he doesnít even know why. Maybe itís his experiences in 'Nam that are causing him to screw up. Maybe heís afraid to be in a serious relationship because no one will understand what heís been through. Or perhaps heís so much older than the people he gets involved with.

Maybe this is a mid-life crisis, like Rogain.

Skinner gets in his car and starts the engine. He pulls out of the driveway and heads back to his house.

Maybe he needs to turn his life around. Throw away unnecessary things in his life. Things from his past with Dana Scully. Heís held on to those for too long, and itís time to move on. He doesnít need the ridiculous tapes Scully made for him of him singing. He doesnít need the old photos they took when they were together. He doesnít need any of it if he wants to help himself get over her and move on.

That includes getting rid of the ďTurtle. Eek.Ē engagement ring.



For heading the slowest division in the FBI, the X-Files Division, Brad Follmer certainly has a large stack of case files on his desk. He closes the current files heís looking at and places it on top of a stack of finished files.

Brad leans back in his chair and sighs. Heís been at the office since eight oíclock this morning. He didnít sleep at all last night. His mind is has been occupied with thoughts of Monica and the child they couldíve had.

Itís been about two months since he ran into Scully and found out that she had to end Monicaís pregnancy. Brad hadnít allowed it to sink in so he wouldnít have to deal with it. But now, knowing that today couldíve been the day of their daughterís birth, he could think of nothing else to do than over work himself on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Bradís eyes wander to a framed photo of Monica that is on his desk. He wishes there was someway to find her and bring her back to safety. When he bumped into Scully, she mentioned that Monica was a test subject for finding a vaccine against a deadly virus. Even though she said she wasnít testing on her, Brad constantly fears that one day someone Ė this man she spoke of Ė will find out and test Monica without Scully having any say.

Brad rubs his eyes to wake himself up from working for hours. He stands up and picks up the stack of finished case files and leaves his office.


Brad makes his way down the hall towards Skinnerís office.

Having very little case files in the X-Files Division, Brad has secretly been doing Skinnerís CID work so he doesnít fall behind. Skinner had been in his own world lately, and the chances of him noticing are slim to none.

Brad turns the corner to head into Skinnerís office, when:

A.D. Follmer?

Brad turns to see the Deputy Director coming down the hall towards him.

And here I thought I was
the only one working on a Sunday.

Brad smiles at him, as if nothing is bothering him.

I was just in my office making
buttons. (beat) Itís a beautiful
afternoon, Brad. Why are you here?


He holds up the files. Kersh eyes them.

Those are from the Criminal
Investigations Division, Assistant Director.

Kersh eyes him suspiciously.

Just thought Iíd lend Skinner
a helping hand, thatís all.

Kersh nods as Brad enters Skinnerís office to file the case files away.

Does Linda know youíre here?

Brad looks at Kersh, who is looking rather guilty.

Yeah. But she doesnít know
Iím making buttons. She thinks
Iím working on an important case.

Brad looks at him for a moment. He canít believe heís lying to his wife about making buttons.

Alvin, honesty in a relationship
is a good thing.

I know, but she doesnít
approve of my button hobby.

Because maybe you see your
button hobby as higher importance
than your wife and kids.

Kersh looks down, he knows Brad speaks the truth.

(switching the subject)
How long have you been here?

Since around eight this morning.

Kersh checks his watch.

About four and a half hours...
Want to go out for coffee?

No, thanks. Iíve got work to do.

Come on, everyone needs a break.

Itís okay, really. (beat) I
donít need a break. Iím fine.

Kersh eyes him, seeing all the signs of a man who is hiding his heart break by over working himself.

I need a break from my
buttons, and I know this
small coffee shop down
the street. I wouldnít
mind the company.

Brad looks at Kersh. There is no way Kersh will leave him alone unless he comes.



Brad waits at a small table next to a window as Kersh orders his afternoon caffeine fix. Kersh joins Brad and takes sip of his drink. He smiles.

Youíre sure you donít want
any? You donít know what
youíre missing out on.

Itís all right. (beat) Iíve
had trouble sleeping lately.

Kersh looks up with concern.


(changing subject)
So how are thing with Linda?

Honestly, I donít know. (beat) Sheís
still pretty mad about the night I
stayed at work late to make buttons.

So, knowing that... why did
you lie to her today?

I donít know. (beat) I think
thereís something more, but I
donít know. The buttons could
just be the surface of why
sheís angry at me.

Brad nods.

Perhaps itís your job. (beat)
Marital issues arenít uncommon
among individuals in law enforcement.

What should I do?

Go home. Cool it on the buttons,
and let her Ė and your children -
know that they are important too.
(beat) You donít need to be a rocket
scientist to figure that out.

Kersh nods his head. Brad has never given him bad advice.

What about you?

What about me? Iím fine.

Youíre over working yourself.

It doesnít take a rocket scientist to see that either.

Brad sighs. He had a feeling Kersh would bring this one up.

I donít have anything better to do.
(beat) Itís too quiet and empty at home.
Feel lucky that you have someone to go
home to, sir, because you never know what can happen.

You mentioned lack
of sleep. Whyís that?

Brad looks at him suspiciously. Scully had told him that there are people in the bureau who are involved with this whole situation, and since when has the Deputy Director ever shown concern for him.

Monica was pregnant before
she... died. (beat) Today, or
sometime this week, could have
been her due date. (beat) Itís
just hard for me, thatís all.

Kersh looks down. He canít even imagine what it could be like if he lost Linda and the kids.

She was all I had, you know?
(beat) My parents disowned me,
and Monica was my only family.
So was the little girl we couldíve had.

Brad looks up at Kersh, who has just realized for the first time how big of a loss this has been for Brad.

Every time I think back to that
night I got called to New York, I
canít help but hate myself for not
being there to protect her. (beat)
I never wanted anything bad to ever happen to her.

Off his look of reflecting back...



John Montgomery is leading several guards down the hallway of his laboratory. The guards are pushing Monica, who is strapped won on a table. Her arms, legs and head are belted down and she is unable to move. A frightened look is on her face.


The guards follow in behind Montgomery.

(to guards)
Thank you. You may leave now.

The guards nod and leave the laboratory. Montgomery and Monica are alone in the cell. He turns his back to her and prepares a syringe with a golden substance.

You canít do this to me.

Montgomery ignores her.

Danaís my doctor, not you.

Do you know why Iíve brought you here?


Montgomery sets the syringe down and turns to face her.

I believe you do know.

Montgomery says nothing and eyes her with deep focus.

(eyes wide)
You canít infect me with this virus.

Montgomery smiles. She read his thoughts. He turns back around.

My god, you donít even know
if this will work.

Sheís read his thoughts again.

Let me go. You donít need
me here. I have a life, a
family, a fiancé who I
need now more than anything
in this world. Isnít it enough
that you killed my unborn daughter?

Montgomery doesnít acknowledge her.

I donít care about this place.
If you let me go, I wonít tell anyone.

Montgomery turns to her and approaches her with a syringe filled with the alien virus. She is the only person at this facility who he can test his theory out on. If she is naturally immune to the virus, he can study her and find out what makes her immune. If he finds this out, he could create a working vaccine against he virus and save the world.

Please donít. Iím the only family
Brad has. If this doesnít work Ė like
how I know you have doubts, heíll have
no one. Youíre not just killing me,
youíll be killing him. Youíll be
killing Dana, John Doggett, Carlos Ė my-
brother. My Mama, Papá, Grandmama, Antonio-

Her attempt to humanize herself to Montgomery doesnít work and he injects the alien virus into her body.

Monicaís eyes go wide. He did it. Even with his doubts, he did it.

Montgomery steps away from her. Heís not even sure what will happen. Monicaís right, he has his doubts because heís never successfully been able to test on a true psychic with the new, mutated virus. The virus that doesnít even have a weak vaccine like the one Alex Krycek accidentally infected himself with.

Monica squeezes her eyes shut in pain. She can feel the virus burn through her body. Never in her life has she felt pain like this. She screams, no longer able to control herself and block the agonizing pain.

Montgomery approaches her cautiously and tightens the straps that hold her down.

Monicaís body starts to shake uncontrollably. Montgomery does nothing as he watches the virus infect her. Itís only a matter of time now to see if her body can naturally fight the virus. If it does, his theory is correct and he can start testing her to find out how it is possible. But if his theory if a failure, it will be too late to save her and she will have to die.



Marita sits at her dining room table and stares at the airplane ticket to Switzerland that she found in one of her boxes. A vacuum is on in one of the other rooms.

October 8, 2002. Geneva, Switzerland.

She shakes her head, not remembering why she would need to be in Switzerland. Why was the ticket even bought and never used?

Marita sets the ticket down on the table and picks up a glass of water and takes a sip. She sets the glass back down on the table and looks at it.

The vacuum stops and the apartment goes silent.

Suddenly, a memory flash of a glass breaking over Maritaís head enters her mind. A quick flash of the Cigarette-Smoking Man smoking a cigarette in the back seat of a car as Marita is being put in.

Marita shakes her head, vaguely remembering the event her mind recalled. She sits back in her chair and shuts her eyes, allowing repressed memories to break through.

The vacuum starts up again loudly in the apartment, triggering:



OCTOBER 4, 2002

Maritaís eyes open widely. Bright lights shine down on her and a doctor stands near her with a medical saw. The operating room is dark with the exception of the bright lights hanging above her. Maritaís eyes dart around the room, finding in the shadows, the Cigarette-Smoking Man sucking on his cancer stick with a satisfied expression on his face.

Ms. Covarrubias, itís so good to see you.

Marita glares at him, not going to put up with his shit any more.

Stop this right now. Why are
you doing this? Youíll never
get away with this. Alex will-

The Cigarette-Smoking Man steps forward.

-Kill me?

He gives her a smug grin and smokes on his Morley.

Iím sure you are well aware
of my intentions, Ms. Covarrubias.

Marita glares at him, hoping he knows nothing of the business sheís been doing behind his back.

I know about your secret
rendez-vous with Dr. Montgomery.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man waits for her expression to turn to shock, like a deer caught in the headlights. Marita doesnít crack to give him the satisfaction.

I donít know what youíre talking about.

I know youíve been working against
me to help him find a vaccine. (beat)
I know how youíre going to selfishly
keep it from me too.

What do you think the Group will
do when they find out youíve taken me?

The Cigarette-Smoking Man smirks with revenge for her betrayal.

I can assure you, Ms. Covarrubias,
no one will ever find out about this.
(beat) Feel lucky that Iím not doing
to you, what I had done to Elena Krycek.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man smirks at her and takes another drag of his cancer stick. He steps back towards the shadows and signals the doctor to proceed.

What did you do to her?

Marita glares at him, remembering that the Cigarette-Smoking Man was in Russia when Krycekís mother was dying of brain cancer. Is he the cause of that?

The Cigarette-Smoking Man smiles with sick satisfaction, knowing that by hurting Krycek, Marita will be hurt as well.

I think your starting to piece
it together, Ms. Covarrubias.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man steps forward as the doctor waits once again to continue.

I offered Alex a deal to save
his motherís life. (beat) As
you know, she died of brain cancer.

He smirks at her.

Brain cancer given to her because
of a chip that was placed in the
base of her neck.

You caused rapid growth, didnít you?

Hatred boils inside of her.

I had to make matters an
extreme urgency for him.


The deal was for Krycek to accept
my deal and save his motherís life.
In turn, he would give me Dana Scully.

Leave her alone.

Marita could kill this bastard, and if it werenít for being strapped down, she would in half a heart beat. First he purposely kills Krycekís mother, now he wants Dana back. Her gut reaction is that his intentions are not honorable for wanting Scully back. Now, sheís strapped down, having no control of this situation.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man smirks at her.

Youíve worked against me
long enough, Ms. Covarrubias.

He turns away from her and the doctor steps forward and injects Marita with something and she immediately freezes. The doctor approaches her with his medical saw, preparing to cut into her skull.




Marita stands up from her dining room table holding her head. She goes into her living room where Krycek is cleaning with the vacuum. Marita unplugs the vacuum. Krycek turns around, not sure what just happened with the vacuum.


Her notices her concerned facial expression.

(deep concern)
What is it?

He walks over to Marita, who is in shock of what she has just recalled.

The Cancer Man...

Marita slowly sits down on her couch. Krycek watches her for a moment, then sits next to her. He looks at her with extreme worry.

Alex, something happened to
me two years ago...

Marita leans back on her couch and stares blankly at nothing.

I was secretly working with John
Montgomery when he was in Switzerland.
(beat) We were working together to find
a way to administer the vaccine, once
it was discovered, without the Cancer
Man knowing about it. (beat) Somehow he found out.

Krycek listens with concern, knowing that olíSmokey wouldnít take too easily to finding out anyone was working against him.

You may have noticed my behaviour
suddenly became whacked, right?

Krycek lowers his head.

Say it Alex, I was a lunatic.
My crazy outbursts, mood swings,
bipolar behaviour...

Krycek looks up at her.

Somehow I just remembered what had
happened to me, Alex. (beat) When
he found out I was working against
his selfish plans, he took me.

(knowing this isnít good)
What did he do to you?

I think he erased my memory and
had a doctor mess around with my brain.

Marita touches the back of her skull, feeling under her hair at an old scar that had mysteriously formed on her.

I have a scar right here, donít I?

She turns around so Krycek can check. He does and finds the scar she is referring to.

We need to get you to a
hospital, Marita. We donít
know whatís been done to you.
He couldíve put that chip of
his in your neck, and I donít
want to risk losing you.

And if there is a chip in my
neck, Iíll get cancer if I have
it removed. (beat) Iím fine, Alex.
At least now I am. (beat) Thereís more.

She looks over at him and takes hold of his hand.

Your mother... she... she was given
her cancer because of the chip he had
placed in her neck. (beat) He told me
about a deal he made with you-

-I didnít take his deal.

I know. (beat) Iím telling you this
because he manufactured the chip to
have her cancer spread rapidly. (beat)
I think he has been planning to take
Scully back into the Project for years.

Krycek looks away from Marita as flames of anger rage through him. First the Cigarette-Smoking Man kills his mother, heís hurt Marita, and now he has Scully.

Iím going to kill him.

Krycek immediately stands up and heads to the door.

Alex, what are you doing?

Iím going to kill that black
lunged son-of-a-bitch.

Marita gets up and goes to him.


-He killed my mother, has Dana,
and hurt you. He deserves to
die and Iím going to do it.


(becoming pissed)

Because we donít know the situation
and how this could put Dana and Monica
in even more danger. (beat) I have to
go, Alex. I have unfinished business to do.

Marita grabs her coat and keys. Krycek stops her.

Where are you going?

Itís classified.

Donít give me that, Marita.
Youíre not going anywhere without me.


-You just told me that you were
taken by Cancer Manís goons, and that
they fucked with your mind. Iím not
going to risk him doing that again.

Iíll be fine. I just need to
see Dr. Montgomery.

And go into Smokeyís territory?

He looks at her. Thereís no way sheís going there, and she knows it.

No. Youíre not going near
there ever again.

I donít need you to protect me, Alex.

Tears sting her eyes. She just wants this to end. The Cigarette-Smoking Man has fucked up her life and she needs to finish what sheís started.

Yes you do, Marita. (beat) That man
messed with your mind, how do you know
he didnít hurt you in any other way? (beat)
Iím not going to lose you, Marita.

Marita looks away from him, trying to pass him.

I need to let Dr. Montgomery know that-

-You donít need to let him know anything.
Whatís done is done, Marita. Thereís
nothing you or I can do right now.

He gently lifts her chin and makes eye contact with her. He looks deep into her eyes, truly afraid of losing her. Marita leans forward onto his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her as her tears fall. He holds her close to him.

Marita canít believe that this has happened to her. One day sheís this strong woman who is successfully going out against the Cigarette-Smoking Man and in a heart beat itís all taken away from her. Her memories, her life. What if Krycekís right? What if the Cancer Man violated her like he had to Scully when she was previously working with The Project, and like how he probably is doing now that he has her again. Heís a sick bastard and deserves to die. Thereís no doubt about it. Marita wraps her arms around Krycek, not wanting to leave his protection. She tries to be strong, but right now sheís not. She canít. Too much has happened. Too much loss. If none of this wouldíve happened, Scully and Monica would be here with everyone still and Montgomery would be able to find the vaccine and distribute it to the world without worrying about the Cigarette-Smoking Manís selfish plans.

Iíll never let any harm come
to you again. I promise.

He kisses the top of her head and feels Marita tighten her grip on him again.

Krycek lets out a sigh, pushing back his tears. Anger boils inside of him and one day heíll get that son-of-a-bitch and put him in his place. But not today. Marita needs him after what she just remembered. Itís not every day you get taken from your home and have your brain fucked with.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man has it coming...



John Montgomery enters the laboratory room Monica is in. It has been six hours since he infected Monica with the alien virus. He goes over to her and takes a sample of her blood. He looks down at her, surprised sheís still alive. Monica is still very much in pain.

Montgomery goes over to his microscope to take a closer look at the blood sample. No trace of the alien virus. He looks up, heís found the answer he needs. Now, he just needs to let Scully know his findings and the urgency to proceed. Monica holds within her the vaccine to the alien virus. They need to find out what in her makes her immune.



Scully is sitting on a bench a little ways away from the building. Sheís bundled up in a long coat with a hat and scarf. The November chill doesnít bother her. In fact, it feels refreshing to feel the cold breeze nip at her exposed face. Itís a reminder that sheís alive.

Her day off has been uneventful, but not horrible. She has enjoyed not having anything to do, and even more happy that she hadnít bumped into the Cigarette-Smoking Man. Maybe today she wonít have to endure his horrid body.

John Montgomery walks up behind her.

Dana, I need to speak with you.

Scully turns to look behind her.

Sure, have a seat.

Montgomery comes around the bench and sits next to Scully.

I found a test subject today that
is naturally immune to the virus.

Scully looks over at him surprised. He continues to look forward, not wanting to make eye contact with her just yet. He knows she will be furious with him when she finds out who he tested.

You did?

Yes. I need your permission to
continue my studies on the subject.


Because I did an unauthorized
test on Monica Reyes.


Scully stands up and glares down at him.

What did you do to her?

I infected her with the virus
and her body naturally destroyed
it. I need to get in and study her
in order to make an unbeatable vaccine.

ďGet inĒ?

Her brain. My theory about psychics-

-How could you do this?! Sheís
my responsibility. Not yours!
(beat) You stay the hell away
from her. You understand me?!

Scully furiously storms away from him. Montgomery watches her go into the building. Heíll have to find another way and another subject.



Scully storms into the building. She canít believe John Montgomery has betrayed her like he has. She thought she could trust him, but now heís stabbed her in the back and hurt Monica. He had no authority to do that.

She angrily swipes her key card to enter the laboratory.



Scully enters Monicaís cell and goes over to Monica. Monica is laying in pain in her bed. The effects of the virus still sting her body. Tears fill Scullyís eyes as she sees the suffering her friend is going through.

How could he do this?

Iím so sorry Monica.
I never wanted-

(fighting through pain)
-Itís not your fault. None of
this is. (beat) You have to
get me out of here, Dana. Heís
going to test on me again.

No, heís not going to come near
you again. Iíll make sure of it.

I know. But he will. (beat) We
canít be here anymore. We have
to get out. You donít deserve
whatís been happening to you.

A tear falls down Scullyís cheek. She knows whatís been happening to her?

Donít ever think you deserve whatís
happened to you, because you donít.
Not even for whatís happened to me.
Itís not your fault, Dana.

Iíve been trying to find a way,
Monica. I have... but... I canít.
I donít know what to do.

We need to get out before
they break us even more.

Scully looks down. Her mind is fighting. If Montgomery is right, and Monica is the key to the survival of the human race, she has to stay so they can find out what about her makes her immune. But if Monica doesnít get out of this place, she could die. And what if the tests kill her? Scully shuts her eyes, at a loss as to what to do.

Monica tries to sit up. Scully helps her.

I need Brad, Dana. I
can't take this anymore.

I know.

Scully wipes her tears away. Sheís torn.

Iím trying.

Scully hugs Monica, trying the best she can to comfort her and herself. Scullyís body heat comforts Monica. She hasnít felt warmth in a long time. Tears continue to fall down both of their faces, both at a loss on what they should do. Survival of this situation is breaking them, and could quite possibly be killing them. Not only physically, but emotionally.




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