"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Seven


Review By: Gothic Spook

"No. I don’t want a gigantic teddy bear." - Doggett

What has Mulder done now?! Looks like some changes in the FBI are about to happen. Who is the new boss of the X Files? What is going on in Johns mind? All these weird dreams. Krycek acting ... civil? Is that possible? Read on and find out!

7x06 "Troubled Reverie"

Title: "Troubled Reverie"
Written by: Kristi & Cassie
Date: August 8, 2004; August 12-13, 2004; August 15, 2004; August 17, 2004; August 18, 2004; August 20, 2004; September 6, 2004
Air Date: October 11, 2004
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #129
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: While on a case involving a discharged Marine, Doggett has trouble dealing with his own memories of tragic events he experienced while he was in the Middle East during the Gulf War in 1991.


“These are the times that try men’s souls.”
– Thomas Paine, “The Crisis”



The street is dimly lit and rain clouds threaten to pour down from the night sky above John Doggett and Dana Scully. Doggett takes off his coat and places it around Scully’s shoulders.


Doggett and Scully are silent for a beat, both feeling the chemistry between them. They both know that the opportunity has presented itself for John to ask Dana to be in a relationship with him. Scully reaches out and takes hold of John’s hand. Doggett turns to her with a serious look in his eyes.

I’d like to be with you, Dana.
Would you like to give us a try?

Scully smiles at him with the biggest, most sincere smile.


Scully places her hands on John’s face and draws his face to hers. She kisses his lips gently and they both close their eyes. They are both happy to finally be together.

SUDDENLY! Monica grabs Scully and pulls her away from Doggett. She leads Scully down the sidewalk and away from him.

(to self)
No… no… not again…

He covers his face with his hands, suffering in his own repeating nightmare of about what could have been and the night Dana and Monica died in the car accident he caused.

When he removes his hand from his face, he is sitting inside of his truck, looking out the window at Monica as she drags Scully away. He sighs and looks down at his steering wheel.

John, don’t forget to drop
Monica off at her apartment.

He looks to his right and sees Scully in the passenger seat next to him in his truck. Monica sits in the back. He starts his truck engine and pulls out into the road with a smile on his face. It’s as if Scully was never pulled away from him by Monica.

CRASH! The truck is rear ended and flips over!

The booming sound of an explosion fills the air and dust from a blast is all Doggett can see.

God dammit we’ve been hit
by a fucking scud!

The dust begins to settle. John Doggett is lying horizontal on the ground inside the Marines barrack in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia on February 25, 1991. He sees that he’s in his Marines fatigues and his legs are covered in debris from the explosion. He sits up and looks to his side. Across the room he sees his Marine buddy, Knowle Rohrer, who is unconscious and close to an approaching fire. Doggett pushes the debris from his body. He tries to stand up to go to his friend, but he collapses to the floor where he feels a sharp pain in his knee.


His kneecap is broken. He holds his knee in pain as he feels the building beneath him tremble, threatening to collapse. His heartbeat quickens and his desire to come out of this situation alive overpowers the pain that shoots through his body. With some difficulty, Doggett rises to his feet and the adrenaline that rushes through his body helps him run to Knowle and brag him under the arms. He drags Knowle out of the room and out into the stairwell. They pass another floor.

(to himself)
God no, this can’t be happening again.

Doggett sees his friend Steven, he’s being held under heavy debris and needs help out.


Hold on! I’ll be right
back for you!

Doggett continues carrying/dragging Knowle out of the building. Once he’s outside, his body gives out on him and he collapses on the ground. A few other soldiers run to his and Knowle’s aid and drag them further from the building which is on fire.

The choppers are coming!

Doggett looks to his left and sees other soldiers who are injured. Most look like burn victims. He looks back at the warehouse that served as the Military barracks in Al-Khobar – a suburb of Dhahran. There’s another explosion in the area John and Knowle just escaped from. John knows his friend Steven is now dead.


With a gasp, John Doggett sits up straight in his bed. His face and neck are soaking wet in perspiration. He breathes hard and quickly. He feels his pulse rate is sky-high. He runs his hands through his hair and glances at his digital clock.

The glowing numerals read 2:17 A.M.

(out of breath)

He takes a deep breath and runs his hands over his face again. He reaches over to his nightstand and turns on his lamp. He looks around his room, just to make sure he is where he is, and not back in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, or that he’s not at the night he killed Monica and Dana in the car accident.

It has been months since he last had a nightmare about the Iraqi scud missile attack he had been involved in, injured in, and in the eyes of some: a hero. The nightmares he suffers from never fail from feeling as if they are really happening to him all over again.

Doggett gets out of bed and heads downstairs to his basement, where he’s been keeping his recent stash of alcohol. He opens his mini-refrigerator and takes out a can of beer and cracks it open. He chugs it down, finishing it. He throws the aluminum can in the garbage can and grabs another and heads back upstairs.

He sits down on his couch in the dark. He opens his second can of beer. In recent years it has only taken him a single can of beer to have had too much to drink.

He had been sober since Christmas 1994 when he faced his own mortality in a drunken moment – a drunken moment he swore would be his last. Until Las Vegas 2003 when he had had enough of hearing Walter moan and whine. He had gotten himself drunk to ease the pain of the headache he had developed.

While he was on leave after the accident in which he believes he killed Dana and Monica in, John turned to alcohol (again) to help numb the pain he feels in losing Dana and Monica.

He drank in high school to fit in with the “in-crowd”. He drank after he returned from the Middle East in 1991. He also turned to alcohol in the 16 months following Luke’s death. He quit drinking after high school when he joined the Marines, he quit after the Gulf War with the help of his wife, Barbara – who is a psychologist. In 1994 he quit on his own.

He drinks now not only to push the pain out of his heart and to numb his emotions, but also to help him sleep. Every night since the accident he lies awake thinking of why everything that happened, happened; or he wakes up after having a nightmare of the night of the accident.

He knows that in the past two months he’s come to rely on alcohol as a sedative. He’s done this since the fifth of April of this year, and continues to do it during this hot month of June.

Doggett rationalizes his alcohol abuse by telling himself that he deserves to slip up again after all the heartache he brought upon himself.

Doggett gulps down the rest of his second beer, swallowing the guilt inside of him. He feels uncomfortable now around Brad because of what happened to Monica. Even though Brad has assured him that he doesn’t feel John is to blame, John can’t help but think Brad is just being nice to him.

Doggett sighs. He doesn’t even want to think about his nightmare of the Gulf War. Dealing with that shit now is too much to try to comprehend. He sets his empty beer can on his coffee table and heads back upstairs to attempt to fall asleep before the sunrise.



The office is occupied with all the directors of the FBI. The meeting today is a very important one dealing with director rotations.

Brad sits next to Skinner. Skinner leans over to Brad and lightly nudges him.

Rumor has it: You’ve been
promoted to OPR.

Skinner smiles at Brad. Brad smiles, having heard the whispered rumors himself. Being the head of the Office of Professional Responsibility would place him in the Office of the Director, a very large promotion which could one day lead to the Director’s chair. Everyone in the Bureau knows that Brad Follmer is more than qualified to be the head of OPR.

Kersh comes over to the conference table and sets down a stack of papers. The random chatter of the room quiets and everyone turns their attention to Kersh. They are all eager for this meeting to begin.

I’m glad you could make it on
time this morning. (beat) Today
is a very important meeting, which
will bring many welcoming changes
to the Bureau.

Kersh looks to Brad, knowing how fed up he has become with the lack of work and responsibility within the Bureau.

The Director and I have dealt
with issues within the Bureau,
and have designed a very
productive rotation.

Kersh sits down in his seat and The Director steps forward. For a woman outnumbered in a man’s world, she doesn’t let it show.

Some of you may have noticed the
lack of responsibility within the
FBI. Only one of you has stepped
forward in an attempt to stop the
scandals and poor work ethic.

The Director looks to Brad.

This one person is the reason why
we are bringing on many welcoming
changes. (beat) With that said, I’d
like to announce the new rotations.
Our hope is that we’ll become a
strong and productive Bureau once again.

Everyone waits eagerly. Skinner nudges Brad and smiles. He feels Brad is going to be put in charge of OPR – a welcoming change indeed.

Simon Turner, you’ll be in charge
of Training. Walter Skinner, you’ll
in charge of Criminal Investigations.

Skinner smiles, that’s a great promotion out of being in charge of the X-Files Division.

Theodore Rose, you’ll be head of OPR.

Brad looks up in shock. Ted in OPR? He’s the laziest Assistant Director in all the Bureau!

Brad Follmer, you’ll be in
charge of the X-Files Division.

The Director smiles at Brad, knowing that the X-Files Division is the last place Brad, or anyone, was expecting. He should be in OPR and everyone knows it. The room is stunned in silence.

(covering disappointment)
Yes, ma’am.

The Director smiles at him.

If there are no further comments,
this meeting is adjourned.

Everyone gets up from their seats and head to the door. Brad gathers up his briefcase and makes his way to the door. The Director stops him before he can leave and shuts the office door.

I can’t help but notice that
you are feeling a bit...
disappointed, Assistant Director.

She grabs Brad’s tie and starts to loosen it. Brad looks at her, not amused or affected by her.

You know... if you really want
to be the head of OPR, you could...
Well... you know... You scratch my
back, I scratch yours. (beat) No one
has to know about it. (beat) Just be
up in my office in five minutes.

She licks her lips at him and starts to seductively walk past him. Brad turns to face her.

No thank you, ma’am.

The Director turns to face him.

(shocked he’s refusing her/mad)

I’m not interested. (beat) The
X-Files Division needs my leadership.
I think that you and the Deputy
Director made a wise decision.

Brad walks past her and opens the door, but before he leaves, he turns to her one more time.

Oh, and just so you know...

The Director glares at him.

I’m well aware of why I wasn’t
promoted to OPR. My stepping forward
about the scandals and poor work
ethics would definitely put an
end to your... “business meetings”.

Brad turns and leaves the office, letting the anger boil upside of The Director.



Mulder and Diana are sitting in their office looking at a few x-files. The silence is suddenly broken by the elevator dinging open and the sound of ramped running echoes down the hall.

Mulder looks around and up to the ceiling.

What is that?

Diana looks up from her file, wondering the same thing. Suddenly, the office door flies open and Krycek stands in the doorway, catching his breath.

Oh crap!

Diana rolls her eyes and goes back to what she was doing.

What is it, Sasha? Saw your
shadow and got scared?

Krycek shakes his head, true fear has washed over him.

No... worse... Brad Follmer’s
been put in charge of us!

Mulder’s eyes light up with excitement. Krycek glares at him.

He’s gonna make me work!

(under breath)
It’s about time...

This is wonderful news!

Krycek looks at Mulder with complete horror! How could Mulder want to work? What is wrong with the world?!


He waves his arm in the air and storms out of the office and into:


Krycek bursts into the office just as Doggett hangs up the office phone.

I can’t believe this!

That was A.D. Follmer on the phone,
he’s been put in charge of this
Division. He has our first case already.

Doggett smiles and grabs his suit jacket and heads out of the office.




Doggett and Krycek enter Brad’s office. Doggett is more than happy to be working again – it’s been so long. On the other hand, Krycek is pouting.

So, they put you in charge
of the X-Files.

Brad looks at him, he’s not amused since he knows why The Director made this decision.

I thought you’d be in OPR. What the hell?!

The Director knows that if I get
into OPR, that one: Her Chippendale
Dancers won’t be allowed in to her
office; and two: I’d clean up the
Bureau of corrupt agents.

Brad looks at Krycek, and sits down at his desk.

However, she did say I could
get the promotion to OPR if
I sleep with her.

Krycek nods his head with a perverted grin.

There’s no doubt in my mind
that that is exactly what
A.D. Rose did to get in there.

Dat’s so coo.

That’s so... what?

“Coo.” You know, “cool”.

Doggett and Brad wince at his choice of dialect.


Brad tosses a file across his desk at Doggett. Doggett picks it up.

What’s that?

Your first real assignment together.

Doggett skims the file.

A Marine saw someone morph into
someone else while in combat? (beat)
Are you sure this is an x-file and
not a case of PTSD? (beat; reading)
He was given a section eight.

Morphs have been a reoccurring
phenomenon in the x-files. (beat)
Agent Mulder has shared this with
me in the past.

So we’re going over seas? Do we get
to wear Military outfits and stuff? Please?

No. Sergeant Daniel Miller was
given a section eight discharge,
as Agent Doggett just pointed out.

(clarifying for Krycek)
He’s crazy. He’s back in the States.

Krycek nods.

So where are we going?


Ah yes... Philly, with the
chili, and my willy...

Brad looks at him blankly, in shock that he just rhymed and thought it was cool. Doggett slowly looks over at Krycek. Does he really have to work with this man?

Krycek stands up as if nothing strange came out of his mouth.

(to Doggett)
Let’s get goin’ homeboy.

Before you go, Agent Krycek...

Krycek turns to face him.

Your progress and behaviour will
be closely monitored while you
are on this case. I will not tolerate
monkey business, inappropriate behaviour
that is: duncelike, half-witted, moronic
reckless, senseless, ludicrous, insane,
childish, empty-headed, rattlebrained,
irresponsible, fatuous, tactless, irrelevant,
inept, or preposterous.

Krycek stares at him blankly and blinks his eyes.

Behaviour towards other agents and
civilians will be respectful, civil,
polite, courteous, and formal.

Doggett smiles.

While on this case, I expect you
to be professional and liable.
I do not want-

(getting mad)
-Yeah! I get it!

-you to be uncivil.

Brad gives him a very serious look.

The badge you ear on your
jacket makes you a part of
this Bureau. You represent
the Federal Government. If
you disrespect it, I will
collect your weapon and badge.
(beat) Do you understand?

Krycek is put into silence. No one has told Krycek any of this. Nonetheless, threaten his job. He gulps in fear, not doubting a single word Brad has said to him.

(after a beat)
You’re dismissed.

He smiles at them. Krycek slowly and quietly exits Brad’s office. Doggett stands up and nods his head, appreciating Brad’s final comments to Krycek.



The apartment is bare – no photos are on the wall, white mini-blinds are on the windows, closing out the natural light of day and giving the room a dull gray tint. Cigarette smoke fills the room. As we pan around we see Marine memorabilia stashed away in cardboard boxes that are against the wall.

Doggett is looking around the man’s apartment with investigative eyes. Krycek sits in front of Miller with a sketchpad and pencil.

Miller brings a cigarette up to his lips with his shaky hand. His eyes are tired and heavy with dark circles from lack of sleep. His hair is cut in a military style, but this man does not look healthy. Lack of sleep has taken it’s toll. Doggett recognizes his actions and physical appearance as the toll PTSD can take on a person who has witnessed or suffered trauma. Doggett walking around the apartment. Looking for any indication of drug use of hallucinogens.

You said that this man was
very large. Could you tell
me anything about his face?

Miller thinks.

He seemed stiff, you know? Didn’t
make many facial expressions. He looked
like he could be in a Schwartzenegger movie.
(beat) His eyes were dark and mean. He had
broad shoulders. His lips were big...

Krycek sketches what’s in his head. He has no doubt who this man could be describing: The Alien Bounty Hunter.

I didn’t really get a good look
at him. Everything was chaotic. (beat)
Grenades blowing up in our faces.
Bullets fling by us... loud explosions
from every direction.

Doggett’s eyes rest on a picture of Miller in Iraq among his Marine Battalion. He closes his eyes, knowing exactly how this man felt when he was engaged in combat against enemy forces.

I watched my friends die before
my goddamned eyes, and this
mother fucker just walked right
through the fire and explosions
unharmed. I’ve never seen anything
like it before. It all seemed unreal.

Suddenly, a disruptive flash of the Marine barracks in Al-Khobar exploding flashes through Doggett’s mind. He feels himself pushing through pain as he pulls Knowle out of the building before it explodes. Screams and orders being yelled fill Doggett’s brief flashback.

Doggett shakes his head to whip himself out of his flashback. His pulse is racing and his breath is short.

(holding up his sketch)
Did he look anything like this?

No, he looked exacly like that.

Doggett closes his eyes to prevent more of his flashback from returning.

Would you excuse me
for a moment, please.

Doggett doesn’t wait for a response as he quickly walks out of the apartment. Krycek looks after him, growing concerned. He took notice of John when he heard his breathing change. He hopes Doggett is ready to be back at work, especially with a real case and not missing doggy bags.



Doggett exits the building in a hurry to get a breath of fresh air. He stops walking and takes a deep breath. Tears are in his eyes as he struggles to cope with a traumatic moment from his days in the Marines.

(feeling out of control)

He takes a seat on the stairs outside the apartment building. He rests his head in his hands and stares at the ground. Why the hell is all this bothering him now? Why, on top of everything else, does this have to come up again? There’s too much flooding his mind right now for him to deal with this case. He needs to find a way to deal with all this, and quickly.

After a few minutes, Krycek comes out of the building.

Agent Doggett, you all right?

Doggett looks up at his partner.

I’m fine. I just...

Doggett takes a deep breath. He’d rather not get into what happened to him with Krycek.

(changing subject)
Did you get a sketch?

Krycek holds up the sketch he made.

Mr. Miller confirmed that this
is what the guy looked like.

We should run his face through
Military databases. See if any
one shows up.

Krycek steps forward hesitantly.

Actually, I know this guy.

Doggett stares at him blankly.

He’s what’s known as an
alien bounty hunter.

Doggett looks at him doubtfully.


Let’s talk about this in the car.

Krycek walks past him and gets into the bucar. Doggett follows.


Krycek sits in the passenger seat as Doggett gets in. Doggett gives him a look, waiting for some “Alex Krycek Alien Ha-Ha”.

There have been several cases involving
aliens and alien bounty hunters throughout
the x-files cases. (beat) They can shape
shift into anyone they want to be.

Yeah, A.D. Follmer already mentioned
that. Tell me something I haven’t heard.
(beat) Suppose these alien guys actually
exist. What the hell would they be doing
here? Why shape-shift into anyone?

You want the truth?


The whole truth?


And nothing but the truth?

Doggett gives him an irritated look.

The aliens can shape-shift to look
like a human being because that is
one of their methods in colonizing
the planet. They can live among
homo sapiens without suspicion and
when the others arrive, they can help
strike human forces by using their
human form as a Trojan Horse to gain
insight to our military plans. If I were
to guess, I’d say about twenty percent
of the population of humans on this planet is alien.

Doggett raises his eyebrow, he thinks this is bullshit. He turns the key in the car and starts the engine.

I’m serious, John. Aliens are among us.

Oh yes, resistance is futile.

It is!

Doggett rolls his eyes at Krycek and pulls out into traffic.

Look, I need to get back to D.C. and
catch a flight up to New York. There’s
some old dudes I can talk to, to find
out more about this alien bounty hunter guy.

I’ll come with you.

I have to go alone. You
have to trust me.


They’re paranoid. If I brought you
with me, I think a few of them would
suffer fatal heart attacks. (beat; thinks)
On the other hand, that might actually
benefit the group... but NO! You can’t go with me.

They continue on the highway, heading back to Washington, D.C.



Brad is placing a few of his law books on a book shelf in his new office, which is Skinner’s old office. He goes over to an entertainment center and opens the wooden doors to reveal a TV, VCR, and a video camera.

Video camera?

Brad pauses to think about this. Why the heck would A.D. Skinner have a video camera in his office? Brad notices a lot of videotapes laying around the TV and VCR. Out of curiosity, he puts one in the VCR and turns on the TV.

The tape starts to play a recording of Krycek dressed up like Elvis (including the hair) singing “Hound Dog” into a ballpoint pen.

(on tape; singing)
You ain’t nothin’ but a hound
dog. Howlin’ all the time.

Krycek howls like a dog.

Brad fast forwards the tape to see what else happens in this office. He hits play randomly, and the tape starts to play again. It’s another nighttime in the office and Mulder I sneaking into the office from an air vent to steal a roll of SweeTarts from Skinner’s desk.

Brad looks up to the air vent above the desk, wondering how the hell Mulder could do that.

He starts to fast forward again and stops when he sees Skinner pulling out two beers from a cooler that is next to his sofa sleeper couch. He hands one to Scully, who is next to him on the sofa sleeper. They are watching “The Exorcist”. Brad fast forwards some more as Skinner and Scully start to have drunken sex in the office. A disgusted expression forms on his face. He hits the play button when he sees Monica being pulled into the office by Scully, and “Poltergeist” is now on Skinner’s TV. Skinner is on the sofa sleeper, he looks... amused... he's eyeing Monica in a seductive way that looks absolutely ridiculous because he is wearing Scully's tight tank top and it doesn't fit him at all. Scully grabs her hand and pulls her toward the sofa sleeper, and pushes her on to it.

(on tape)
Moni... Wally wants to make love
to you again. But he's bit uncomfortable,
so he wants me, ok, I lied he dared
me to start it for him.

Scully moves in and kisses Monica, and Monica pushes her away.

(on tape)
Dana, you’re drunk!

(drunk, on tape)
I wuv you Moni...

Skinner puckers his lips and moves towards Monica, her eyes widen in horror.

(on tape; whiny)
But Moni... I've never had a threesome
and Wally said you were good...


Monica leaves the office horrified.

Brad stops the tape, remembering back to the time Monica didn’t want to go to work... it all makes sense to him now. He lets out a sigh... if only he were in OPR. He takes the tape out of the VCR and leaves his office.



Brad enters the office to discover the new head of the Office of Professional Responsibility has his head down on the desk and is sleeping.

Professional responsibility... right.

Brad sighs heavily as he goes over to his desk.


Ted’s head pops up from the desk.

What? I didn’t do it!

(not happy)
I have something that
may interest you.

What is it?

A tape filled with agent
misconduct, all filmed
in A.D. Skinner’s office.

Ted shrugs.

It’s okay.

How is it okay? They’re
not acting professional!

Ted looks at him with a curious expression.

Did you know that when you yell,
your English accent comes through?

Brad looks at him in disbelief. He sighs angrily.

We’ve got agents breaking into offices
to sing, or to steal candy. We’ve got
A.D. Skinner performing very unprofessional
activities with one of his agents, drinking
alcohol in the Bureau, and your only comment
is about my bloody English accent?!

Ted points to him.

(re: Brad’s accent)
See. It comes right through.

Ted smiles at him. Brad looks at him for a moment and then leaves Ted’s office in frustration, slamming the door behind him.


The room is dark, smoke-filled and is cast with shadows. The most important members of the Syndicate have been called for an important meeting: Alex Krycek has discovered an alien within one of their Marine battalions in Iraq.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man, John Montgomery, Dana Scully, Well-Manicured Man, First Elder, Marita and Krycek are present. Everyone sits around the solid oak table, where Krycek has put his sketch of the Alien Bounty Hunter.

What does this mean? Why are
they inside our military?

Everyone looks around, unprepared for this new development. They thought they had good control on their military branches.

This shouldn’t come as such a surprise.
We’ve known for years that these
shape-shifting aliens have been slowly
re-populating the planet by disguising
themselves as human.

We are two years away from colonization.
What better way to weaken our defense
by conquering it from within?

Scully clears her throat and speaks up, trying to hold her own among such powerful men.

Is there any way to determine who
in our military is one of these aliens?

They bleed green blood.

So we ask the military to test everyone.

It’s not that simple.

Thank you Mister Smarty-Pants.
(beat) I’m not sure I follow.

If the aliens are alerted that we know
they are in our military, we could be
risking the chance of another step up
in their plans to attack us in two years.

Then we just supply our men with
the alien stiletto and instruct
them how to use it and that in order
to kill these things, they’ll need to
stab them at the base of the neck.

How do you suppose we supply our
military with this weapon without
alerting the aliens of our plan?

Krycek bites his lower lip. This situation seems impossible.

How do we know for sure that
invasion begins June 11, 2006?

All the men in the room look to the Well-Manicured Man who sits at the far end of the table. He has remained silent until now.

Strughold. (beat) He is a rebel alien
who has been providing our group with
sensitive information since 1948.

Why isn’t he here today?

He is very fond of bees. He’s
currently working in the Arabian
desert with his bees.

What does that have to do
with creating a vaccine?

He discontinued working with us
on the vaccine five years ago. He’s retired.

Scully cocks an eyebrow. That’s strange.

Do we know what exactly he’s been
doing with bees? If he’s retired,
why does it seem he’s still
interested in researching?

He’s an old man with very little
in his life. Our world and our
science intrigues him so he
continues as a hobby. Wouldn’t
you at his age?

No. I’d want to be living a life
outside the work that occupied my
life. Have a family and enjoy relaxation.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man smiles at her.

I don’t think you’ll have a
problem accomplishing that.

Other than developing this vaccine,
perhaps we should begin thinking about
how they will begin their invasion so
we can do our best to prepare for the attack.

There’s no doubt they will have a
well organized ground attack. They
already occupy a nice percentage
of the plant’s population.

Krycek looks at Scully. She seems nervous and unsure of herself. Her head is lowered.

Are our facilities in New York,
Geneva and Tokyo under any threat
of destruction by the aliens?

Scully looks up, trying not to show her fear.

We have no way of knowing that. We thought
we kept a good record of bounty hunter
movement near our facilities, and a few
years ago our facility in Tunisia was
destroyed, same with our Tunguska unit.

We could stop trying to create the
vaccine and focus on how to fight back
and win the battle for our planet.

That is out of the question!

The room falls silent after his outburst. They look at him, wondering why he so strongly disagrees with Marita’s suggestion.

We have worked to long and hard with
developing the vaccine to just drop it now.

Even with under two years to go?

The Cigarette-Smoking Man gives her a look, reminding her that he is in charge of the project and that he has final say in all decisions.

We’ve all agreed that the aliens
are mind readers and psychics, correct?

What does that have to do with this?
Are you suggesting that we won’t be
able to defend them because they’ll
know our every plan?

Before I returned to the United States, I
worked in Switzerland. I have a theory about
human psychics. (beat) I believe psychics may
have alien DNA turned on and therefore I think
there is a possibility that psychics could be
naturally immune to the alien virus.

We can’t just gather up everyone in the world
who claims to be psychic and subject them
to our tests and research.

It’s only a theory. If we were to proceed
with testing psychics, I still wold need
to develop a way to approach creating a
vaccine from them. The research would
place us back at the starting point.

It’s best to continue the test we’ve
been working on. We don’t want to waste
time with something that may not work.

I’m afraid we may not have enough time, sir.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man glares at her. He doesn’t want her making comments that the rest of the group may agree with. He loves her and having her back on the Project allows him easy access to her. He views her as his possession.

She’s right, but even if we do find
a vaccine that works ninety percent of
the time, we do not have the time to
distribute it through out the world
Many lives will be lost regardless.

What is our current success percentage?

Forty-seven percent.

Krycek and Marita exchange looks.

That wouldn’t even save half
the population of the planet.
(beat) Colonization will happen
in two years and there’s not a
damn thing we can do about it.

The room falls silent. Perhaps they are realizing that their survival is not guaranteed.

I don’t like this.

(fed up)
Yeah? Who does?

Krycek glares at the First Elder.

When will we put our military into place?

We should let those actively enlisted
know of the threat as closely to June
eleventh as possible. Since we’re going
to need as much military as possible it
should be required for any retired soldier
to report to duty if they are physically able.

Why not begin preparations now?

We don’t want to start a panic. With
colonization further away, people have
more time to think about what will happen.
If they are put into action a month before,
they will be more determined to succeed.

Most of the men in the room nod their heads in agreement. Krycek reaches across the table and grabs his Alien Bounty Hunter sketch.

What should Agent Doggett and
I do about this case?

Drop it. There’s no need for the
FBI to dig deeper into the case.

Krycek nods his head and tears his sketch in half.

If there are no other
concerns, you’re dismissed.

Everyone in the room stands up. The Cigarette-Smoking Man walks over to Scully and takes hold of her arm and speaks quietly into her ear. She forces a smile for him. Krycek notices this interaction as he and Marita walk towards the door.

(to Marita)
Go on without me, Marita. I
need to check on something.

All right.

Krycek touches her lower back as he walks away from her and toward Scully. She’s sitting down again.


Scully looks up at him, he sees that she is trying hard to keep strong under the circumstances she has been brought back to. She doesn’t look happy to see him.

What do you want?

I’m concerned for you. You
don’t look very happy.

Would you?


Scully stands up angrily and walks away. Krycek follows.

Look, Dana, I’m sorry about all
that has happened. I let them drag
me with them by giving into ego-boosting
comments. I never wanted to try to
kill John or Monica.

So you did intend to help
manipulate me into returning here?

Hey! Don’t go blaming me for the world’s
need for your expertise. (beat; calms himself)
Dana... I don’t want to fight with you.
I want to apologize for being such an ass.

Scully does not accept his apology. She needs to place blame on someone and she doesn’t want to blame herself for the position she is in. With everything else she is dealing with, self-blame would not be a welcome burden.

How is John doing?

Good. I guess. I haven’t paid
much attention to how he’s dealing
with yours and Monica’s deaths.

Scully bitterly nods her head. She shouldn’t have expected Krycek to have a good answer to her question.

I only wish I could ask you to
tell him how much I miss him and
how I wish I were with him.

Scully quickly walks away from Krycek, leaving him alone. Krycek sighs. If she weren’t needed here, he would go get her now and take her back to D.C.



John Doggett walks over to his front door and opens it to find Brad Follmer standing on his porch.

Hey, what bring you here?

I giant teddy bear.

Doggett gives him a strange look.

(changing subject quickly)
May I come in?

Sure. I was just about
to watch a movie.

He steps aside to let Brad in. Doggett shuts the door behind him.

So really, what brings you here?

I was bored. (beat) What movie
are you going to watch?

“Lawrence of Arabia”.


Brad sits down on the couch and Buddy hops up into his lap and gets comfortable. Brad pets the dog’s head.

I was going to make a
root beer float. Want one?

Yeah. It’s been ages since
I’ve had one of those.

Doggett nods his head and goes into the kitchen to make root beer floats. He eyes a can of beer that he has in the fridge. No, he shouldn’t grab that.

He comes out a few moments later and gives Brad his float. Doggett sits down and hits “play” on the remote and “Lawrence of Arabia” starts to play.

A few moments later, Brad starts to look around Doggett’s large living room.

You’ve got a big living room, John.

Doggett looks around.

Yeah. Why?

No reason. I’m just commenting
on how much room you have for
s gigantic teddy bear...

No. I don’t want a gigantic teddy bear.

Brad sighs. He knew it was impossible to get rid of the giant teddy bear Mulder got him for joining Super Buddies.

Why do you have a giant teddy bear?


Doggett nods, he should’ve known. Who else could be responsible for a giant teddy bear.

I don’t know what to do with
the damn thing. It’s too big
for my apartment. It’s too big
in general.

Give it to charity.

I would if I could. (beat) I
don’t know if you realize how
huge this thing is. I can’t figure
out how to get it out of my apartment.
Then I’d need to find a way to transport it.

It’s that big?

It’s frickin’ huge!

How did Mulder get it in?

How should I know? He’s Mulder.
He has unusual luck.

Doggett nods his head in agreement, remembering back to Paris when Mulder fell of the Eiffel Tower and got up as if nothing was wrong.


Doggett and Brad have both fallen asleep on John’s couch. Buddy is asleep on Brad’s lap.

We move closer to Doggett as he sleeps, as we... blur to black.

Faint sounds of gunfire can be heard. The blackness slowly fade s to reveal the Saudi Arabian desert during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Marines are engaged in combat against Iraqi soldiers. Tanks fire ammunition into the dust-filled air. Men shouting commands in Arabic and English are heard from every direction.

Among all the chaos is John Doggett – Sergeant E-5 USMC. He slams his back up against the back of a Saudi tank which has been made dysfunctional by the opposing Iraqi forces. An explosion from the other side of the tank rocks the ground around him. The abandoned tank literally saves his life from the flying debris. Doggett’s eyes are shut tightly. He slightly opens them and looks to his right. He sees anally soldier from the Saudi army standing his own against other foot soldiers. He watches as the soldier steps behind a tank to reload his weapon. Doggett sees that this man is prying to Allah that he won’t be killed in this battle.


Doggett shouts to the man to “come” in the soldier’s native tongue. The Saudi soldier looks in Doggett’s direction and acknowledges him. Doggett motions for the man to run and quickly join him at his side.

Yal-la! Yal-la!

He shouts at the man to “hurry”. The man finishes preparing his weapon and begins sprinting towards Doggett. The sound of gunfire fills the desert air and the man falls to the ground. He has been shot in the neck – instant death.

Doggett knows that his battalion has pulled back quite a lot and that every second he’s wasting hiding behind this goddamned tank could cost him his life as well. With a deep sigh, he closes his eyes and thinks of his son Luke, who has only recently celebrated his fifth birthday without his father at him with him. Doggett knows he needs to live through this war so he can give his son a few Saudi halalas and a fifty Riyal bill, just one small souvenir from his time in Saudi Arabia.

Doggett runs out from behind the tank as gunfire rings out all around him. He continues running and running until the dusty, sandy air covers his location from enemy forces – all the while thinking how his fate could be the same as the Saudi soldier he wanted to help.

Hey, John...

Doggett is being gently shaken awake by Brad Follmer. Doggett opens his eyes and sees that he is safe at home – not in the sweltering Saudi desert.

We both fell asleep. I’m
going to head out.

Doggett sits up straighter. He notices his breathing is quicker and his pulse rate is up.

“Lawrence of Arabia” can do that to you.

Brad chuckles.

Still, it remains a damn good film.

Doggett stands up and walks Brad to the front door.

See ya tomorrow. (beat) Good
luck with that teddy bear problem.

Yeah, thanks. Goodnight.

Doggett closes the door to his home and locks it behind him. He runs his hand through his hair and returns to the living room and hits “stop” on the VCR. Enough Saudi desert war stories for tonight. He walks to his kitchen and get his can of beer. He drinks it all before heading upstairs to attempt to have a peaceful night’s sleep.



Brad is still unpacking some more books onto the shelves as a few workers are moving Skinner’s old couch out and replacing it with a new one.

All taken care of, sir.

Brad turns around.

Thank you.

The workers leave, just as Doggett and Krycek enter the office.

(to Brad; “da man”)
Mornin’ homey g-funk.

What did I tell you about respect?

Krycek rolls his eyes.

I mean... Good morning, sir.

Good morning agents. (beat)
How’s your case going?


-It’s over.

May I have your case reports?

We don’t have them yet. And sir...
just so you don’t get made, let me
warn you that most x-files never
get solved. (beat) With that said,
our case remains unsolved because
people higher up in the government
told us not to look any further.

Brad looks at him, not sure what he’s talking about.

Agent Krycek, who is your superior?

Here at the FBI, it’s you.

I don’t recall ever telling you
to stop your investigation.

You didn’t, but people in the
government who are higher up than
you and our President did.

Brad gives him another doubtful look.

There is no one higher than-

-I knew you wouldn’t believe me,
so I have it in written form from
Mr. Covarrubias, who happens to be
a member of the group who told me
not to look into this anymore.

Krycek hands Brad a note telling him that Krycek and Doggett can not look into the Marine’s claim of a man who morphs.

Krycek smiles as Brad looks up at him.

I’ll type up my case report and
have it to you by the end of the day.

Krycek turns and leaves the office. Brad looks to Doggett.

Is he serious?

I don’t know... I’ll get my
case report to you later as well.

Brad nods his head.


Doggett leaves the office.



Doggett slowly walks down the hallway, still bothered by the dream he had last night of when he was in the Marines in Saudi Arabia. He has been bothered by it all last night and this morning.

Maybe he should talk to someone about it instead of letting everything eat him up inside. He turns the corner and heads down another hall, making his way to Karen Kosseff in the Employee Assistance Program Department. He does not want to continue down this dark path alone. He knows far too well where it could lead him. He walks into Karen’s office and checks in with her secretary.

Off our hero getting help for his troubles, we...




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