"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten


Title: "Wine & S'mores"

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Series: FRVS - Episode #211

Written by: Cassie

Edited by: Claudine

Classification: humor, drama

Rating: PG-13 (sexual suggestions)

Air Date: 28 October 2017

Date Written: 27-28 June 2017; 7 July 2017

Summary: A little female and male bonding for your Saturday night.

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FRIDAY, 29 MAY 2020
3:45 P.M.

John and Dana sit silently in their marriage counselor’s office. They’ve been in session for forty-five minutes now, working with their former FBI counselor, turned marriage and sex therapist, Karen Kosseff.

A few weeks ago, they decided that Mulder was too close a friend for them to feel comfortable with discussing some of the issues they’ve been having in their marriage, and their sex life.

Yes, Mulder worked well when it came to helping Katie, Will, and the four of them as a family unit, but when it came to their personal issues, as man and wife, they thought it would be best to seek the help of someone who wasn’t a friend.

You have both expressed an
understanding that having
children would change the
dynamic of your relationship,
and of your sex life. (beat)
But do you understand why
it’s been difficult, recently,
to be intimate with each other?

John rubs the back of his neck. He’s not very comfortable discussing his sex life with someone other than Dana, but it was his wife’s idea to talk to Dr. Kosseff, and he agreed that they needed to do something different to help their relationship. Yes, Dana resigning from the FBI a few months back has helped, but not with everything. Her resignation did not help their latest, and hopefully temporary, lack of intimacy. He had thought that their issues were solely related to working together again, and he believed that when Dana resigned from the Bureau that everything would fall back in to place easily. There are good days, and bad days (though recently the good outnumber the bad).

Dana clears her throat and speaks frankly, she has zero inhibitions about discussing their sex life with a therapist.

It’s our kids. (beat) We have a
lock on our bedroom door, but
both Katie and Will enjoy picking
locks. There’ve been times where
John and I are about to get into it,
and then Will opens the door, and
it’s over with.

We both want to engage
in… physical activities, but
our kids are too young to
walk in on mom and dad
doing… that.

Dana smiles at John, she finds it adorable that he has a hard time saying “sex” to their sex and marriage counselor.

Have you two tried anything
to have more alone time together?

Sometimes the kids go over
to their friends’ homes for
sleepovers, but by the time
night sets in, we’re so exhausted-

- Our youngest is six, and he’s
got more energy than he needs.

Karen listens to them. She can sense that they both want to figure out how to get things back in order between the two of them.

When was the last
time you two had sex?

John and Dana look at each other for an answer. They have to think about this for a bit.

New Years Eve.

About five months ago.

Dana looks at her hands in her lap, ashamed that she and John haven’t been together in that long. John reaches over and takes hold of her hand, silently letting her know that it’s ok, and that they will work through this together.

It’s not unusual for married
couples to go through dry
spells. The question you have
to ask yourselves is - are you
still expressing love?

How do you mean?

Do you still touch? Say I love
you? Hug? Kiss? Cuddle?

John and Dana are still holding hands, this doesn’t go unnoticed by Dr. Kosseff.


That’s good.

But it’s not sex.

Dana sounds disappointed. She’s frustrated really, she loves her husband and wants to be able to physically express her love for him. It's just… with the kids, and the housework, and finding the right time (and place), and being exhausted by the end of the day, it's hard to find the energy to be together in that way.

It’s not that we haven’t tried-

- She tried to jump me
in the shower once.

What happened?

I got angry when he turned
down my advances because
the kids were downstairs
with their uncles.

I don’t want for our kids
to hear us being… like that.

Dana rolls her eyes. She always gets worked up about this issue when he uses the kids as an excuse. John notices the eye roll, but he doesn’t react to it. He understands that it makes her upset, but he can't help how he feels about it. He wants to make sure that Dr. Kosseff knows that he didn't flat out and completely reject her the night they're talking about.

I did give her a massage though.

Dana smiles at the memory of that massage.

It was an erotic massage.
Apparently he had been
reading a book about it.
(beat) We didn't end up
having sex though.

Dr. Kosseff nods her head, she’s glad to hear that despite turning down his wife’s sexual advances, that John took it upon himself to re-initiate physical contact with her that same night, and that Dana can smile at this memory.

When John and Dana first came to her a few weeks ago, they expressed a concern that their lack of sexual interaction would spell D.I.V.O.R.C.E. for them. They were afraid that things had gotten so bad between them while they were working together at the FBI again, that there was no fixing their relationship.

Dana cried, John wiped his own tears away, and through the entire session Karen Kosseff watched as they comforted each other, supported each other, and touched each other to let the other know they were there for the other. Karen knew in their first session that their relationship was just going through a rough patch, and they just need guidance to weather through the storm.

It was obvious to her that they are a couple deeply committed to their relationship, and very much in love with each other. They both want to work out their issues in order to further strengthen their relationship.

Have you prioritized intimacy?

Without realizing it, Dana shakes her head “no.” John lets go of Dana’s hand to rub underneath his nose. Neither one of them says anything, their silence speaks for itself.

Between now and our next
session, I would like you two
to schedule a date night. Just
the two of you, no kids.


Only if it feels right, and if
it does, focus on taking it slow.
Focus on his touch, and how
you touch him. Talk to each
other about what feels good
and what doesn’t.


John raises an eyebrow, say what? Talking about sexual fantasies and their relationship would be like opening a whole new barn door! Yes, he has fantasies, and he's sure that Dana has hers, but they've never talked about what they are.

Absolutely. (beat) The key
here for you two is to better
communicate with each
other about your sex life.

Then fantasies it is.

John turns his head to look at Dana and is taken back when he sees that she’s blushing. He tilts his head to the side, she's blushing? He’s almost never seen her blush about anything, and never about sex. And here he thought that Dana was the more open, and blunt one when it came to their sexual relationship. And now he’s wondering what kind of sexual fantasies she has. He doesn’t know it, but he’s donning a lopsided grin on his face. He's actually looking forward to having that conversation!

I know we’ve spent most of
this session talking about our
lack of intimacy,  but I do want
to acknowledge that John and
I have, I feel anyway, that we’re
talking much more, helping each
other with chores around the house
more equally than before…

Dana looks over to John, searching his face for assurance that he feels the same way. He holds her hand again, giving her fingers a slight squeeze. Of course he does. When they first came to Dr. Kosseff, they had discovered that Dana was holding resentment towards him for not helping her around the house as much as she would have liked.

We thought that working together
at the FBI was the root of our problems.

It was part of the problem.

I never realized how much
work you did at home.
I appreciate that, Dana.
(beat) I appreciate you.

Dana smiles at him. Yes, she had been taking care of almost everything at home.

Everything except paying the bills. She used to be the one to do the dishes, prepare meals, clean the house, make sure the kids homework was done, tidy up each night before bed, do the laundry, check the mail, take Buddy (and now Daggoo) for a walk, bathe the dogs, clean up the bathroom after bathing the dogs, do the grocery shopping, etc., etc.

The responsibilities at home were not balanced. John does pay the bills, and takes care of the yard work though. In the past few weeks since they’ve been seeing Dr. Kosseff, they’ve worked on improving their communication, pinpointing the source of their problems, listening to each other better, and working together to solve their problems (instead of blasting snide remarks at each other and ignoring the issues at hand).

Before we end our session, do
either of you have any other
questions or concerns?

John starts rubbing his neck nervously again, and clears his throat.

What do we do if our kids
catch us having sex?

Dana looks to Kosseff. She too would like to know the answer to his question. And considering John’s biggest problem with being physically intimate with Dana is his fear that their kids will walk in on them, or hear them, this is an excellent question.

I think you need to sit them down
and explain to them that once they’re
in bed, that you two are having alone
time, and that if they need you they
need to knock on your bedroom door.

Dana leans toward John, speaking slightly lower to him.

Maybe we should take away
Will’s lock pick set.

John nods, agreeing. But he still feels like he needs to explain why he feels this way about the issue.

When I was a kid, I woke up
one night and heard my parents.
(beat) It freaked me out. I thought
my mom was dying. I just… how
can we prevent our kids from…
(beat) I mean… Katie still has
nightmares about the time she
thought Dana died on the ship.

John shakes his head and looks down, the last thing he wants is for his children to think that he or Dana is dying, or that the other is in pain, or that he is hurting their mom.

John was about six years old and woke up one night, hearing his mother and father making loud "dying cat noises" (at least that’s how his six year old self described it), and it frightened him. He even got up and called the police on his parents, and went outside to wait for them to show up! What a surprise that was for his mom and dad when the police arrived with the ambulance because he had called 911 explaining that he thinks his mom was dying and needed medical help!

If they ask… I think we
should be honest with them.

You mean tell them we’re
having sex? (beat) Explain it?

No, just sit them down and
tell them that when our bedroom
door is closed that we are
loving each other…

How old are your kids?

Six and eleven.

Karen nods her head.

With your six year old, he might
have questions. Make sure that
you address them, and explain
you were giving each other a
special hug. (beat) If he thought
something bad was happening, make
sure to let him know that it wasn’t.
You don’t want him scared.

John looks at Dana and tries to smile. He is determined to make a good effort at reigniting their physical intimacy. Just as it upsets Dana, them not being together, it also upsets and frustrates him.

If only life, kids, and marriage came with an instruction manual!

Somehow I think if Barbara and
I had had a normal marriage, that
I’d know exactly what to do.

His marriage with Barbara only lasted about nine years, most of which they were not physically intimate at all, so they never had to worry about Luke walking in on them, or overhearing them. With Katie and Will, this is a whole new ballpark.

Your eleven year old probably
already knows about sex.

She takes Sex Ed in school now.

John runs his hand through his hair. He can't believe that his baby girl is old enough to be taking sex education in school now! Dana rests her hand on his knee, reassuring him that it's ok that their daughter is growing up.

You’ll want to be honest with
her. Let her know that you need
private time, and that sex is a
good thing that happens between
two adults who love one another.

I imagine Katie would
be grossed out.

All three of them laugh at that remark.

And if the lock picking
continues we could always
install a chain lock on our
bedroom door.

I'd rather not.

Karen Kosseff checks the clock on the wall, their time is up. John and Dana stand, and shake her hand and thank her for her help, and that they look forward to next week’s session. They leave the office, and head out to where they parked their truck a couple blocks away. It’s a beautiful spring afternoon. Dana slips her hand into John’s as they walk.


I’m glad we’re talking
with Dr. Kosseff.

Me too.

John raises her hand, and kisses it. They’ve only had five sessions with Dr. Kosseff, and already they both feel that their relationship is stronger than it had been before. They’ve learned a lot about each other, their relationship, their marriage, and their roles as parents and lovers.

So fantasies, huh?


Like role playing?

You got something in mind?

Dana smiles up at him. Glad that he took the initiative to bring this up.

Good cop, bad cop… You
handcuff me to the bed…

John can feel his face flushing with some embarrassment. He feels Dana gently run into him with her shoulder.

Sounds fun.


Have an affair with
each other.

John raises his eyebrow.

Secretly meet up in a hotel
room on your lunch break
to cheat on me with me. (beat)
Or ravishing sex up against a wall.

Hmmm… ravishing sex up against a wall. For that, he would have to make sure the kids were sleeping over at a friend's home.

Role play Rhett and Scarlett
that night he carried her up the
stairs to have his way with her.

You've given this a lot of thought?

Dana nods her head.

Johnny, with you, I can
never run out of ideas.

We could take a drive one
night, and stop and make
out with one another-

-Sex in the truck…

Morning sex…

I'd like to dress you one
morning… after sex.

Dress me?

Wait a minute? He thought this was about undressing fantasies.

As sexy as it is to see you
undress, I find it incredibly
arousing to watch you get
dressed in the morning. (beat)
I want to dress you.

He gives her a look: ok, then! One day you can dress me! His lopsided grin tells her that though he's never considered being dressed by her, that the idea of it excites him. Thinking back now, when she has helped him put on his necktie there is a certain look in her eye that suggests that she was aroused. Hmm…

They walk in silence for a few minutes, each considering the ideas they shared with each other. For the first time in a long time, they can't wait until they can find the time to work on their intimacy.

They reach the truck, and John opens the passenger side door and helps her in, then goes around to the driver’s side. He starts the engine and pulls out into traffic.

I’m looking forward to this
weekend with your brother,
and Skinner.

Me too. (beat) The girls and
I are planning on having a
sleepover. Mulder and
Krycek agreed to babysit
all the kids on Saturday.

You’re trusting them to
babysit after they couldn’t
even responsibly housesit for us?

If they mess up their apartment,
that’s their problem. (beat)
Besides, you finally got the
pool finished, and the yard
fixed up, so it wasn’t that bad.

We didn’t win the yard contest.

Doesn’t matter. We have
a beautiful, in-ground
swimming pool now. (beat)
You know that means we’re
hosting all the summer
barbeques and the Fourth
of July party, right?

And Will will want to have
a pool party for his birthday-

-Also on the Fourth of July.

Their son, William, was born on the Fourth of July, the kid frookin’ loves that his birthday is on the country’s national holiday. He gets fireworks, parades, and sometimes (depending on who comes to his birthday party/Fourth of July party) illegal fireworks he can shoot off from home! (Thank you Aunt Shannon!)

They drive west on Constitution Avenue, taking a detour left onto Henry Bacon Dr. onto Lincoln Memorial Drive. John wants to take this route to drive by the Lincoln Memorial monument.

Maybe sometime next week
we can meet at the memorial
for a lunch picnic date.

Dana smiles at him, it’s been far too long since he’s come up with a date for the two of them. Since the Alien War, and since they got married, and since having kids, they haven’t exactly had time to date each other.

It’s a date. Just let me
know time and day.

They continue driving home, crossing the Potomac at the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge, and taking Highway 66 back towards Falls Church.



7:47 P.M.

Charles Scully, Walter Skinner, and John Doggett are sitting out on the wooded porch of John’s Shenandoah River cabin. Charles and Skinner are smoking cigars.

So let me get this straight.
Fox and Alex tore up your
yard, dug up a mud pool,
and you didn’t even ask for
them to help pay to finish
installing an in-ground pool?

John takes a sip from the water bottle he has in his hand, and shakes his head “no.” Of the three men, John is the only one not drinking beer. He’s had problems with alcohol in the past, and he’s good now, but he doesn’t feel the need to drink while shooting the shit with the guys.

I would’ve made them
help install the pool!

Well… Dana and the kids
have been hinting at wanting
a pool anyway, and I was
thinkin’ about it. I figured
when the boys dug up my
back yard now was as good
a time as any to suck it up
and get it done.

Skinner offers John a cigar, he refuses. He gave up smoking decades ago.

You put up with more crap
from those two than I can
wrap my head around.

And they sometimes call him dad!

Charles and Skinner laugh loud over that one, thankful that Mulder and Krycek never leeched onto them as they have John and Dana, as “mom” and “dad.”

So how long have
you had this place?

It’s been in the family for
over one-hundred fifty years.

Uh oh! I sense a history lesson!

Charles finishes off his cigar, and puts it out in the ashtray in front of him on the ground.

Story I was told was that my
great, great, great something
or other, I don’t remember
the relation exactly, built this
cabin around the time armies
were going to and from Gettysburg.
(beat) Stonewall Jackson would
pass through the area. Barns
and bridges were burned, but
daily life went on, or so I’m told.

Were the Doggetts Union
or Confederate?

Union. Hell, my family’s
property in Texas remained
Union during the war, and
Texas seceded!

Are Doggetts always so patriotic?


You’re going to move my
sister here one day, aren’t you?

They already lived here.

Right! After the war!
(beat) God! I can’t believe
she gave birth to little
Will here at the cabin
without any epidural.

Skinner slowly downs a large gulp of beer, and nods his head.

Women are stroooong women.

Actually, our plan is to get my
family’s farm house in living
order, and then after Will
graduates high school, we’re
lookin’ to move to McAllen.

(hoo boy! eyebrow wiggles)
I’ll be damned! Dana’s
gonna be a cowgirl!
Yee-haw! Ride that cowgirl!

Obviously the alcohol has loosened him up. Skinner holds his fist out to fist bump Charles, but all he gets is a look from the man.

(like, ewwwww!)
Walter! She’s my sister!

Skinner lifts his beer can up as his excuse why he didn’t remember that before speaking and expecting a fist bump.

I’ll fist bump ya!

And for the first time in John’s life, he gives a fist bump to Skinner.

So I take it you and Dana are
back in the saddle, so to speak?

Whoa! Dana talks to her younger brother about her sex life?! John wasn’t aware of this.

She talks to you about that?

A dry spell, huh? Shan’
and I have been through
a few dry spells. (beat)
Age doesn’t do wonders
to erectile-

-GAAAAH! Walter!
I can’t hear that!

Charles covers his ears, not wanting to hear about any kind of “erectile” issues Skinner might be having, or has had.

John sighs, and takes another sip of water.

We were having some issues,
but they’re working out.

Erectile issues?


Shit, man! How old
are you again?


Lucky bastard! I was
dealin' with erectile issues
in my forties!

Again, Walter… I can't hear that.

Thank you Jesus for the
little blue pill, am I right?!

Skinner leans forward towards John, he’s near his alcohol limit for the night, and it's about to show.

Next time you’re thrusting
in her, say “turtle,” and
she’ll squeal “eek!” (beat)
That’s how she and I did the
nasty when we were together.

Skinner sits back in his chair, damn proud of bring up his old history with Dana, back during the time they were an item (secretly) and he called her “Turtle”, and when they had sex and he said “Turtle,” she’d reply with “Eek!” It was a strange moment in Dana’s relationship history, that’s for sure!

No thanks, Walter. I’m
quite all right calling
her Dana.

(kidding around)
Do you two have cutsie
nicknames for each other?

John raises his brow and shoots a side-glance at his brother-in-law.

What do you mean by cutsie?

Like that Turtle thing.

I call her Dana, and
she calls me John.

Charles rolls his eyes, that’s so boring! He leans forward in his chair, and looks John in the eye.

Like schmoopy and doopey?

Sometimes I call her
sweetheart, and she’ll
call me Johnny.

Charles rolls his eyes again, that’s so boring!

I know. You can call her
Love Puddle, and she can call
you Moushy Goushy Toushy!

Skinner says this with a straight face. Off John’s look…


8:34 P.M.

The ladies: Dana, Monica, Marita, Maria, and Shannon are lounging around in the back yard pool. Sure, it’s still a bit chilly outside since it’s not quite summer yet, but you know, they had a mild heat wave hit the area today, and right now it’s a lukewarm 72*F, thankfully when John had the pool installed, he also made sure that it had a pool heater installed with it, the water temp is about 85*F. Wine glasses and bowls of popcorn sit at the pool’s edge.

Dana, I just have to say that
I’m so glad that the boys
forced this pool on you guys.

I second that.

Third! And it’s so nice
to finally have a girls night.

I know. I’ve missed
you girls!

Marriage does tend to
steal you away from
your girlfriends.

Shannon unties her bikini top and flings it into the air, it splats down in the water in front of Marita. She looks at it, then looks at Shannon.

Shannon? What are you doing?

Skinny dipping.

Shannon flips her bikini bottom out of the pool.

You girls should do it too!

Shannon makes her way over to Dana, and unties her bikini top as well, Dana quickly tries to keep Shannon from snatching it off her, but fails. Her bikini top goes flying into the air as well.

Monica, never one to shy away from all things natural, strips off her swimsuit as well, wading over to the side of the pool, and setting it next to her wine glass. She picks it up and takes a sip.

Marita and Maria share a look, might as well join the rest of the party! And they too strip off their bikinis.

Dana starts giggling for no apparent reason.


I’m just thinking about how
next time John and I go for
a late night swim how I’ll
get him to skinny dip.

I suggest dipping under
the water and taking his
swim trunks off for him.

He does seem like a prude!

Yeah, John doesn’t seem
like a willing participant
in skinny-dipping activities.
Fox on the other hand…

Dana nods her head, John really doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. She hopes this assumption is wrong.

Actually… in high school John
went skinny-dipping on a school
camping trip. Shan’ and I took
off with his and Knowle’s clothes.

Shannon starts laughing.

John and Knowle chased us
around the lake shore buck
naked too! (beat) Effing
streakers! It was so hot.

Dana raises an eyebrow. How has John never told her about that skinny-dipping/streaking moment?!

Then there was the time one
winter, in high school, when
I told John that if he streaked
around campus that I would
give him a kiss.

After he streaked, buck naked,
he went up to Shan’ and puckered
up, and Shan’ put a Hershey kiss
in his mouth! (beat, laughs) John
streaked for a small piece of chocolate!

Dana bursts out laughing, trying to imagine John running buck naked through a snow-covered high school campus, and then the disappointment of winning a piece of candy for doing so!

I have it on home video.

What?! How is this just
coming out now?

Shannon shrugs her shoulders.

I demand you go home
later and bring that video
over so we can watch it!

Will do!

The girls giggle a bit over the fact that they’re going to be able to watch a John Doggett streaking video later tonight. Yes, they’re all involved with other people (well, except for Marita, but we know who she has an attraction to *coughs* Monica *coughs*), but John Doggett is such a fine specimen of a man, how could a girl not want to watch a video of his younger self streaking in the middle of winter?

Hmm, so I guess I’ll be
able to get John to skinny-dip
with me sometime. (beat) I might
have to ask one of you to watch
over Katie and Will that night…

You know you can call Fox
and I anytime you need
a night away from your kids.

Dana smiles. She’s lucky to have such great girlfriends. Most of her life she had male friends: Mulder, Krycek, her brothers, her brothers’ friends, Skinner, Marcus, David, Bob, Nick, Jeremy, John Montgomery… yes, Marita and Maria were her friends too, and she did spend a lot of time with Marita growing up, but they never quite “clicked,” something always felt a bit off between them. There was also Diana Fowley, but they were competitors against each other for the affection (and sex) of Mulder. Diana had won that competition.

Maria… truth or dare?

Maria’s eyes go wide open! How exciting! They’re going to play Truth or Dare! When she was younger she always heard about how people would play this game, but she was always preoccupied with trying to live her life without the spoils of lots of money that her family had, she even ran away to New York to live on the streets as a homeless person when she was still a teenager in order to get away from her family's money. She never really had the experience of sleepovers, or even having good girlfriends, or even real friends for that matter. Since she got involved with Mulder, her life has opened up in so many ways.


Do you and Mulder
watch porn together?

Maria’s face turns a dark shade of red!

Goodness gracious me!

Monica, Scully, and Marita are thrown into giggle fits.

You chose truth, you
gotta tell the truth.

And we all know that Mulder
has that video tape collection!

Maria stands a bit taller in the pool, almost exposing her naked chest above water. She will not let the girls laugh at her for too long. She stands with pride and confidence as she responds to Shannon’s question.

Yes. Fox and I have
watched porn together.

I knew it! (beat) Ok,
now you ask someone.

Maria innocently looks at the ladies in the pool with her. Who to ask, who to ask…?

Dana, truth or dare?


Dana swims over to the side of the pool, and downs the rest of the wine that was in her wine glass. Maria may seem sweet and innocent, and one would expect an innocent dare from her, but she does have Covarrubias blood, so expect the unexpected, down a little wine and suck it up and do whatever dare Maria comes up with.

Ummm… I dare you
to umm… kiss Monica!
On the lips.

Shannon leans toward Maria and whispers into her ear, “with tongue.”

With tongue!

Monica’s eyes widen! She looks over at Marita, the two of them had often talked about how attractive they find Dana to be, and wondered what it would be like to kiss her! If Dana takes on this dare, she’ll actually get to kiss her… with tongue!

Monica’s heart races as Dana, sexy-like, and seductively makes her way over to her. Then Dana’s arms are around her neck, and she’s leaning in, and then her mouth is on hers! Sweet baby Jesus! First Dana’s mouth is closed to her, her lips pressing gently against her own, and then Dana opens her mouth. Monica closes her eyes and opens her mouth to her too. Monica is the first to slip her tongue into Dana’s mouth, taking a moment to slowly swirl her tongue around Dana’s lips before further exploring her mouth. Dana actually moans into her mouth, and inches closer to her.

Marita, Shannon, and Maria watch on with dropped jaws! They didn’t actually expect Dana to get into it this much!

Not one to let an opportunity slip away, Monica places her hands on Dana’s hips, then runs her hand up the side of her torso. Does she dare to touch her bare breasts? Or would that be going to far? Dana gasps into her mouth at the sensation of Monica caressing her torso. Dana reaches up and touches Monica’s face, and opens her mouth wider to her.

Daaaayuuuuuum! They're really getting into it!

A few feet away from them, Marita crosses her arms in front of her chest and pouts. Hasn’t this gone on long enough?! Yep, she’s jealous.

Monica cannot believe that she is kissing Dana Katherine Doggett! Thank god for Truth or Dare, and Dana’s willingness to play along! <--- that or maybe they’ve all had a little too much wine, and their inhibitions are at rock bottom!

Instinctively, Monica moves her hand up to touch Dana’s breast, gently cupping it in her hand. Dana’s eyes open wide, and she stops kissing Monica, but their lips are still touching. Monica keeps swirling her tongue around in Dana’s mouth until she pulls away from her.


She coughs. That's awkward.

Yeah, umm… sorry.

Monica coughs too.

Shannon starts clapping loudly, then brings her fingers to her lips and whistles really, really loud.

Well! That was hot!
Like the beginning of
a lesbian porn! (beat)
Right, Maria?!

Maria nods (confirming that she and Mulder have watched lesbian porn together).

Dana tries to put a strand of hair behind her ear, only… there’s no stray hair for her to try to put back into place. She goes back over to her wine glass for a drink, but it’s empty.

So… um… how about
those Kansas City Royals…?

Shannon is in fits laughing at Dana's reaction to kissing Monica.

You tryin' to think about
how to throw a curve ball?!

Dana didn't hear Shannon's question, she’s taken back by how good a kisser Monica is! Holy moly! If Monica hadn’t touched her boob, they might still be making out!

Then she starts thinking about how when John gets home tomorrow afternoon, before they go pick up the kids, she is going to devour him! As good a kisser as Monica is, Dana is really feeling the need for a little lovin’ from her Johnny Jay right about now.

She shakes her head at herself. SNAP OUT OF IT, DANA! GEEZ! Ok, she needs to talk about something, anything, else!

So… you know, Daggoo has
been having a hard time
getting house trained-

- Holy shit! Monica!
You made her forget that
we’re playing Truth or Dare!

Shannon swims over to Monica, and holds up her hand for a high-five. She doesn’t get one, Monica decides to play this calmly, as if she doesn’t have an attraction to Dana in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Monica looks over at Marita, who still has her arms crossed over her chest.

Right! (beat) Marita,
truth or dare?


Who is the last guy
you slept with?

Alex. (beat) Monica,
truth or dare?


If Dana would let you,
would you make love to her?

Monica can hear contempt (or is it just jealousy?) in Marita’s voice. Even though they called off their affair three months ago, it’s obvious that Marita still cares for her. And frankly, Monica misses her too.


Under the water, no one can see, but Marita is tapping her foot, knowing full well (maybe) that Monica is lying. How many times have they discussed how hot a Monica/Dana/Marita three-way would be? Humph!

Shannon. Truth or dare?


Shannon’s eyes are giddy with the anticipation of what sexual dare she’ll receive! She lives for sexual dares, especially when all five of them are already naked!

Sing “On The Good Ship Lollipop.”


No way! No how! Nuh-uh! Shannon cannot believe that her dare is to sing some frickin’ children’s song! That’s so below her level of dare acceptance! Shannon would do anything nasty and actually sexually daring! That Monica/Dana makeout dare was child’s play for her standards! And here Monica wants her to sing “On The Good Ship Lollipop?!” Ugh!

You know the song, we sang
it during our dance recital when
we were four years old… (sings)
On The Good Ship Lollipop
It’s a sweet trip to the candy shop.
(beat) Remember it?

Shannon grimaces.


I dare you to sing it.

This is the worst game of Truth or Dare that Shannon has ever played!

I miss the days of playing
Strip Truth or Dare. Where
if someone didn't take a dare
they'd have to remove an
article of clothing.

Shan'… you're already naked.

Maybe we should play
Strip Spin The Bottle-

-Just sing the song, Shannon.

Shannon gives Monica a look, what the friggin' hell?! She lets out a loud, irritated sigh.

(quiet, grumpy, sings)
On The Good Ship Lollipop
It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.
Lemonade stands everywhere
Crackerjack bands fill the air
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

In an effort to make Shannon sing more contentedly, Dana goes to her, and flings her arm over her shoulders, and starts singing with her, making Shannon sway side-to-side in the water with her.

See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll
With the big bad devil’s food cake.
If you eat too much ooh-ooh!
You’ll awake with a tummy ache!

Shannon almost growls angrily at Dana and how happy she is singing this with her. Shannon stops singing.

(continues singing)
On The Good Ship Lollipop
It’s a night trip into bed you hop!
And dream away
On The Good Ship Lollipop!

Marita, Monica, and Maria all whoop and cheer on Dana’s finale of “The Good Ship Lollipop!” Dana curtsies in the water, and takes a bow.

Thank you! Thank you!
I spent an entire summer
with Katie in her dance
class and learned that song
by heart a few summers ago!

Dana laughs when she looks to Shannon, who is still scowling at Monica for giving her such a stupid, and innocent dare. For Christ sakes they’re all naked! There have to be better dares than singing a children’s song! She could have been dared to go streaking around the block! That would be a dare worthy of Shannon Ann McMahon!

Miffed, Shannon -buck naked- gets out of the pool, and dries off with a towel.

I’m going home to get
that streaking video of John.

She throws on a T-shirt that is hanging on one of the chaise lounges by the pool side, and puts on a pair of shorts. She huffs off to go home to retrieve the video of John streaking around his high school campus in the winter of 1984.


9:19 P.M.

John, Charles, and Skinner are now sitting on the ground in front of a campfire that they started about an hour ago. They’re roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, and making s’mores. Water is the drink of the hour for Charles and Skinner who do not want to have any kind of hangover tomorrow.

I wonder what the girls
are doing tonight.

Probably watching chick flicks.

(as if stating the truth)
Underwear-clad pillow fight.

Charles winces. Skinner keeps forgetting that he’s talking about his sister when he says these things! They are quiet for a while, each staring into the flames of the fire in front of them. The wood crackles and pops, as embers float up into the air. When out of nowhere:

Dana and I have been seeing
a marriage counselor.

Charles looks over at his brother-in-law, now THAT he did not know. Dana did not tell him that. Skinner looks up, more sober now than before. He hasn’t been involved with Dana in nearly twenty years, but he still feels protective of her.

Everything ok? I mean,
I only know what little
Dana tells me.

John nods his head. He hasn’t talked about his problems with Dana to any of his friends. He’s either kept it to himself, or talked directly with Dana about them. He thinks it might be helpful to bring it up with friends.

We were fighting a lot,
not long after we  both
went back to work at
the Bureau. Being around
each other all day put
a lot of stress on us.

I heard a rumor that you
two were getting a divorce.

John shakes his head.

No. I would never leave her,
not even if things got worse
than they were. I love her
too goddamn much. (beat)
Who’s spreading that rumor?

I think Krycek, but I could
be wrong. I heard it from
my secretary, who said she
heard it from the records
girl on the second floor,
who heard it from someone
who had been in the basement
office looking for a missing
case file, who overheard
someone talking about you two.

John raises his brow, looks like the gossip mill at the Bureau is back in full swing!

This conversation is not going in the direction that Charles, Dana’s little brother, would like it to go. He wants to make sure that his sister is ok. Not that he doesn’t trust John, he loves the man like a brother, but Dana’s history with abusive assholes has him worried enough about how his sister is handling any problems she’s having in her marriage.

She’s ok, right?

What do you mean?

You said you were fighting.
She’s dated some real assholes
before, and I’m worried that
she’s worried that your fights
could turn violent.

It pains Charles to say this to his sister’s husband, but as her only living brother, he has a duty to protect her if necessary.

I would never hurt her,
Charles. You know that.

I know. (beat) Does
she know that?

Of course.

John is a bit thrown off by Charles’ comments, his feelings are hurt even, but he understands where he’s coming from. Dana is his sister, and as her brother (her only living brother, and only living blood relative), he feels the need to come to her defense if needed. John feels the same way, he’d give his life to protect her.

I cheated on her. (beat)
Word to the wise…
Don’t cheat on Dana.
She’s a good woman,
John. Don’t do anything
to fuck it up.

There’s a seriousness to Skinner right now, one that rarely rears its head. John looks at Skinner and can see that Dana still means a lot to him. Sure, Skinner is involved with Shannon now, has been for years, but he knows that Skinner is the marrying type, and Shannon is not. And at Skinner’s age… there must be some regret that he has that he wasn’t able to find (or keep?) the right woman and make her his wife. John suspects that Skinner is still in love with Dana. It wouldn’t bother him if he did, but he doesn’t want it hanging in the air between them if true.

You still love
her, don’t you?

Now it is Charles’ time to raise his brow, that’s an unexpected question! He raises a bottle of water to his lips, forgetting that it’s not beer.

Skinner looks into the fire, and hesitates before answering. He doesn’t want to insult John, but he also wants to be honest with himself.

I will always love her.

It breaks his heart to say those words aloud. He fell in love with Dana when she and him had a teacher-student (she was 18, no worries) affair during her Senior year of high school up in Lake Placid, New York. He had been her poetry teacher, he had also been married to a woman named Sharon at the time, but there was something really special and endearing about Dana Scully.

Other girls in the poetry class he taught had flirted with him in an attempt to raise their grade, but Dana was different, she felt poetry, she had a lot of love in her heart, anger to express, and was much wiser than her physical age.

Before she and Skinner became physical they had had many discussions about the meaning of life, what happens after death, the existence or non-existence in a God, how it feels to be in love, etc., etc. He had been married, but he knew that he had met the girl he would marry, and her name was Dana Scully.

Only she graduated in the spring of 1988, and ran off to Las Vegas with Alex Krycek to help him get his gentlemen’s club, The Gutter, started. Then he didn’t see her again until she joined the FBI in 1993, by that point men high up in a secret government were watching her, and asked him to keep an eye on her. He figured the best way to do that was to initiate a relationship with her again, a secret relationship. It had its good moments, but he always felt guilty about reporting to that Black-Lunged Son-of-a-Bitch, the Smoking Man, about her.

Ultimately, it was his guilt in taking part in spying on her that lead him to Marita’s arms, he couldn’t bear facing Dana with so much guilt in his heart. His affair with Marita tore Dana away from him, and he hasn’t recovered ever since.

Dana’s an easy
woman to love.

There’s an unspoken respect between John and Skinner.

John doesn’t say anything about Skinner still being in love with Dana, and respects the fact that all these years that Skinner hasn’t said anything or tried to interfere in their relationship. Even when Skinner had a chance to try to get back together with her, at the beginning of the Alien War, when Dana (Skinner and Knowle) had all thought him dead, Skinner respected Dana’s relationship with John, and her love for him, to not do a damn thing about his own feelings, even when Dana made advances on him. Instead, Skinner turned down her advances, and protected her and watched over her for John.

And though Skinner still loves Dana, he finds peace and closure in the fact that Dana has the one thing he wants most for her: the love of a good man, children, and happiness.

If Skinner couldn’t be the man to bring her these things, he’s happy as heck that John Doggett can. After all the tragedy in her life, Dana deserves John Doggett and everything that being with him entails.

Charles lifts a stick with a marshmallow on its end, as a toast, breaking the silence.

To the women we love!

John and Skinner lift their sticks with s’mores, joining in the toast.

And to my late wife, Lin
and my daughter, Lilly.
(beat) May they rest in peace.

Heads nod in acknowledgement of Charles’ late wife and daughter who died during the Alien War.



SUNDAY, 31 MAY 2020
7:01 A.M.

Dana, Monica, Marita, Maria, and Shannon fell asleep on the sofa sleeper in the living room last night. On the TV a video of a young John Doggett streaking through a snow-covered boarding school campus is playing on a loop, over and over and over again. The girls laughed themselves to sleep with this video last night.

It’s a bit crowded on the sofa sleeper, but after skinny-dipping together last night, it’s not like they aren’t comfortable with each other. They’re clothed, in nightgowns, nightshirts, and pajamas. Daggoo, hops up on the sofa sleeper and walks across the girls, he makes his way over to Dana and starts licking her face. He lets out a loud YIP! YIP! WOOOOOF!

Dana rolls over and pets Daggoo on the head, and sits up and sees that his tail is whacking Monica in the face, but it hasn’t woken her up. Dana picks up Daggoo, and places him at the foot of the sleeper. No one else is awake yet. Dana looks at the digital display on the cable box underneath the television, it’s just after seven in the morning. How are they not up yet? And why did she sleep in?!

She smiles, seeing the video of Streaking Johnny Jay Doggett playing back on the TV set. This video will never get old! She goes to the DVD player and ejects the disc, and places it back in its case, and sets it on top of the TV.

She makes her way to the kitchen, her hair is a mess, and she looks slightly hung over from all the wine consumed last night. She opens the refrigerator and pours herself a glass of orange juice, and sips at it as she looks out into the back yard and sees that all their bathing suits are still floating in the pool. She looks down at Daggoo who has followed her in the kitchen. He’s still wagging his tail, and looking from her to the back door, his signal that he needs to go out.

C’mon Daggoo. (beat)
Buddy, outside!

Buddy slowly runs into the kitchen and follows Daggoo outside to do their business.

Dana sips at her orange juice again, and thinks to herself: ok, John will be home around noon, so I’ve got about oh… five hours to get the placed cleaned up a bit. I’ve got time. Oh and mental note, no Dana, go write this down… Dana heads over to a notepad on the kitchen counter and writes herself a note:

Make out with John in the pool.

THEN go pick up the kids.

Dana smiles to herself and sticks the note on the fridge with a Batman magnet.


Dana is taking a nap on the living room couch. After the girls left, she decided to lie down to get a little extra sleep in, and hasn’t yet cleaned up after the sleepover.

Buddy is wrapped in her arms, cuddling with her. Daggoo is lying at the foot of the couch, waiting patiently for something exciting to happen. His ears perk up at the sound of John’s truck pulling into the driveway. Daggoo stands up and YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP WOOOOOOOOOFS! all the way to the door.

Dana groggily opens her eyes, just as John enters the house, setting his USMC duffle bag on the ground in the foyer. He bends down and pets Daggoo on the head, and sees Dana getting up from the couch.

Just waking up?

He looks around the house, half expecting the others to still be there. Dana raises her arms above her head and yawns as she walks to him.

No, just napping. We
stayed up too late, and
drank too much last night.

She wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a long kiss on the lips. Eventually she pulls away and looks up, adoringly, into his blue eyes. She smiles, not removing her arms from around his neck.

How was your weekend?

Monica and I made out.

She says this so nonchalantly that John doesn’t believe her. He laughs.

We played Truth or Dare, and
I was dared to kiss her.

John gives her a look, he thinks she’s pulling his leg.

Seriously, Monica and I made out.
(beat) She touched my boob.

Dana points at the boob that Monica held in her hand, and tries hard not to laugh at the expression on John’s face. Like, he believes her, yet he doesn’t believe her, and then at the same time he’s trying to imagine what it would look like, his wife making out with Monica… girl-on-girl… John shakes his head, he can't think of *MONICA* like *THAT* Ew!

I need you to relieve me
of that memory…

She runs her index finger gently behind his ear, smiling up at him mischievously. She presses her body against his, and tilts her head back, signaling that she wants him to kiss her, and he does. He holds her lower back with one hand, and his other hand holds the back of her neck.

He backs her up against the wall, and runs his hand up the Tshirt she is wearing, firmly grasping onto her bare breast. She giggles at the sensation, loving how he’s taking control.

His lips move to her jaw line, then down her neck, and back up to her mouth, his hand weaving through her hair. He hasn’t wanted her this badly in months! Well, he has, but the kids (and his paranoia about them getting walked in on) was omnipresent. He feels her hand slide down the front of his pants, taking hold of him. Mmmmm…

(quietly growls in her ear)
Let’s take this upstairs…

Dana nibbles at his ear.

(into his ear)
Or we can do it right
here… up against the wall.

WHAM BOOM BANG! John feels tightening and blood rushing to his center. He has to have her right now, immediately! And with that John is lifting her shirt up over her head, as she fumbles with the zipper of his jeans, their mouths unable to fully make contact due to how hastily their undressing of each other has become.

John grabs her by her ass, and lifts her up, and her legs wrap around him. His hands are all over her body, and hers wrap around his neck. There’s a thirst they have for each other that they haven’t satisfied in a long time. John positions himself properly, and thrusts into her. She gasps at the sensation. Such little foreplay, yet she was so very, very wet for him.

Though this isn’t skinny-dipping, or making out in the pool as she had intended, in about 30 minutes, and five orgasms later, she’s not even going to remember that she wrote herself that note.




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