"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten


Title: "Jersey #7"

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Series: FRVS - Episode #208

Written by: Cassie

Edited by: Claudine

Classification: humor, drama

Rating: R (language, sex)

Air Date: 30 September 2017

Date Written: 2 December 2016, 10 January 2017, 10 April 2017, 25-27 April 2017

Summary: Marita's Soirée de Noël continues, and Mulder realizes that his lucky rabbit's foot might actually be the real thing!

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Sorry about that cliffhanger.

Now where were we?

Ok, right, it is Christmas Eve 1985, and Marita Covarrubias is having her annual Soirée de Noël. Though she requested everyone dress formally, very few people obliged. Her rules are being broken left and right, and Mr. Skinner (her high school’s poetry teacher) has crashed the party and taken over DJing. Alex Krycek has been banned from entering the Covarrubias Mansion, but he refuses to leave the premises, and decorated the pine tree he and Mulder found in the forest earlier that day (in the hope that Marita will fall back in love with him, and welcome him inside the party).

Meanwhile, Knowle Rohrer and Brad Follmer are vying for the affection of Monica Reyes (even though officially she and Brad are an item), and John Doggett is playing the part of chaperone (doing his best to make sure no one spikes the fruit punch), and lamenting to himself about his failed marriage with Barbara (who is due to give birth to their son any day now).

Fox Mulder, curious about the legitimacy of his newly acquired lucky rabbit’s foot, has decided that though he survived submerging his head in snow for over ten minutes, he needs to continue to test his newfound luck, and he’s about to ski off the rooftop of the Covarrubias Mansion!



The party crowd seems to have grown the further into the evening we get. The indoor pool in the center of the ballroom is full of people: some swimming in their underwear, others skinny dipping. Knowle Rohrer is swinging on the chandelier above the pool, no worries, he’s wearing his boxer shorts now, he’s looking down to see if there’s a safe place to cannonball into the water!

The Lincoln High School poetry teacher, Mr. Walter Skinner, is disco dancing to “Disco Inferno,” in the middle of the room, he’s surrounded by a crowd cheering him on! He’s on fire! He is da man of da hour, yo! He mouths off the words to the song as he burns up the dance floor.

Up above my head I hear music in the air I hear music!
That makes me know there's (somebody) a party somewhere

Satisfaction came in a chain reaction Do you hear?
I couldn't get enough, so I had to self destruct,
The heat was on, rising to the top
Everybody's goin' strong
That is when my spark got hot
I heard somebody say

Burn baby burn! Disco inferno! (Aah yeah!)
Burn baby burn! Burn that mama down
Burn baby burn! Disco inferno, yeah!
Burn baby burn! Burn that mama down
Burn baby burn! Disco inferno! (Aah yeah!)
Burn baby burn! Burn that mama down
Burn baby burn! Disco inferno, yeah!
Burn baby burn! Burn that mama down

SUDDENLY! Mulder runs past the pool party, and runs right out the front door!

Mulder runs right past Alex Krycek who is standing next to the large pine tree that they found in the forest earlier this evening. Though he’s running, Mulder takes a moment to smile at his friend, he sees that he’s taken it upon himself to decorate the tree outside in the front yard, since one: Marita has banned him from entering the party, and two: since Marita is not allowing any Christmas tree inside her house.

Mulder runs to where he parked Skinner’s stolen Delorean, and opens the trunk. He rummages around, and sees their school’s United States History textbook, he picks it up and flips through it (as if he’s getting an idea of something crazy to do from looking through a textbook). He pauses on a picture of President Lincoln, and a Union Army officer, standing in the Oval Office at the White House. Hmmm… that Union Army officer looks awfully familiar to him. There’s something about his ears… Mulder sticks his tongue out at the side of his mouth, and puts the textbook back down.

Then he sees the thing he has to do!

There in the trunk of Mr. Skinner’s Delorean is a pair of snow skis!

(off screen)
Marita! I LOVE YOU!

Mulder looks back at his little buddy, Krycek. He smiles again. He sure hopes that Krycek can win the fair Marita’s heart.

Mulder grabs the snow skis, and runs around to the back of the Covarrubias Mansion, and goes in a back door that leads to a stairwell that leads up to the rooftop.

Once on the rooftop, Mulder sits down carefully and straps on the skis. He’s never actually been skiing officially. The last time he tried skiing off a rooftop he wound up in the hospital for a month in a coma! He also suffered a concussion.

(off screen)

(off screen)

Mulder leans forward, almost losing grip of the lucky rabbit’s foot that he’s taken out of his jeans pocket. He holds it in his hand and kisses it for luck. He sees Scully is now outside, barefoot in the snow. Silly girl!

Mulder carefully stands up, making sure to keep the skis at an angle so he doesn’t accidentally slip off the roof before he intends. He looks back down at Scully and Krycek just as a crystal flower vase flies out of Marita’s bedroom window, it whacks Krycek on the head, and has no affect! Scully says something to Krycek.

Mulder! What the hell, man?!
What's your damage?!


MULDER, YES! Mulder looks down at his buddies. His tongue just barely sticking out of his mouth, he bites his lower lip down on it, he’s determined to see if this lucky rabbit’s foot thing really will give him luck. Last time he did this he wound up in a hospital for a month in a coma, a concussion, a broken arm, a broken leg, and a sprained ankle! If he survives this maybe, JUST MAYBE!, this little rabbit's foot really is lucky!

Mulder looks at the rabbit’s foot in his hand, and places it gently into his jeans pocket. Here goes nothing!

And with a strong push off, Mulder is speeding down the slope of the Covarrubias Mansion roof, heading straight towards the tall tree in the front yard! He closes his eyes, and braces himself for impact!

He feels his feet leave the safety and security of the rooftop, and he’s airborne!

Mulder giggles! This is fun! (author’s note: never try this at home, it is dangerous and irresponsible!)


Mulder shifts his body weight mid-air, and flies right over Krycek and Scully! Who are freaking out below him! He waves at them to assure them that he “knows what he’s doing.”

Before he knows it, this skis land on the top of Skinner’s Delorean, and he skis right off the car! He’s safe! He can’t believe it! He skids into a snowplow stop. He turns around and sees Krycek and Scully running toward him. He can tell that Scully is feeling the pain of running barefoot in the snow, and she stops as Krycek picks her up and carries her in his arms!

Mulder! DUDE!
That was so cool!

It worked! That gift the
old woman gave me worked!

Mulder is attempting to run towards Krycek and Scully with the skis still attached to his feet. It isn’t working well, he has to take huge steps, yet… he isn’t falling down.

Scully quick hops out of Krycek’s arms, runs up to Mulder and smacks him upside the head! Then she runs quickly back to Krycek and crawls onto his back, and he holds onto her, piggy-back ride-style.

Mulder! (beat) You scared
the shit out of me! Don’t
ever do that again!

It’s ok, mom! Errrm... I mean
Scully! I’m a lucky dude!

Mulder finally makes it over to Krycek and Scully, a huge doofy grin on his face.

That was so much fun!
I was flying!

Krycek (giving a piggy-back ride to Scully), and Mulder head back toward the Covarrubias Mansion.

Where did you get
the skis from?

Mr. Skinner.

The three of them enter the house. Marita angrily makes her way down the stairs, and sees Mulder standing on her marble floored foyer with dirty snow skis on.


Scared, Mulder’s eyes bug wide open, and he tries to run out the front door, but he can’t move so swiftly in skis, so he loses his balance and falls down. He quickly removes the skis from his feet, and runs back outside to put the skis back in the trunk of the stolen Delorean.

Marita gives a look to Krycek, it looks like she’s about ready to rip him a new one, so Scully walks away as fast as she can to avoid being dragged into their drama.

She walks back into the ballroom, passing a blond girl (who looks to be much too young to be in attendance at this party), the girl is holding a Barbie pink spiral bound notebook (and if we look close enough we see she's written "Mulder ♥ Scully, and Scully ♥ Mulder, and MSR, and I ♥ MSR" all over it).

Scully doesn't notice her, instead she scans the room for her other "friends", her cheerleader friends. Someone, not Mr. Skinner, has taken over DJing the party, and one of Scully’s favorite singers, Madonna, is playing!

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn’t know how lost I was
Until I found you

I was beat
I’d been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new

Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine

Scully joins her cheerleader friends. They scowl at her, unimpressed with her appearance. Her pretty white dress has red and green stains all over it. Her hair is falling out of its chignon. Scully looks like she’s spent too much time trying to clean up after the party-goers, rather than to maintain being pretty. The group of cheerleaders turn their backs to her, laughing.

Scully doesn’t care. She may be only fifteen years old, but she feels like she’s had the life experience of a twenty-five year old! And it’s not like these cheerleaders are close friends, they’re really just acquaintances.

Of course, ever since she was young, she’s been babysitting her older friends, Mulder and Krycek, so she’s used to dealing with immature idiots. But she’s earned her emotional older age in other ways as well. She’s dealt with a family member molesting her, and other men –much too old for her- who wanted to be with her sexually too. Her mother, Margaret, keeps introducing her to “doctors from New York…” with intent to marry her into a family of money. All the while her mother fawns over her current, abusive, boyfriend, Scott Williams.

Her father, Captain William Scully, is rarely ever at home, and when he is, her mother keeps him busy so that she can’t spend much alone time with him to let him know what’s been going on.

At Marita’s parties she’s always in charge of chaperoning and cleanup duty. And quite honestly, all she wants to do is run away from home, and never come back.

Just as she is on the verge of tears, she sees Mulder running very, very fast towards the French doors that open up to the back yard. He’s blindfolded, and he can’t possibly know exactly where the door is. She winces, expecting Mulder to run face first into the glass door, but someone outside opens it just in time, and Mulder just keeps on running! Whew! What luck! Scully shakes her head, Mulder’s never had such good luck, usually when he’s been blindfolded he runs into everything he could possibly run into, especially her bosom (more times than she can count!).

Clock strikes upon the hour
And the sun begins to fade
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away
I’ve done alright up to now
It’s the light of day that shows me how
And when the night falls, loneliness calls

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

Scully turns around to head toward the refreshment table, she’s thirsty and hungry. She sees Knowle Rohrer (now dressed again in his black Tshirt and jeans). He looks suspicious, looking left then right. She makes a mad dash to him, stepping on something very wet and very red on Daddy C’s new white rug! Dammit!


She grabs Knowle’s hand and sees a large bottle of vodka (now empty) in it.


Don’t “HEY!” me, buster!
NO spiking the fruit punch!

Scully shoos him away.

Now, GET!

Knowle raises his hands up in the air, dropping the empty bottle on the ground, it shatters around her bare feet. He backs away and disappears into the crowd dancing to Whitney Houston. Scully lets out an angry sigh, then looks both ways. No one is watching her so she takes a plastic red cup, and dips it into the spiked fruit punch, and downs the drink.

The alcohol might help her relax. As she gulps down a second cup of the drink, a man’s hands wrap around her waist, his breath on her neck. She knows this touch all too well, it’s Scott.

No one is charging for a room,
wanna go upstairs and fuck?

Scully manages to get out of his grasp. She has no desire to go upstairs and get raped tonight. She hates him. She turns around to face him.

I’d rather not be
raped tonight, Scott.

She tries to walk away from him, but he grabs her forcefully and pulls her back to him.

Let me go.

He scares her. She’s terrified of him. He’s raped her a total of eight times now since the first time back in September at the Homecoming Dance after party. Each time he’s gotten more and more violent with her. The last time, he held his hunting knife to her throat while he thrusted into her with all his strength.

Scott grabs onto her arm, she knows that a bruise will show tomorrow, his grasp on her is so tight. She’s scared for her life now. She’s never told him to his face, pre-rape, that she has no desire to get raped. She’s told him to stop, and she’s said “no,” but she’s never called it rape to his face. She closes her eyes, and reminds herself that he’s set to graduate from Lincoln High School next May… only five more months of his shit and then she’ll be free.

I can do whatever I want to, Dana.
You know that. Do not test me.

He draws her closer to him, and nibbles on her ear, harder and harder. It hurts.

And your mama doesn’t
care what happens to you.
(beat) Remember that.

Scully hears him open his Swiss Army knife. She feels light-headed now. She knows she cannot avoid him now.

I’ve always wondered what you’d
sound like if my knife was fucking you…

Scully’s heart stops, and she goes deathly pale. Scott’s hands move up the front of her dress, and rest between her legs.

(off screen)

Scott lets go of Scully, and they turn to face Marita as if nothing is wrong. Scully hasn’t told any of her friends what Scott has done to her, but she knows that they know he’s an asshole (just not the full extent of how much of an asshole he really is).

Mascara is running down Marita’s face. Scully turns to Scott and rises on her tip toes to give him a kiss.

I’ll catch up with you later, Scott.
Marita is having a crisis.

She flashes Scott an “adoring” smile as he winks at her and walks away.

Krycek says he loves me,
but I hate him!


What else is new?! Scully forces herself to NOT roll her eyes at Marita.

Yes. I hate him so much, but I love
him. I hate him! And I love him.
What’s wrong with me?! I’m popular,
practically a princess, and he’s annoying,
and charming, and cute, and obnoxious,
and so sexy! But I love, I mean, I hate him!

Marita flings herself into Scully’s arms.

There, there. Let’s go find the
squad and see if they can help
figure things out for you.

By “squad” Scully means the cheerleaders. Scully leads Marita away to find them.

They make their way across the ballroom, and hear some loud male yelling like Tarzan. They stop, and look up, and see Mr. Skinner swinging from the crystal chandelier above the pool. He’s only in his black silk boxer shorts now, he sees them and waves. Then he lets go, and plunges into the pool! Water splashes all over the place!

Dana. (beat) Get the mop
and clean that up.

Marita seems to be over her love/hate crisis about Krycek, she storms off towards the cheerleaders, who welcome her with open arms. Scully just stands there. She wants to leave, or curl up in a dark corner, alone, for the rest of her life.

(off screen)
Hey, Red!

Knowle places his hand on Scully’s shoulder. She’s in no mood, and has no energy, so she turns around and looks up at him.

Sorry about the spiking thing.

Knowle sees that she’s distraught, weaker than their first meeting by the punch bowl only minutes ago. He leans down to look her in the eyes, and sees tears are threatening to fall down her face. He gently touches her face. Scully looks back at him, he’s cute enough, seems kind enough…

Wanna go upstairs, get a room?

Knowle wasn’t expecting that! He looks her over and nods his head. She’s pretty, she’s his type. Why not? Scully takes hold of his hand and leads him to the stairs. She grabs a condom out of a large box that is at the foot of the stairs which has a sign that says “free for all.”

What’s your name, Red?


That’s a pretty name.

But what would Knowle do if he found out that "Danielle" is really "Dana Katherine Scully?" Only a few months back he had called her up at home, the night before John's wedding to Barbara, and talked to her. If he knew that "Danielle" was really the girl that Grandmama Reyes had told John about when they were kids, would he continue upstairs with her to a bedroom to have meaningless sex with her, or would he drag her over to John and introduce them?

Let's see how this goes now, shall we?

Knowle is trying to be charming. He’s had plenty of experience with women, but rarely does he sleep with a girl he doesn’t know well enough. He prides himself on being an excellent lover, and in order to do that he needs to have some kind of connection with her.

Scully pushes him into one of the vacant bedrooms, he trips and falls to the floor. Before he knows it, she’s straddling him, using her teeth to tear open the condom wrapper. Her free hand is unzipping his pants. She bends down to kiss him, he expects on the mouth, but she kisses his neck instead.

He feels a tear fall onto his neck. She’s crying. He tries to sit up.

Whoa, whoa… slow down.

He gently holds her by the shoulders, and sits up. She gives in, she doesn’t know why she’s doing this just that he’s not Scott. And that she's in control of the situation, and this guy doesn't feel threatening in any way.

(starting to cry)
No… I need this. You have
no idea… I just…

She lowers her head and sobs. Her pretty white dress is ruined, she’s lost her shoes, her feet hurt from stepping on the broken glass of a vodka bottle (and walking barefoot in the snow), Scott is threatening to rape her sometime later tonight. She’s had too much. She just can't anymore.

If there’s anything that scares Knowle away, it’s a crying girl. He doesn’t know what to say to a girl when she’s crying, for fear he’ll make things worse. He zips up his pants, and moves her off of him, he stands up.

Uh… there’s tissue
on the nightstand.

Knowle, though he feels bad for her, leaves the room. Immediately upon entering the hallway, he runs into his girlfriend, Shannon McMahon. Her arms are crossed.

Who was that?

Some girl.

He heads back down the stairs, Shannon follows.

Some girl? (beat) Could
you not get it up for her?!

Shannon laughs. Knowle ignores her, and pushes past Alex Krycek who is still standing in the foyer, he hasn’t dared enter into the ballroom where the actual Christmas party is taking place!

Krycek’s eyes are wide with amazement. The décor of the ballroom exceeds his expectations. There are kids swinging on the chandelier, couples making out on the many couches that are dispersed all over the room. There are cookies and candies at the refreshment tables, and some gorgeous girls and boys in attendance… before Krycek knows it, he’s wandered into the middle of the ballroom (without permission).

This is the best Christmas party on Earth!

And then he sees her… Marita Lynn Covarrubias! She’s changed her dress since she was up in her bedroom, hurling glass vases, books, toys, and other objects out the window at him. She’s more beautiful than ever in a red old-fashioned, 1860s style, ball gown. The size of the hoop, poofing out the skirt of the dress, makes her waist look so tiny. She’s gorgeous! Little does Krycek know, but he’s spotted Marita’s twin sister, Maria. He makes his way toward her as Heart’s song “What About Love” plays, this song is the soundtrack in his head for his own personal love story movie scene he’s about to make.

I’ve been lonely
I’ve been waiting for you
I’m pretending and that’s all I can do
The love I’m sending
Ain’t making it through to your heart

You’ve been hiding, never letting it show
Always trying to keep it under control
You got it down and you’re well
On the way to the top
But there’s something that you forgot

What about love
Don’t you want someone to care about you
What about love
Don’t let it slip away

Krycek takes Maria by the hand, and kisses it, and leads her out to the dancefloor.

What about love
I only want to share it with you
You might need it someday

(soft, romantic)
You look so beautiful in red, Marita.

Maria opens her mouth to let him know that he is dancing with the wrong twin, but he kisses her. Her first reaction is to want to pull away from him, but he’s a good kisser. So she gives in. Heck! If Marita doesn’t want  him, why shouldn’t she have him?

What about love
Don’t you want someone to care about you
What about love
Don’t let it slip away
What about love
I only want to share it with you

Scully passes Maria and Krycek and smiles. She’s always thought that Krycek would be better off with the more stable sister. Marita is a mess. Maria is not.


Mulder is sitting, fully clothed, away from a group of teenagers he doesn’t know who are losing their clothing in a game of Strip Spin The Bottle.

It’s Mulder’s turn to spin the bottle, and he does. It lands on a cute strawberry blond girl, wearing only her hot pink bra and panties, and outside in the snowy cold weather at that! These kids are crazy!

So… if I don’t kiss her while
touching her boobies, I have
to lose an article of clothing?

GUY #1
Correct! The point of the game is to
not regress the progression of sexual
contact while kissing that was set by
the previous spinner. (beat) Steve here
touched Amy’s boobs, therefore you
have to touch Jill’s boobs. (beat) And
you can do more than that if you so please.
(beat) If you refuse to touch her boobs,
then you have to lose an article of clothing.

Umm… ok…

Mulder is only sixteen years old! He's never touched a girl on the boob before! Heck, he just recently got into sneaking peeks at Playpen magazine, and even then he feels sooooooooooo guilty about looking at women like that, being exposed in "entertainment" magazines for men.

Ohh... no.... what. to. do......?

Mulder grins very big, stands up and runs away from this Strip Spin The Bottle group. He eventually stops and sits down on the side of the hot tub. He takes out his lucky rabbit’s foot.

Ok, little foot… I survived
thirty minutes with my head
in snow. I didn’t suffocate, and
I didn’t get frostbite, and I skied
off a rooftop and didn’t even get
a bruise so… you must work.

Mulder pets the rabbit’s foot.

I have some wishes to make, and
it doesn’t matter how long they take
to get granted so long as one day
they come true, ok?

Mulder holds the rabbit’s foot to his ear, then shakes his head and laughs at his own silliness, a rabbit’s foot isn’t going to talk back to him!

I hope, I hope, I hope, and I wish that
Star Wars is real, and that right now, in
a galaxy far, far away, Han Solo is winning
Princess Leia’s heart, and that Vader really
isn’t a bad guy at all, maybe even a really
nice guy who has a couple good friends
in the Empire who can help him find goodness
long before Luke shows up.

Mulder hears the French doors of the house open behind him. He watches as Scott Williams, and his asshole friends, come outside lighting up their cigarettes, and drinking beer.

Also, little foot… help Dana Katherine Scully.
Help her to find the love of her life, the man
she’ll marry, the father of her children. If you
could make that happen tonight, that’d be great.
But if not… make him the kind of man who is
understanding, who will love her, and treat her
right. And if she finds him tonight, let him stand
by her side as she breaks up with Scott.

Mulder glares at Scott. He hates him so much. Scully may not tell him, or their friends, everything shitty about Scott, but Mulder is no dummy, and he’s noticed the bruises she tries to hide. He has noticed the change in her mood and behaviour when Scott is with her. Maybe he should study psychology in college so that if Scully ever needs help emotionally, psychologically, he’ll be able to help her.

Please let Scully find a man who will love her for
who she is, regardless of what she’s been through.
Let their love never die, let it last forever and ever
and ever and ever, forever. (beat) Protect both
Scully and her husband from anything that can
tear them apart. (beat) Oh and I can't live with
just three Star Wars movies, so please, little foot,
let George Lucas continue to make more Star Wars
movies, lots of them. Prequels, stand-alone stories,
sequels, whatever it takes to keep Star Wars alive
forever. And if one day Mister Lucas doesn't want
Star Wars anymore, let Disney take over because,
you know, Disney Princesses... Princess Leia...

(off screen, seductive)
Howdy, stranger.

Mulder opens his eyes only to see Shannon McMahon standing behind him in the hot tub, completely naked! She wraps her arms around him, and pulls him into the hot tub with her. Mulder’s eyes go WIDE! as he stares at her bare breasts. He’s never seen a naked lady in person before. He gulps, gulps, gulps, and GULPS.

I-I-I-I’m Mulder.

Call me… Aqua Girl…
I like doing it in water.

Mulder’s face turns a deep shade of red as Shannon’s hand rubs against his jeans, discovering a huge buldge! Why oh why did seeing this naked lady get him so… aroused?!

Wanna have sex?

Off Mulder’s scared look…



Walter Skinner is standing up on the elevated stage that was set up for the DJ, he's dressed up as Santa Claus now, and is lip-synching to Eartha Kitt's rendition of "Santa Baby." He's being flirty to all of the girls in the room, he comes off the stage and continues lip-synching as he walks through the crowd on the dance floor.

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Skinner passes Knowle Rohrer, and winks at him, and caresses his shoulder as he continues to lip-synch. Knowle scowls at him, and wipes his shirt where Skinner caressed him.

Santa baby, an auto space convertible too, light blue
I’ll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Scully is the center of attention among the cheerleading squad now. She seems to be in a better mood after her near sexual encounter (read: breakdown) with Knowle, and her earlier unpleasant encounter with Scott.

You’re a scardey-cat, Dana!

I am not. I just don’t see the fun in
approaching a complete stranger, trying
to seduce him with dumb song lyrics.

Honestly, hanging out with the cheerleaders can be exhausting, and all Scully wants to do is put on pajamas, go to bed, and read a bit in “Gone With The Wind” (her favorite book). She starts looking around the room. Where is her very own Rhett Butler to save her from this dull conversation?

You could hum the music of The Nutcracker
and dance to show off your ballet dancer
flexibility, guys love to have sex with
flexible girls. They think of strippers-

-I don’t use flexibility
to seduce a man either.

A younger – as in, “do your parents know you’re at this party and not in bed sleeping?’ – blond girl speaks up. She’s not a Lincoln High School cheerleader, nor is she from Lincoln High’s rival high school, Northwood Academy, she’s a seventh grader, and her name is Leyla Harrison.

Yes, *that* Leyla Harrison. The FBI accountant who bothers Mulder and Scully later in life because she ‘ships them. MSR Forever-like ‘ships them!

I think you should be with Mulder.
You two are perfect for each other.
Mulder loves you. You love Mulder.
Your love is so obvious, and pure.
It’s so perfect that I write romance
stories about you guys, I call your
relationship the MSR.

O…K… so Leyla’s obsession with Mulder/Scully (the MSR) began earlier than we first thought!

Scully gives Leyla a look. Leyla’s eyes light up, the look acknowledges now that Scully knows who she is!

How about this… we choose a musical
artist, and you get to choose which song
lyrics to use to pick up a guy.

Girl #1 points toward the refreshment table, at John Doggett, who has returned to guard it against would-be fruit punch spikers.

That guy guarding the punch bowl…
he’s your target.

For the first time tonight, Scully lays her eyes on John Doggett. He seems familiar, but she can’t place where she could have seen him before. He’s cute, seems slightly older than she is. Pointy ears, military cut brown hair, nice fitting jeans, and he’s wearing a Northwoods Academy football jersey #7. He looks “safe.”

I can get him to sleep with me.
No problem.

John Doggett glances down at his wrist watch. It’s almost 10 P.M. He wonders if he should find a phone and call his parents. It’s only 9 P.M. in Texas, and he’s never missed being with them on Christmas Eve, not until this year.

Santa Baby, and fill my stocking with a duplex and checks
Sign your 'x' on the line
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some decorations bought at Tiffany
I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me

Walter Skinner, in much less Santa outfit than we last saw him, lip-synchs in front of Doggett for a moment, and caresses Doggett's face, and winks at him. Doggett smells the bittersweet scent of weed on Skinner. He shoos him away, and does his best to ignore him.

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring
I don't mean on the phone
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry, tonight

Skinner revels in the cheering of the crowd around him as the song ends, thus his little, sexy lip-synching episode. Doggett shakes his head. This party is uneventful for him. He hasn’t seen, nor spent any time with Knowle, Monica, Brad, or Shannon as he hoped he would have the chance to do. They’re off doing their own thing. He should have just stayed at home with Barbara tonight.

There’s a tap on his shoulder, and he turns around and sees Mulder.

Mulder is sopping wet, fully clothed, the sheepish boy whom Shannon just tried to seduce outside in the hot tub. He has that United States History textbook in his hand that he found in the back of Skinner's Delorean.

Is this you?

Mulder shoves the textbook up into Doggett’s face, pointing to the picture of President Lincoln in the Oval Office, with the Union Army officer next to him. Doggett looks at the picture, and figures this kid is asking him if he’s the Union Army officer. The guy in the picture does seem to have similarities to him, but obviously it’s not him.


You sure?


Yes, you’re sure,
or yes, it’s you?

Yes, I’m sure
it’s not me.

Doggett points to the caption under the photo.

(reading caption)
It says the photo was taken in
1863. We’re in 1985.

Mulder frowns. He’s still thrown off by how strongly Shannon came on to him.

Oh… right. (beat) But he does
kinda look like you, dontcha think?

Doggett looks at the photo again.

I had relatives who served
with the Union Army during
the Civil War. Maybe that’s
one of them.


Mulder walks away. Doggett shakes his head, and turns around just in time to stop someone from adding (more?) alcohol to the punch bowl. There’s another tap on his shoulder, he turns. It’s Mulder again.

If you could time travel
where would you go?

(no hesitation)
April 4th, 1985.

Mulder is disappointed, he meant to ask when in historical events would he want to visit. Mulder walks away again.

It’s true, if Doggett could go back in time to his 18th birthday, he wouldn’t have unprotected sex with Barbara, a girl he hardly knew, in the passenger seat of a car. If he had never slept with her, he wouldn’t be married now, and he wouldn’t be in a marriage where his wife is encouraging him to hook up with other women! Of course if he hadn’t slept with Barbara, his son wouldn’t be on the way, and though he’s never met his son, he loves him with all his heart and soul-

There’s another tap on his shoulder. It’s Mulder.

I meant in history. When in history?
Because I’ve been saving up money
to invent a time machine since I was
seven. I’m thinking I should travel
back to stop my sister, Samantha, from
being abducted by aliens.

Doggett raises an eyebrow, then turns and sniffs the punch, yep, it’s spiked, and he guesses that this guy has dipped into it.

Probably back to 1776, and be
witness to the creation of the
United States of America.

That’s deep.

Mulder contemplates this for a moment, then walks away again.

Doggett turns his attention back to the spiked punch, and he wonders where the kitchen is so he can go dump it down the drain.

There’s another tap on his shoulder. He turns around expecting Mulder again, but instead he sees a petite red-head, the same girl he saw earlier during the party. She looks like this party has her beat, and he notices the red and green stains (from the frosted cookies?) are all over her white dress. She’s smiling up at him, and before he realizes it, her hand is touching his arm.


Scully’s eyes lower, now looking at his lips. She raises her eyes to look back up into his own.


Doggett smiles at her too.

I’m Danielle Smith.

That’s a pretty name.

Now that she is standing next to this man, she knows that he’s unlike all the other high school boys, or college boys she’s typically hit on. She looks him up and down, he’s wearing a red and white football jersey with the number seven on the front. He’s not dressed up in Christmas formals, he’s not streaking around the ballroom like some of the other boys at the party. He’s in his school’s football jersey, standing guard by the punch bowl. This guy… this man… he seems responsible, he’s a real man. Mmm… he even smells more manly than anyone else here. She runs her hand up his arm, to his bicep.

Wow! (beat) I mean… umm…

She’s at a loss for words to explain her outburst reaction to how hard his bicep muscle is. She’s standing here, caressing the arm of a man her friends dared her to hit on, pick up, and even have sex with – using a pickup line directly from song lyrics from a Madonna song! What song? That’s up to her, and at this very moment she regrets taking the dare.

You look like you’re having as much
fun at this party as I am.

Doggett tries to break the ice. He hopes that he will spend the rest of this party talking to her. He’s drawn to her. She’s not obsessed with how she looks, her hair is a mess, her dress is stained, and she’s barefoot, and he’s not entirely sure that she’s aware of any of this.

Scully quickly breaks eye contact with him to try to hide her honest reaction to just how shitty this party actually has been for her. From being in charge of trying to keep the crowd tame, to rushing to clean up spills, and other messes, to Scott Williams saying he wants to have sex with/rape her tonight, it’s too much. She removes her hand from Doggett’s arm, and covers her mouth, stifling a cry. Doggett hears it nonetheless. He touches her shoulder. He’s concerned.


I’m sorry, it’s just…

Scully motions to the stains on her dress, and her messy hair.

Want to go sit down and talk?

Scully nods her head.

They make their way to a couch a few feet away, against the wall in the ballroom. They sit down on the couch, opposite of Monica Reyes and Brad Follmer (who are making out).

Scully positions herself to look at Doggett, their eyes meet. His eyes are the most gorgeous shade of blue. He uses his hand to place a strand of her hair behind her ear. Scully knows her hair is a mess now, but lucky for her she looks great when disheveled.

I’m sorry, I don’t know
what to say.

And she means this, what do you say to a stranger who is the only person to show you this much attention, and concern all day?

I drove all afternoon in a blizzard
to come to this party to spend time
with friends I hadn’t seen in months.

Doggett motions to Monica and Brad with his thumb, Scully looks behind Doggett, at Monica and Brad.

And they’re busy sucking face
so I have no one to hang out with.

My friend, Marita, is the one throwing
this party. I feel I’m the only responsible
one here. (beat) I’m in charge of clean up.
I’ve already had to bleach carpet, unclog
a toilet, mop the floor, and remove tree
sap from furniture, chase a stray cat out of
the house, pick up cigarette butts…

Scully starts laughing. Saying this out loud makes her attendance at this party seem absolutely ridiculous, she's Marita’s very own Cinderella.

It sure doesn’t seem like
Christmas, that’s for sure.

One of my other friends is
skinny dipping in the hot
tub outside. Obviously, I’m
not taking part in that either.
(beat) Instead I’m here
talking with you.

Scully’s heart sinks. Does he not want to talk to her?

I’m sorry, I’ll let you be.

She starts to stand up, but he stops her.

No, I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

He gives her a sincere smile.

(motions outside the window)
If I were still standing alone, who
knows, maybe Shan’ would come
in here and try to get me to streak
outside in the snow storm.

Scully looks out the window, and sees Shannon McMahon streaking in the snow, she’s only wearing her USMC issued army boots. Shannon is chasing after Scully's boyfriend, Scott Williams. Scully laughs, more relaxed now that she knows Scott is outside, and not inside where he might see her talking with this guy.  But just in case… she scans the room, perhaps they need to go someplace more private to talk.

She lets out a soft sigh, and settles back down next to Doggett, she lets her fingers lightly touch his knuckles. She stays quiet until a slow song starts to play, Madonna’s “Crazy For You.” It’s weird, she’s never felt comfortable in around men she finds attractive, but with this Jersey #7 guy… she rests her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes. She feels his hand rest on her forearm.

Swaying room as the music starts
Strangers making the most of the dark
Two by two their bodies become one

I see you through the smokey air
Can’t you feel the weight of my stare
You’re so close but still a world away
What I’m dying to say, is that

I’m crazy for you
Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true
I never wanted anyone like this

She smells like strawberries and vanilla. Sitting here, with her resting against him, this feels right. This girl, Danielle Smith, he wishes this moment would never end. Unlike other girls he knows (Shannon excluded) Danielle isn’t obsessed with how she looks. She seems absolutely comfortable with who she is, and doesn’t seem to be out to be someone she’s not in order to impress. This is the worst party he’s ever been to, but with her, he’s content, relaxed even. He hasn’t felt this comfortable with someone else in over a year.

Scully sits up straighter, allowing her face to be close to his. He can feel her breath on his lips. He wants to kiss her, but isn’t sure if he should. He is married after all, but... Her eyes lock with his, and she holds his hand. She can't believe she's about to do this… but her friends would never let her live it down if she didn't follow through on the dare to try to hit on this guy with Madonna song lyrics.

(quiet, soft)
I didn’t know how lost
I was until I found you.

She removes her hand from his, and touches his face. If he were standing, her touch would leave him weak in the knees. She’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He moves to look her in the eyes again, and touches the side of her face, then he kisses her without guilt.

Her mind draws a blank momentarily, as she opens her mouth to his. She feels his hand rest on the bare skin of her lower back, he presses her closer to him. The kiss deepens, and she moves to press her chest against his. She needs to move this elsewhere, before Scott sees her (he would probably kill her if he saw her kissing another man).

Doggett replays her words in his head, “I didn’t know how lost I was until I found you,” no sweeter words have ever been said to him (he has no idea the words are lyrics from a Madonna song). He moves his hand from her face, and down to her bare shoulder, careful to just barely caress the side of her breast, and then rests his hand on her waist. The thin, satin dress makes it feel like she’s barely wearing anything at all.

His lips part from hers and he kisses her neck, he feels her head rest against his and her arms wrap around him, holding him closer to her body.

Doggett has never felt this way about a woman before, and for a split second his heart is jolted by the cold reality that he’s a married man, but dammit to hell, his wife told him to hook up with someone else, and he’s a man, and he hasn’t been with a woman since his birthday last April, and this Danielle Smith… he breathes in her scent… there’s something happening between them that neither one of them has ever felt before. This connection they have, even with so few words, is special.

Slowly now we begin to move
Every breath I’m deeper into you
Soon we two are standing still in time
If you read my mind, you’ll see

I’m crazy for you
Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true
I never wanted anyone like this
It’s all brand new, you’ll feel it in my kiss
You’ll feel it in my kiss because
I’m crazy for you

He moves his hand that rests on her lower back up to her shoulder, and hooks his thumb under the strap of her dress, he intentionally lowers the strap off her shoulder, and kisses where it had been, she moans quietly which sends a rush of blood straight to his center. She gently nibbles on his earlobe, and dear god he had no idea that could feel so good.

Follow me…

She stands up, holding his hand in hers. Without another word she leads him through the crowd on the dance floor, into the foyer, and up the stairs.

Leyla Harrison is seated on the stairs, her eyes light up when she sees Scully heading upstairs with a man! At first she thinks it's Mulder, but on second take, she realizes it's some other man! Not Mulder! Leyla stomps her foot on the floor in front of her and stands up! Life's not fair! Mulder and Scully are meant to be! Not Scully and whoever this jerk is!

Doggett and Scully walk down the dimly lit hallway, incapable of keeping their hands off of each other, and they enter into the master bedroom (ignoring a sign on the door that reads: STAY OUT. The lights are off in the room, only the light from the back patio lights shines through the window, giving way to the king size bed.

Scully backs him toward the bed, her fingers fumbling to undo his pants. He holds onto the back of her neck, and pulls her to him, kissing her with a passion he’s never felt before, and after tonight, a passion he should never let himself feel again. His pants fall down around his ankles, and she pulls out of their kiss. The look in her eyes says it all, she wants to make love to him, and he’s more than happy to oblige.

With both his hands, he lifts her white dress off her body. His heart races, throbbing in his ears, and he looks at her bare breasts, and white lace panties. he places one hand on her breast and squeezes it gently, he drops her dress to the floor. She lifts his red football jersey over his head, dropping it to the floor, and he strips off the white Tshirt he was wearing underneath it. He feels her warm lips kissing his chest, and he holds her head in his hands. He feels the back of his knees hit the side of the bed, and he lowers himself onto it, holding her by the waist as she straddles him.

Doggett runs his hands up her arms, and then back down her back, he slips his thumb around the hem of her panties, and she leans down to nibble on his earlobe again, her center gently rubs against his growing erection. Her breath is warm on his ear.

(whispers, seductive)
Rip them off…

Her teeth gently tug at his earlobe, and she lets out a loud gasp as he swiftly rips her panties off. She shimmies her way down his body, pulling off his boxer shorts.

As she crawls back up to his chest, he takes her and flips her onto her back, immediately her hand is stroking him, leading him into her warm center.

I don’t have any condoms.

Doesn’t matter.
I like taking risks.

Before he can try to argue with her, he feels her muscles tighten around him, he gasps, and tilts his head back, it’s exquisite. She’s working quickly, as if she is in a hurry to finish. He needs to slow this down, they are in no rush. He pulls most of his length out of her, and leans down and kisses her, gently fondling her breast. He kisses her slowly, and does his best not to push deeper into her just yet.

He wants this to last as long as possible, he wants to pleasure her, and doesn’t want her to think that he’s one of those guys who wants to orgasm as soon as possible then leave.

He looks her in the eyes, and feels her spread her legs wider for him. He nuzzles his cheek into her neck, and kisses her shoulder. Then he feels her fingertips glide up and down his arm, and then gently touching the side of his torso. She understands now that he wants to take this slow.

In her fifteen years, she has never had a lover who wanted to take his time with her. She’s not even certain she’s ever experienced an orgasm. She appreciates that he isn’t selfish, and that they both want the exact same thing… to enjoy each other, and to give each other pleasure.



Skinner is now leading a dance-off to Madonna's "Into The Groove" in the middle of the dance floor, someone has placed a blond "Madonna" wig on his head, and he's tearing up the floor! It's a good thing that Marita's "no teachers allowed" rule didn't stick! Skinner is the life of the party!

Knowle Rohrer growls to himself as he sits only feet away from where Monica and Brad are making out, horizontal-like, on a couch. This is not how this night was supposed to go. Brad was supposed to be in England spending Christmas with his family, but no… he decided at the last minute to stay in Lake Placid with Monica.

Brad always comes off as a snooty British pretty boy, not exactly the kind of person who would be interested in a girl like Monica. This pisses off Knowle.

Monica is outgoing, relaxed, and fun to be with. Brad is dull, boring, and pretentious – coming off as if he thinks he’s superior to everyone.

And yet, there they are… swapping spit! Knowle feels the need to punch Brad in the face, just because! Oh geez! What if they’ve already had sex?! It was bad enough when John and Monica did that deed, but it would be worse of Monica willingly allowed Brad to screw her!

Knowle leans over and flicks Brad’s ear with his finger.

Mr. Rohrer. (beat) Do you
mind? We’re busy.


(sitting up)
Knowle, what is it?
You look really distraught.

Monica turns all her attention to Knowle now. Suck it, Brad! Knowle gives Brad a little smirk. But he has to think fast now, other than them swapping spit, what could make him look distraught?!

I saw John go upstairs with
a girl about ten minutes ago.

Monica pushes Brad off of her, and stands up, pulling Knowle up from the chair he was sitting in. Brad gives Knowle a dirty look: asshole.

No! YOU LIE! John’s
not the cheating type!

Didn’t see ‘em take any
condoms either. Think
he’ll knock this girl up too?

Monica grabs Knowle by the shirt with both hands.

He has Doggett Super Sperm!
GAH! Knowle! He’s going to
knock up another girl!

Do we even care?

We have to stop him! He’s married!
(beat) Granted, married for the wrong
reasons, but he’s still married!

Hoping to incite some jealousy, Knowle adds:

I almost had her too.
She’s really pretty.

(not jealous at all)
What does she look like?


- Everyone is short to you, Knowle.

Red-head, seems like a total head
case though, her dress was very… clingy.


Knowle, why don’t you go stop John
before he has a bastard child with
one of the local whores?

I don’t think she’s a whore, Brad.
I didn’t see John give her any money.

The song “Conga” by Miami Sound Machine starts playing, and before Brad knows what’s happened, Mulder has pulled him up off the couch, and is forcing him to join the conga line he’s forming! Monica laughs at Brad, and waves goodbye to him. She turns to Knowle, who looks a bit more thoughtful, considerate.

Maybe we should let John have
tonight. (beat) You know he hasn’t
been laid since April, right?

What? (beat) But what about
his wedding night?

Knowle gives her a look and shakes his head “no.”

He and Barbara aren’t intimate.
I doubt they ever will be.

Monica frowns. It hurts her that Doggett married someone he doesn’t even love, and who doesn’t love him either.

She takes hold of Knowle’s hand and starts leading him out to the dance floor where the conga line is gaining more people.

Aw, c’mon! Conga line?

Conga line!

Knowle lets her lead him out to join the Conga line, Mulder is at the head of it, and waves at them as they join in the fun!


The weight of Doggett’s body on top of hers, combined with her arousal, is threatening to send her into a panic. When Scott forces himself on her, he is always on top, in the dominant position, and in complete control. She never has a say about anything he does to her body. Scully instinctively squeezes her eyes shut, and tries to take herself out of this moment with Jersey #7. In her head she starts counting down from one-hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven, ninety-six, ninety-five, ninety-four, ninety-three… Doggett has stopped moving, and she feels his hand rest on the side of her face.

Danielle…? (beat)
Are you ok?

Scully opens her eyes and sees the concerned expression on his face. The look in his eyes is so sincere with concern for her well-being that she feels ashamed that she allowed herself to treat this moment with him as if she was coping with Scott raping her.

This guy, Jersey #7, certainly is not forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. The very fact that he stopped when he realized that something was wrong, touches her deeply. She’s still hesitant to tell him the truth. She’s never said the words “I’ve been raped” aloud before to anyone but her mother (and her mother didn't care, and does nothing to help her). She looks into Doggett’s eyes, and knows in her heart that the truth will not scare him away. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

I’ve… I’ve been raped… recently…
the memories were coming back.

Suddenly feeling very vulnerable, she turns her head so not to look him in the eye. She feels her face flush read, and she’s glad the room is dark enough that he can’t see her embarrassment, how ashamed she is of what has happened to her. She sits up, and looks around the bed for her dress. Doggett sits up behind her, he gently touches her shoulder.


His voice is soothing, non-threatening, in every way imaginable.

You’re safe with me, Danielle.

He moves to sit beside her. His closeness does not scare her. He does not intimidate her. She feels like his equal. There’s something about him that calms her. She looks at him, and leans to him, kissing his lips. She touches his face, and leans back onto the bed. He follows. Doggett moves so they are facing each other while lying on their side. He rolls onto his back, and lets her lie on top of him. This simple gesture pierces her heart, and tears sting her eyes. Without having to say anything he knows, and understands, that she would be more comfortable, and feel more safe, on top. Her heart swells with love for this man.

For the first time in her life she trusts the man she is with. She has no doubt that he will never hurt her. His touch now is protective of her.

Scully kisses him on the forehead as she straddles herself on top of him. She takes his hand in hers and leads it in between her legs, and helps him stimulate her. He’s slow at first, and quickens his pace gradually. She lets go of his hand to steady herself above him. In minutes she’s feeling pleasures ripple through her body, pleasure she’s never felt before. She closes her eyes and bites her lower lip to keep herself from screaming as she orgasms.

With her legs spread for him, she touches his shoulder and leads him to lie on top of her. He feels her take hold of his erection, stroking it from head to base, over and over again. Then she guides him into her, she’s very wet, very hot, and tighter than before due to her orgasm only seconds ago. She drapes her leg over his back, and presses her heel to push him deeper into her. Doggett looks down where their bodies are connected. Perspiration is covering her body, from her abdomen up to her breasts. He lowers his head down, and suckles at her erect nipple, rolling his tongue around it until she comes again. This time she’s louder, losing more and more control, and trusting herself to lose control with him, with Jersey #7.

He moves to kiss her on the lips, his tongue darting into her mouth, and she desperate to kiss him back. He pulls away and looks her in the eyes, as he moves his hand back between her legs, and gently rubs her clit. She squeals at the sensation, and he knows that in minutes she’ll have her third orgasm. He doesn’t remove his eyes from hers, he wants to look into her soul when she comes again.

Scully feels a tingling all over her body, her muscles are warm, and she wants to tell him to keep thrusting into her, and to thrust harder, but she’s losing the ability to put together a coherent word! She feels her muscles contracting around him, wave after wave of contractions, and she has no control over how hard she is grinding against him as she accidentally kicks her heel hard into his lower back to try to push him deeper into her. His body shudders and she feels his hot semen fill her, she arches her back as her muscles clamp down on him. They are still for just a moment, then Doggett collapses on top of her, resting his head on her chest. Scully wraps her arms around him, never wanting to let him go.

Doggett can hear her heartbeat pounding in her chest, as she is panting to catch her breath. Goddamn! That was the best sex he’s ever had in his life! He hears a cry escape her mouth, and he looks up at her to make sure she’s all right. She wipes a tear from her cheek and smiles at him.

(out of breath, quiet)
I didn’t hurt you, did I?

Scully shakes her head “no.”

I… I… I don’t even know
what to say… I'm good.

She kisses the top of his head to assure him that she’s all right. She’s more than all right. She knows now that any other time in the past that she thought she had experienced an orgasm, hadn’t actually been an orgasm. Her friends always talk about “oh, you just know” when talking about how to know if you’ve had an orgasm before.

She thought she had had them simply because she’s had sexual experiences, but she was wrong. And she’s glad! She’s glad that whatever sensations she felt when she was molested, or when Scott rapes her, aren’t orgasms.

She runs her fingertips up and down Doggett’s back, caressing his damp skin. She’s glad that she experienced her first orgasms (plural!) with this man… Jersey #7.  She makes a mental note to ask him for his name later tonight. She feels badly for making love to him, and not even knowing his name.

She takes a deep breath and relaxes every muscle in her body. This is the happiest she’s ever been. She knows now that she must break up with Scott, tonight. She knows that when she goes downstairs, hand-in-hand with Jersey #7, that he will protect her from Scott as she breaks up with him. This man, Jersey #7, she knows in her soul that he will do all that he can to protect her.

She feels him gently pull out of her, she’s still a little tight, but it doesn’t hurt.

He rolls onto his back, and she turns to spoon up next to him, draping her arm across his chest, entangling her leg with his. She looks up at him, and wipes a tear that is falling down his face, then rests her head on his shoulder, yawns, and closes her eyes. She feels him wrap his arm around her, and settle comfortably with her. They don’t intend to fall asleep, but they are well on their way.


Krycek and Maria are standing, not sitting down, in the darkened corner of the ballroom. They can’t be seated because the large hoops of her vintage 1860s ball gown make it impossible for her to sit. Krycek leans toward her with his arm resting on the wall. He still has not figured out she is not Marita.

And the way I feel
about you, Marita-

And Maria hasn’t exactly set him straight either.

- I think I will love you forever. Nothing
you say or do can change that. I’ve loved
you since I first met you in the Soviet
Union, when we were first paired as ice dancers…

You can be such a sweet man, Alex.

Maria touches his face. She means this. She’s seen how Krycek is with her mean twin sister. When he’s around her he loses track of who he is. He becomes immature, and stupid in love. But since he’s spent time with her tonight, Maria knows that isn’t who Alex Krycek really is.

May I kiss you, Alex?

His heart flutters. Marita loves him again!

As long as you don’t punch me in
the face like you did at the Homecoming
Dance. I didn’t much care for the black eye.

This breaks Maria’s heart. This sweet, sweet man deserves someone who will actually love him, and her sister is only capable of loving money and herself! With her own heart pounding in her chest, Maria kisses Krycek. After what seems like a dozen minutes, Krycek pulls away from her.

Wow… Marita… I… wow.

I know…

Maria blushes. Before tonight she had never been kissed before. Krycek flashes her a goofy, lovey-dovey grin, and kisses her again. While they’re kissing, Marita sees them from across the room.

How dare her sister make a move on her man!

Marita storms toward them, but is stopped by Scott Williams, he’s obviously drunk, and very angry.

Where the fuck is Dana?

His grip on her arm is going to have a dark bruise by tomorrow.

How am I supposed to know?!
My boyfriend is making out with my sister!

Marita works up the courage by huffing and puffing, then pulls her hand back and throws it across Scott’s face in one hell of a bitch slap! She breaks free of his grasp, and stomps off. First she wants to continue on to bitch and yell, and throw a huge hissy fit about Krycek and her sister, but then… she looks back at Scott, he’s drunk and angry with Scully. She had better find Scully and warn her.

Marita passes by Krycek and Maria as they head out to the dance floor to slow dance to Bryan Adams’ hit song, “Heaven.” Oooooh! If Scully weren’t in trouble with Scott she’d go yell at the DJ too! This party was only supposed to be playing Christmas music!

Oh thinkin’ about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free

Now nothin’ can take you away from me
We’ve been down that road before
But that’s over now
You keep me comin’ back for more

Baby, you’re all that I want
When you’re lyin’ here in my arms
I’m findin’ it hard to believe
We’re in heaven

And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn’t too hard to see
We’re in heaven

Scully melts into Doggett’s arms. They don’t need to say anything to each other, they are comfortable in the silence. They’re tired, but still awake. They both know to enjoy each other now because there are forces working against them that will part them the moment they leave this room tonight. Though Scully doesn’t know it, Doggett has his pregnant wife to return to tomorrow, and Scully is only fifteen years old and has no actual control over her life right now.

She rises up on her elbow and looks down at Doggett.

I wish I could run away with you.

She kisses him on the cheek, and looks down at him. Doggett understands the desire to just run away from it all, escape the life he chose to live. For a couple seconds he actually considers throwing on his clothes, and leaving this party with her, and hitting the road together, to go where? He doesn’t know, but just so long as they can be together. But he has his unborn son, Luke, to think about. His son will need him, and he wants to be a good father. He strokes Scully’s arm, deciding not to tell her that he’s married and has a baby on the way.

How old are you?

He’s wondered this since he first started talking with her downstairs. This party was advertised as a high school Christmas Eve party, he’s fairly certain she’s still in high school. Scully looks away from him, nervously biting her lower lip, she knows the law, and doesn’t want him feeling he’s done anything wrong. Not that she thinks that would change how he feels for her, but still. She’s fifteen, and she figures he must be out of high school. But she also doesn’t want to lie to him, but does anyway.

I’ll be eighteen in February.

Doggett takes in a deep breath. So she says she’s eighteen. There was a hint in her voice that this is a lie, but he doesn’t press her on it. He wishes he could have met Danielle before he met Barbara. If he weren’t married now he’d ask for her phone number, and see if she wanted to go out on a date with him sometime after New Years.

Oh once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you’re feelin’ down

Yeah nothin’ could change what you mean to me
Oh there’s lots that I could say
But just hold me now
‘Cause our love will light the way

They’re both quiet, listening to the words of the song. It feels like it’s speaking directly to each of them. They feel it in their hearts that there is love between them, or if it’s not love right now, that it very well could be if they were given the chance to explore where a relationship between them could go.

Scully moves her head to look up at his face. There are tears in his eyes, which make her heart grow more fond of him. He takes hold of her hand, which is resting on his chest, and kisses her knuckles, and then he places her hand over his heart.

I love you…

She smiles and wipes a tear from his face. She kisses his shoulder. She wants to say “I love you too,” but expressing love, saying “I love you” out loud has never been easy for her. It hasn’t been easy because she’s never felt love before until now.

I know…

They kiss again, and she lies back down in his arms, they close their eyes with the intention to fall asleep, and stay here, with each other, until facing their realities in the morning.

Silent Night
Holy Night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Marita has been looking all over the place for Scully! She’s searched the ballroom, kitchen, bathrooms, the back yard, the foyer, even the garage! She is nowhere to be found! Marita paces the foyer, where else could Scully be?!

There’s no way Scully would go home without saying goodbye, and especially without helping her clean up after everyone had left (which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon). Then a thought occurs to Marita as she looks at the staircase…. what if Scully pulled a “Danielle” and is upstairs screwing some boy she doesn’t even know?!

Marita hears Scott yelling for Dana, it sounds like he’s in the ballroom, getting closer to the foyer. Since she dared to bitch slap him earlier, Marita is afraid to face him again. She hikes up her dress and sprints up the stairs.


Marita is trying not to yell too loudly. She doesn’t want Scott to hear her. She quietly opens and closes doors to the many guest bedrooms on the first floor, excusing herself to couples occupying them. Her eyes fall on the master bedroom, the only room that has a sign telling people not to use it. Scully has got to be in there!

Marita opens the door and sees Scully lying in bed with Doggett. They’re both fast asleep now.

Marita rushes to the bed after quietly shutting the bedroom door.

(loud whispering)

Marita lightly shakes her. Scully’s eyes open and she smiles at Marita as she sits up, careful not to disturb her Jersey #7. She makes a mental note to herself to get his name before they part, just in case there should ever come a time in her life where it would be safe for her to pursue a relationship with him.

Shh… he’s asleep.

Scully gets out of bed and picks her dress up off the floor, and puts it back on. Whatever Marita’s new crisis is, she doesn’t want to wake up Jersey #7. He looks so at peace in his sleep.

(in hallway)

Scully is struck with an intense fear for her life. If Scott saw she had been with another man, he might just kill her! She looks down at Jersey #7. He looks so relaxed, happy, at peace. It breaks her heart that she has to leave him. She will never know his name, and he will never know her real name. And he will never know or understand just how important this night has been for her. He proved to her that there are men that can be trusted, and who can be understanding. In one night together, Jersey #7 set her standard, she knows what she wants in a man. All she needs to do is break away from Scott Williams.

Scully and Marita tip toe to the door.

Does he know I’ve
been with someone else?

I don’t think so.

Marita cracks the door open and sees Scott banging on the door of another room. She quietly closes the door and turns to Scully. She takes hold of her shoulders, and speaks to her matter-of-fact.

I know Scott’s been hurting you so
we’re going to want for him to not
see us come out of this room. (beat)
When I say so, we’re running across
the hall to the guest bathroom, and
we’ll leave it as if we were experimenting
with new hairstyles, ok?

Marita touches Scully’s after-sex hair, hairstyle experimentation is the only thing that can explain how her hair looks now. Scully nods her head. She’s too scared right now to think for herself. If there wasn’t so much fear of what Scott would do if he caught her with Doggett, for sure she and Marita would think of waking him up, and asking him to help, but the fear has left them without that kind of rationale.

Marita peers out into the hallway again. Scott has stepped into another room. The coast is clear. Scully looks back over her shoulder one last time at Jersey #7 as he sleeps. Her heart breaks.

She and Marita run across the hallway, and into the guest bathroom. SUDDENLY Marita bursts out into a very loud full-blown ditzy giggle. Scully follows suit, and they exit the bathroom. Their laughter catches Scott’s attention. He steps out into the hallway.

Il topo mangia il formaggio!

Marita squeals in delight! Scully has no idea what she just said, but laughs anyway.


Scott storms over to her. He reeks of alcohol and cigarettes.

You answer me when I
fuckin’ call you!

Marita flashes him a sweet smile.

We were just trying
out new hair-


Scared, and intimidated by his anger, Marita goes silent.

(to Marita)

Marita flashes an apologetic look at Scully, then runs away. Scott looks at Scully, he’s too quiet. No one else is in the hallway, and Jersey #7 is fast asleep in the other room. Scully braces herself for impact.

Scott grabs her by the throat and slams her up against the wall. She grasps onto his arms, trying to pry his grip from her throat. She can’t breathe!

He tightens his grip on her, then grabs her by the arm and drags her down the stairs, not giving a damn that she’s lost her footing, and is being dragged on her back. He doesn’t allow her to stand up, as he drags her through the foyer, and out the front door.

He loses his grip on her outside, and she falls face first into the snow. She’s only in her thin white dress – no coat, no gloves, no shoes. She’s disoriented, and makes no attempt to stand up. Scott kicks her in the stomach to roll her over. Then he takes a fist full of her hair and pulls her through the snow, down the driveway, and across the street to where he parked his car.

An adult couple is walking down the sidewalk about twenty feet away. They stop and watch as Scott slams Scully against the hood of his car, holding her head down on it, like she were a dog he was trying to control. Scully opens her eyes, and sees the couple, she hopes to god that they come to help her.

(intending to interfere, angry)

The man takes a step toward them, but the woman he’s with moves to stand in front of him, shaking her head “no” as she says something inaudible to him. The woman reaches out and touches the man on the arm, which causes him to takes his eyes off of Scott and Scully.

There’s no hope, that woman won’t let her husband come help her. Scully is defeated, and starts sobbing as Scott forces her into his car, slamming the door once she’s inside. Scott gets in the car, and speeds away. Scully rests her head on the window and watches the couple as Scott speeds past them. The man looks at her, their eyes lock. Scully tries to sit up taller, he seems familiar, very familiar.

She knows his eyes.

Maybe he’s a friend of her father’s, and maybe he recognized her and will call her dad, and he’ll come home to help her.

But if that doesn’t happen, she knows that she has to find a way to get out of the destructive grasp of Scott Williams.

There has to be a better life for her at some point in the future, right? If not, why would this life be worth living?




11:01 P.M.

It has been seven years now since Mulder and Krycek flew up into outer space, and defeated the aliens who had been trying to colonize the planet in the Alien War which lasted from 2006 to 2012.

Life has pretty much returned to normal on Earth, with a few hiccups here and there. But right now, we are getting a glimpse into the lives of John and Dana Doggett, who seemed to have been star-crossed lovers thirty-four years ago when they met at the Covarrubias Christmas Party 1985, but things are much better for them now...

The living room of John and Dana Doggett’s home is decorated for Christmas. The Christmas tree is in the corner of the room next to the couch. Seven Christmas stockings are hanging on the mantel over the fireplace: John, Dana, Katie, Will, Buddy, Mulder, and Alex.

Katie is their daughter, born when they lived on Captain Scully's ship, The Pequod, in the last few years of the Alien War. She is eleven years old now.

Will is their son (né William) who was born after the end of the Alien War, on 4 July 2013, at John and Dana's river cabin in Luray, Virginia. He's only six years old now.

Buddy is the family's loyal dog, a beagle, now eighteen years old. He's a good ol' boy.

John Doggett sits on the couch staring into the fire in the fireplace, listening to Katharine McPhee's rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on our troubles
Will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yule-tide gay
From now on our troubles
Will be miles away

His wife, Dana, walks into the living room, she's wearing gray sweatpants, and his old brown Marines T-shirt. She's wearing a red Santa hat.

She stands in front of him and offers him her hand, he takes it and stands. John places his hand on her lower back, his other takes her hand, holding it over his heart. Dana rests her head on his chest as they slowly sway to the music. They are at peace with each other. They are at peace where they are in their lives. Just last month they returned to work at the FBI, to help Mulder re-establish the X-Files Division. If there wasn't still reconstruction going on world-wide, it would feel like how things were before the war with the aliens broke out.

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more

Their children Katie and William are in the kitchen getting Santa's cookies ready for the night, they can hear them playfully fighting with each other, and with their uncles Mulder and Krycek, who are at their home (once again) for Christmas Eve.

Through the years
We all will be together if the fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now

They hear the sound of a plate crashing to the kitchen floor, but right now they don't care. With Mulder and Krycek in the house, they fully expect some chaos, they're glad that this Christmas Eve has been relatively tame.

SUDDENLY their six year old son, William, comes running into the living room from the kitchen, he has cookie crumbs all down the front of his G.I. Joe pajamas. John and Dana share a look, they really need to get the kids (all four of them *coughs* Mulder and Krycek too *coughs*) to bed.


William tugs at his dad's arm, pulling his parents apart.

Uncle Alex broke a plate!

I'll go help Katie clean up.

Dana heads toward the kitchen, where Krycek is standing on top of the kitchen counter (he's barefoot and doesn't want his feet to get cut up by the broken glass). Her eleven year old daughter, Katie, and Mulder are cleaning up the mess.

John looks down at his son, and smiles, he messes up William's hair with his hand. William giggles and hugs his dad's leg.

You know that Santa can’t
come until you and your
sister are in bed sleeping, right?

John sees his wife, Dana, and their eleven year old daughter, Katie, emerge, carrying a plate of cookies, a glass of milk, and a plate of carrots into the living room. They are followed by Uncles Mulder and Krycek, who are in their adult onesie pajamas (that are supposed to make them look like reindeer). Mulder is giving Krycek a piggy-back ride, to save his feet from any broken glass still left on the floor.

Mulder and Krycek look very tired. John laughs, it's nice to see that his kids have worn them out. Mulder sets Krycek down, and they get into their sleeping bags that they had placed out on the living room floor earlier that night.

Dana and Katie set the plate of cookies and carrots down on the coffee table.

Yeah, Will, if you’re not in
bed, Santa won’t bring you presents.

Will’s eyes go wide! He looks at his dad and starts tugging at his arm.

C’mon, dad! It’s bed time! Santa!

John gives Dana a look as he heads upstairs to get Will into bed. Dana goes over to their iPod player, and turns off the music.

You too, Katie. Santa can’t
come if you’re still awake.

Yeah! And I think we all want
him to come soon so we can get
up real early to open all the presents!

Katie gives her uncles Mulder and Krycek a look.

(to her mom)
How much longer do we have to
keep telling Will that Santa’s real?

At least a couple more years, shortcake.

Ugh, mom. Don’t call me that
anymore. I’m almost a teenager.

Dana turns off the lamp on the end table, then kisses Katie on the cheek.

You’ll always be my baby girl.

Katie smiles at her mom.

C’mon, mom. Will’s going to wake
us up in about four or five
hours to open presents-

- Earlier if we have any say!

Katie shoots her uncle Mulder a look, letting him know right here and right now that any waking up sooner than four hours from now will not be appreciated.

Don’t worry, I’ll be responsible
and make sure Mulder here
doesn’t wake anyone up before
they’ve had their beauty sleep.

Katie looks at her mom with a look that only asks: why in the world are uncles Mulder and Krycek spending the night at our house on Christmas Eve? They both have families of their own... wives... children... why are they here? Dana's oblivious to the expression on her daughter's face.

Goodnight, boys. (beat)
C’mon, Katie.

Dana and Katie step over Mulder and Krycek on their way to the stairs. They part ways in the hallway, and go to their own rooms.

Dana walks into hers and John’s bedroom, and makes her way to the window. She stares outside at the falling snow. Snowfall on Christmas Eve always remind her of that awful Covarrubias Christmas Eve Party in 1985, not so much the party itself, but what she went through after sleeping with her “Jersey #7,” the love of her life, the man she married a little over twelve years ago on the flight deck of the Pequod, John Jay Doggett.

About a month after that Christmas party, she discovered she was pregnant. She knew immediately that Scott Williams was not the father, for he had been going through a non-frontal way of raping her back then. And the only other man she had had sex with was "Jersey #7."

She didn't tell anyone that she was pregnant, but eventually Scott found out, and on 23 March 1986, in her family's basement, he raped her viciously with his hunting knife, thus killing the unborn child she was carrying. She was three months pregnant. He left her in the basement to bleed to death, but her little brother, Charles, found her and called an ambulance. Her mother, Margaret, reluctantly accompanied her to the hospital where they saved her life. She found out the morning of 24 March 1986 that she had been so damaged that it would be near impossible for her to conceive children in the future.

But things which she still cannot explain happened to her during the Alien War. She had been cured of cancer, and all external and internal injuries had been healed thanks to Monica. Because of these miracles, she and John conceived their little Katherine Isabella Doggett, "Kid," Katie for short, their little shortcake.

Dana looks down at a framed photo of she, John, Katie, and Will that is on the table in front of the window, she picks it up, and smiles as tears sting her eyes. She may have lost hers and John's child in 1986, but she loved that kid with all her heart, even named him "Kid."

Back in 1986, she had hoped with the birth of her son, that he would be her way to finding "Jersey #7" again. That little Kid would be her key out of a life of hell. But she lost that child, and gave up any hope to find his father, John Doggett.

This led her to make poor decisions for her life. She moved to Las Vegas in the summer of 1988 (after high school graduation) and helped Krycek establish a gentlemen's club, The Gutter, where she was his lead stripper, stage name: Red.

Eventually she decided to give up exotic dancing, and showed up at Harvard Medical School, where she got involved with her instructor, John Montgomery, who she would later marry and have a daughter with. They were deeply involved in the Syndicate, and in 1993 she and Montgomery had tried to escape the Syndicate, but were caught. Their daughter, Jill, was given to a Syndicate family to be raised, Montgomery was sent to work in a Syndicate facility in Switzerland, and her memory was erased.

On 3 May 1993, she joined Mulder in the FBI's X-Files Division. Eventually her memory returned, but by then she had established a life all her own, one which she did not want to change.

But she will always wonder how different her life would have been if she had given birth to Kid Scully in September of 1986.

Dana feels John’s hands wrap around her waist and his chin rests on her shoulder. She feels his breath on her neck as he exhales. He doesn't have to ask what she's thinking about, he knows. Both of them often wonder what their lives would have been like if she hadn't lost their baby in 1986. Would she have found him? Would he have left Barbara to be with Dana? If he had left Barbara, he certainly would have had custody of Luke, and would that have meant that Luke wouldn't have been kidnapped and murdered in the fall of 1993? These are questions they will never know the answer to, and they accept that. They have each other now, and they have two beautiful children whom they love with all their heart.

Their room is quiet.

Stillness surrounds them, and peace that they only find with each other.

John turns her around to face him, placing one hand on her lower back, holding her hand in the other. She rests her had on his chest and they hold each other. It may have took them fifteen years to find each other again after their chance encounter on Christmas Eve 1985, and another five years after that to finally become a couple, and two years after that to marry, then have their daughter, and their son. And though they’ve both suffered through hard times without each other, they eventually did find one another again, and though there have been bumps along the way, they have found their happiness.

(off screen, at the exact same time)
HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!

The silence in the house has been broken. Dana presses her face into John’s chest and laughs. This can only mean one thing… both Mulder and Krycek are dressed up as, and playing, Santa Claus tonight.

Are they in one Santa costume,
or did they each get their own?

This makes Dana laugh harder. She knows the answer to that question. She was the one who took the one Santa costume down to the basement to hide from William when Mulder and Krycek arrived earlier this evening.

I think Santa has two heads this year.

How will we explain that one
to Will? (beat) You know he
heard them. You know he’s
going to get up out of bed and-

SUDDENLY John and Dana hear their son scream at the top of his lungs! There’s some hustle n' bustle going on out in the hallway or in the stairwell. There’s a loud tumbling sound followed by something big crashing in the foyer!

John and Dana share a look just as their bedroom door flies open. William runs to them.

Mom! Dad! Santa turned
into a monster! I kicked his ass!


Dana shoots John a look, of the two of them, she knows that John is the one who cusses in front of their kids. William must have learned that word from his dad!

(at the exact same time)
Owie! We hurt! Mommy!

William looks at his mom and dad.

Wait a minute! (beat)
Was Monster Santa uncles
Mulder and Krycek?!

I’m afraid so.

William rolls his eyes in frustration, and heads out of the bedroom, he runs down the stairs and stands above Mulder and Krycek. He points his finger at them.

Look, you two. Santa can’t
come to deliver his presents
if you two are up playing
games instead of sleeping.
(beat) Now get out of that
silly Santa suit, and go to bed!

Ok! Ok! But we have to get
out of this Santa suit first!

And why are you two spending
Christmas Eve with my mom and dad?
(beat) What about your wife, uncle Mulder?
What about your childrens?! What kind
of responsible adults are you
two supposed to be?!

Mulder and Krycek, who have stuffed themselves into the Santa suit together, struggle to stand up. Without cracking a smile, or laughing, William (a six year old) stands there watching his adult uncles struggle to move together inside the same Santa suit.

In her bedroom, with the door closed, Katie rolls her eyes. She picks up her framed picture of actor Matt Lanter (her crush who plays the military man from the NBC television show, Timeless) and kisses it. She turns off her bedside lamp. She can't be bothered with the idiot behaviour of her uncles Mulder and Krycek.

Up on top of the stairs, Dana is hanging onto John’s shoulder for life, covering her mouth with her hands to keep from laughing too loudly. She’s taking so much pride in her son right now. He’s taking care of the newest Mulder/Krycek problem all on his own! Such a "Scully," such a "Doggett!"

William stays downstairs until uncles Mulder and Krycek get out of their Santa suit, and back into their sleeping bags.

And don’t you dare
touch the cookies!

(at the exact same time)
Ok, nephew William.
Goodnight, nephew William.

Satisfied that he’s taken care of his uncles, William heads back up the stairs. He stops next to his parents and looks up at them, shaking his head.

(throwing his arms up in the air)

He shakes his head and walks back into his bedroom, shuts the door, and they hear his bed creak as he crawls back into it.

John and Dana go back into their bedroom, shaking their heads. They settle into bed for the rest of the night.

They’re fifty years old now,
you’d think they’d start
acting their age.

You’re in your fifties too, Johnny.

Are you saying I don't act my age?

John smiles at Dana, trying to get his flirt on.

Dana kisses him on the lips, and then turns off the lamp on her nightstand. She lies down, turning onto her side and watches as John turns off the lamp on his nightstand. She looks thoughtful.

She’s known him for almost twenty years now, and in her eyes he hasn’t aged a day past thirty-five! His hair hasn't been overtaken with gray like most of their other friends (especially Knowle!).

In fact, neither one of them seems to have aged very much in the past nineteen years. They either have really good genes, or Monica's anti-aging creams are working. She laughs quietly to herself at the thought of her husband applying anti-aging facial cream.



You were laughing out loud.

Just thinking about how lucky we are.
(beat) Also... do you think I should
stop dying my hair red? I've been thinking
about going natural. I'm curious
if I have grey hair yet.

Doesn't matter to me, but if
you aren't a red-head, Mulder
and Krycek may not recognize you.

Hmm... incentive.

She makes a mental note to herself to ask Monica tomorrow if she has any Reyes Family products that can strip hair dye out without damaging her hair.

Dana closes her eyes, and exhales. John spoons up next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. He kisses the back of her neck.

And yet she wonders... Alfred Fellig, a crime scene photographer she investigated in New York, back in January 1999... he had been born in 1849, every few decades changed his name, and never aged a day over 65 - the age he was when he escaped Death when he had yellow fever. During that case, her temporary partner, Agent Peyton Ritter, had accidentally shot her in the gut. It should have been a fatal wound. She thinks she saw something, what Fellig would have called Death, but he told her to look away from it, to close her eyes. She came to in a hospital, the doctor said she made the fastest recovery he'd ever seen. Since that January day in 1999, she has had her life threatened, sustained injuries that should have killed her, yet she escaped Death every single time.

What if... no, people do not live forever.

Immortality is a scientific impossibility.

But what if it is real? One of those things that science has yet to understand?

The idea of being immortal doesn't scare her. She doesn't think that a person can have too much life. There's too much to learn, and to experience. But... then there's love. She places her hand on John's arm, and sinks into his body.

Fellig told her that if you're lucky love lasts for seventy-five years, but you don't want to be around when it's gone. Fellig had even forgotten the name of the woman he married.

If there is anything to be fearful of - if she is immortal - it's losing her husband, John Doggett. And losing her children, losing her friends, and her brother, Charles.

In the summer of 1998 the X-Files office went up in flames, and destroyed most of the casefiles. When she and Mulder had been reassigned, by Kersh, to background checks, Mulder snuck around behind the backs of those in power in the FBI, and digitally scanned and restored 99% of the damaged casefiles.

In January 1999, she wrote up her case report for the Fellig case (case number 6ABX09), which Mulder named "Tithonus," after the Trojan prince in Greek mythology, Tithonus, who was granted immortality, but not eternal youth, he aged, but did not die. She managed to get Mulder to accept that there was no way that she too had become immortal, and they went on with their lives. She was twenty-eight then, and now, twenty years later, she seriously doesn't seem to have aged a day.

This realization strikes her, sending a shiver through her body. The thought of being immortal suddenly terrifies her. She'll lose everyone she loves and cares about. She'll have to disappear, change her name, reinvent her life forever. She can't imagine having to go through that alone, without John Doggett at her side.

(almost asleep, whisper)
What's wrong?

She doesn't want to tell him what she was thinking. No, John may believe in aliens now, and have fought aliens in the Alien War, but asking him to consider immortality. No. There's no way that would fly with him. She cannot tell him. Not now, not ever. Maybe when he's an old man on his death bed, and she's still her (physically) twenty-eight year old self, she could tell him, and he'd believe her, but not now.

I just got cold, that's all.

She turns around in his arms, to face him. She smiles, and rests her head against his chest, curling up against him. She closes her eyes, and tries to erase her thoughts from her mind.

Morning will come sooner than they think. William has turned into an early-riser on Christmas morning, they'll all be up and at it at least an hour before sunrise.

She needs to get some sleep. She can't think about this today, or tomorrow, but she will have to face it many years from now. Life is best lived in the present, it's not good to dwell too long on the past, and to worry too much about the future.



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