Fox & Alex and The Short Stories

About These Stories

"Fox & Alex and The Short Stories are stories that are not included within the Original FRVS Series episodic run or "The X-Files" series. These are simply silly stories that we came up with after FRVS ended. You'll notice that some stories say "pre-season fill-in-the-blank"—this tells you where in the timeline of FRVS the story is taking place. If we are to mock an episode from "The X-Files" television series it would be noted with a spoiler alert for the series. We hope you enjoy these late-to-the-party "Fox & Rat"
stand-alone episodes.

FAx01 "Fox & Alex and The Giant Potato"
[ download PDF ]
Written by: Cassie & Kristi
Air Date: 5 September 2010
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Takes place after 1x01 "The Race"
Summary: How does a potato, fireworks and "Greased Lightening" turn to mayhem?

FAx02 "Fox & Alex and Pro Bono"
[ download PDF ]
Written by: Kristi
Air Date: 26 June 2017
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: FRVS Post-Season 10, pre-Season 11.
Summary: John Doggett meets with Alex Krycek who is in need of a divorce lawyer.

FAx02 "Fox & Alex and The Slippery Ice" (coming soon)
Written by: Cassie & Kristi
Air Date:
Timeline: FRVS Season 5, 2001, after the Colorado Road trip
Summary: Krycek needs a new ice dance partner for the Olympics, Mulder convinces him he's up to the task.


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