"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Fox & Alex and The Short Stories

10x110 "The Final Super Spectacular Adventure of Fox and Alex"
"Fox & Alex and The Giant Potato"

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Series: FRVS - Episode #FA001

Written by: Cassie & Kristi

Classification: humor

Rating: PG-13

Air Date: 5 September 2010

Date Written: 18 July - 5 September 2010

Timeline: Takes place after 1x01 "The Race"

Summary: How does a potato, fireworks and "Greased Lightening" turn to mayhem?

Spoilers: None, we try to create our own stuff... but remember sometimes we have to refer to happenings in the actual show "The X-Files."

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS).

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SUNDAY - 4 JULY 1999

Forgetting that it's Independence Day Fox Mulder sits at his desk, typing rigorously on his computer. The words flow from his memory, of what he discovered in Russia just last week, to his fingertips: alien, green blood, merchandise, tests, conspirators, colonization. He stops typing and bites his lower lip when he hears the sound of a firecracker bursting in the alley of his apartment building. He removes his reading glasses and stands up, raises the blindes and looks down and sees his old friend (and rival), and new next door neighbor, from high school, Alex Krycek.

He and Krycek have refused to speak to each other since the summer of 1988, when Mulder found out that he and Scully had started a strip club in Las Vegas! Krycek was the owner, and Scully was one of the dancers (a stripper!), with the stage name "Red." Mulder had been so upset that Krycek had convinced Scully (his crush! the love of his life!) to strip!

He and Krycek had a HUGE blowout fight, and haven't spoken to each other since.

Sure, they'd run into each other off and on over the past eleven years, but they've refused to say even a single word to each other! That was until the Kriysa Airlines flight the other day.

Mulder thought that eleven years was a long enough silent treatment between the two of them, and he tried his best to engage Krycek. With a water gun, errrmm... ink gun "fight" on the airplane. That didn't exactly rekindle their former "BFF status" thing they had going on during high school. But Krycek moved in to the apartment next to Mulder's, and now they share a wall. And they have been bothering each other the past couple days by knocking on the wall in the middle of the night. Their version of Morse Code, only they don't know Morse Code so they just knock and knock and knock and knock (and giggle and giggle and giggle and giggle).

Anyway, Mulder's looking down at Krycek in the alley. Krycek is shirtless and blowing up firecrackers in a tin bucket.

The idgit, Mulder thinks to himself, shaking his head.

Mulder scratches his fingernail on the residue of masking tape on his window, which forms the shape of an X. Should he bother going down to the alley to tell this little nimwit that it's illegal to blow up firecrackers in such an enclosed space?

"Hey, Mulder!"

He looks down, and cringes, seeing that Krycek is waving at him, summoning him down to play.

Quickly, Mulder darts away from his window and ducks in front of his desk, hiding. He feels like an idiot. Keeping low, he reaches up to close the window blinds, he pulls on the string and the blinds fall down with a loud CRASH.

"Shit." Mulder said under his breath.

There's a knock on his door, and he knows with certainty that it is Krycek because the knocking is annoying and persistent, just as Alex was back in high school. He rolls his eyes and stands up. He kicks the blinds off to the side.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

Mulder opens the door with much annoyance. How the hell did this ninny get up here so quickly anyway?

"What do you want, Alex?" Mulder said.

Alex Krycek stands in front of him, giddy as a school girl. A very doofy grin on his face.

"Come out and play! It's the Fourth of July!" He grins and pushes past Mulder and enters his apartment. "The ladies are coming, I called them over." He pauses, and looks thoughtful for a moment, and then he asks, "Hey, do you have a big potato?"

Mulder tries to raise his eyebrow like his pretty partner, Scully, but can't. His eyes roll around as he tries to raise his eyebrow. Then he gets preoccupied with trying to do this and pokes his finger at his eyebrow. Krycek rolls his eyes and grabs Mulder's hand to stop him.

"Seriously, I need a big potato."

"Why do you need a big potato?"

"Because I'm going to blow it up and all the ladies will love me." Krycek explained.

Mulder rolled his eyes. Of course his little buddy would want something big to blow up to impress the ladies.

"You're such a dork, you know that?" Mulder said unenthusiastically.

"I'd rather be a dork than a four-eyed big nosed loser who lost his sister when he was six." Krycek sneers back in a sing-song-y-elementary-school-bully-kind-of-way.

Mulder's expression doesn't crack. He's not going to fall for one of Krycek's idiotic attempts at a yes-no fight.

"I was twelve." Mulder corrected the bafoon.

"Six, nine, whatever."

"Twelve." Mulder stressed, he never said nine, but knows his little idiotic buddy just wanted to say "sixty-nine".

"Whatever, are you coming or not?" Krycek was eagerly awaiting an answer.

Mulder eyed him suspiciously. Why, when Krycek was shirtless and out to get the ladies attention by blowing up a giant potato, would he want competition involved... unless... (Mulder's eyebrow lifted, just like his pretty partner's, but he didn't notice that he did it!) the ladies weren't coming at all, and this was a set up to get him to hit on a lesbian.

Once upon a time, after their high school graduation, he and Krycek (and Scully *pout, pout, pout*) set up camp in Las Vegas (when he was oblivious and had no idea that Krycek and Scully opened up a a strip club named The Gutter!). Unknowingly back then, Mulder had flirted, and gone out on a date with a transvestite, and ever since then Krycek has wanted to trick him into doing that again. He was confused by the term "transvestite" and "lesbian" so he always said he wanted to see Mulder date a lesbian again.

Mulder smiles, the transvestite was an amazing human being. Yale educated, a surgeon, and had adopted the cutest little kid Mulder had ever seen in a wallet photograph! It was one of the best dates Mulder had ever been on to tell the truth.

Anyway, Mulder sits down to put on his new running sneakers. He does his best to keep an eye on his little buddy Krycek. Halfway through tying a knot he watches Krycek enter into the kitchen. A few seconds later he walks into the living room just as Mulder stands up.

Mulder can't help but look down at his little buddy's "package," it's bigger than it was a moment ago (not that he's in the habit of checking out other guys' "packages"). He tries the Scully eyebrow raise again with no success, just lots of eye rolling. Apparently he can only do this when he's not trying.

Krycek waves a big potato in the air and smiles big. "I got the potato to blow up to impress da ladies!"

"And one in your pants, I see." Mulder says bluntly.

Krycek is offended, completely and utterly offended by this accusation.

"I do not have one in my pants, little miss... well... little miss big one in your pants!" He scoffs.

"Miss?" Mulder's eyes widened. "Miss? In the likely event that you are confused, Krycek, I'm a 'mister' or 'sir'. The term 'miss' is reserved for unmarried or young ladies. Not guys." He whacks Krycek over the head.

"Hey! Watch the do, yo! Geez!"

"Get the potato out of your pants." Mulder urges, wanting to save his little buddy's reputation should it fall out of his pants in front of the ladies.

"No! You get the potato out of yours first!"

"I don't have a potato in my pants."

"You do to!"

"I do not!"

"You do to!

"I do not!

"Do to!"

"Do not!"

"Do to!"


At this, Krycek tackles Mulder to the ground and suddenly the front door to Apartment 42 swings open, and Scully and Skinner enter the room. They stop upon seeing two adult men wrestling on the floor. The boys have no idea that they are being watched (and judged).

Skinner turns to Scully. "Why'd you drag me here?"

Scully puts her index finger over Skinner's lips to shut him up. She's actually curious as to what the two idiots are fighting about. It's a sick curiosityn really. Plus, these two boys haven't spoken to each other in eleven years, not even when they went to see the prequel "Star Wars" movie, "The Phantom Menace," a few months back. Scully knows that any kind of an attempt at communication could get them back to being friends!

Both Scully and Skinner's faces turn white when they watch in horror as Mulder reaches down into Krycek's pants!

"Ooooh! Mulder!" Krycek exclaims (semi-erotically?).

"Stop making this more gay than it should be, Krycek!" Mulder exclaims.

"But you're the gay one!" Krycek shouts back. "You're the one with your hand on my laaaaarge willie!"

"It's a potato you moron!" Mulder yells back.

"You want me baby, oh yeah." Krycek teases.

"YOU'RE GAY!" Mulder yells. "Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you should just come out of the closet already. There's no shame in hiding who you really are, Krycek!"

"I AM NOT!" Krycek yells back. "I'm with Marita and we love each other! We do it all the time!"

Scully leans to Skinner. "That's a lie. She hasn't been laid by him in six months." She whispers to the other.

Skinner smirks and finds this tidbit of information rather funny.

"When do we stop them?" Skinner asks.

"If they start to kiss." Scully watches on as the boys wrestle on the floor, having no idea that Scully and Skinner are watching.

Suddenly, the giant potato that was in Krycek's pants, flies across the room, heading right for Skinner's head! BOING! It hits him hard and even though Skinner is a strong and burly man, he collapses to the floor. As he falls he hits his head on the door frame of the front door. He hits the floor with a loud THUD.

The neighbors below Mulder's apartment bang loudly on their ceiling, which can be heard, and felt, on Mulder's apartment floor.

Scully looks disapprovingly at Mulder and Krycek, who are still looking like they're crawling all over each other. They both look at her with that deer caught in headlights look. To prove his point Krycek grabs onto Mulder's head and plants a big wet kiss on his lips. All the while Mulder struggles to push Krycek off of him.

We still wonder, how this action is proving any point.

Finally, Krycek stops kissing him and stands up, his hands proudly on his hips.

"Scully, see you have proof now that Mulder's the gay one, NOT me!"

"Don't you two realize what you've done to Skinner?!" Scully cries out.

Krycek looks down at Skinner who remains unconscious on the floor.

"No. What am I supposed to realize?" Krycek is either clueless, or is faking clueless.

Behind Krycek, Mulder stands up and runs towards his bedroom and slams the door shut.

"Assistant Director Skinner was hurt by you two nimrods!" Scully can't believe she has to state the obvious.

"So? He's not my boss." Krycek grins. "Say, are you two still bangin' each other like in high school?"

Scully places a strand of hair behind her ear. "No, we stopped being involved like that after I graduated." She lies, but Krycek falls for it anyway. It's true that Scully did end up marrying some other teacher that she met at Harvard Med School, John... P... Hooliganimannimams... something or other. He doesn't really care to remember, it's not like Scully remembers either since the Syndicate split them up, and erased her memory of him (and their daughter). Krycek giggles in his head, it's hilarious that he knows more about Scully's past than she does!

Mulder comes out of his bedroom, swishing winter green flavored Scope in his mouth. Scully raises an eyebrow wondering if Krycek gave him tongue. Mulder motions to Krycek to come to him.

Like the cocky little dude that he is, Krycek swaggers over to Mulder and says "whaaaaaaaaaaz up?"

Suddenly Mulder spits the Scope into Krycek's eyes.

Flailing like a wiggle worm, Krycek falls to the floor screaming "Ah! It hurts!" and "Oh my vanity" and "I'm gonna get you for this you big dicked punk ass jerk!"

Mulder turns with beaming pride to Scully and smiles.

"Now let's take care of that big, bald, beautiful man on the floor." Mulder says as he marches up to Skinner's unconscious body.

"And what are you planning to do, Mulder?" Scully questions, knowing Mulder has exactly zero hours of medical experience.

"Oh you know..." He 'explained', "Just an old Mulder Family trick."

Scully nods. "Because your family had a tendency to be knocked unconscious?" Scully raises an eyebrow.

Mulder looks up at her seriously. "No. We have a need for corrective lenses and a tendency to be abducted! ABDUCTED!" He stressed.

"What ever. What is this family trick?" She crosses her arms and watches him.

"Well, it's simple really... first we sit on the person's tummy." He sits on Skinner's tummy. "Then we use this peanut butter," He continues, pulling out a jar of peanut butter from his pocket. "And we shove the peanut butter up his nose. You see, Scully, those in the Mulder family are bestowed the gift of large nostrals, so when we fake passing out, as I suspect our bald, beautiful friend here, to have done, all you have to do is shove this crunchy peanut butter up his nose--"

Mulder proceeds to stick his finger deep into the peanut butter jar. He holds up a HUGE glob of peanut butter on his finger for Scully to see.

"-- and stick your finger right up into the nostrel--"

Mulder sticks his finger up Skinner's nose.

"Mulder?" Scully is unamused. "Don't you think by now if he were faking it that he'd 'wake up' by now?"

Krycek stands up, rubbing his eyes. He looks down at Mulder as he sits on Skinner's tummy, with his finger up his nose.

"You know we could get some fireworks and put it in his mouth. Anyone can fake dead even with peanut butter up their nose, but..." Krycek giggles, "but if someone were to light a fire cracker and stick it in his mouth, for sure he'd come to, right?"

Scully is horrified. Words can't come from her mouth. She makes a few exasperated gasping sounds while shaking her head "no".

"Umm... I'm not sure about that, little buddy. Fireworks could kill him." Mulder acts like the most intelligent person in the room, speaking matter-of-factly.

"Or it could make him lose the rest of his hair. That'd be really funny." Krycek starts chuckling at the thought of a totally bald Skinman.

Mulder rolls his eyes, and holds back his giggling because Scully is standing only two feet away from him.

Suddenly, Scully grabs Mulder's finger out of Skinner's nose and smacks him on the nose, as if she were housetraining a dog.

"No!" She yelled. "You two are stupid morons! Did it ever occur to you that Assistant Director Skinner-"

"-Oh stop the fancy pants talk!" Krycek screamed. "We all know you call him Wally Big Shoes in the bedroom!"

Scully stops. Her mouth dropped open in shock. How the hell did that little weasly know what she called him.

Mulder sniggers. "Turtle! Eek!" He mocks the sound of Skinner and Scully in the bedroom.

Scully turns and whacks him. "Why you- you- you-" She's furious with the boys. How do they seem to know so much about her secret love affair with the Assistant Director of the FBI?!

"Why'd'ya call him Eek, anyhoo?" Krycek asks.


"Why does he call you turtle? Do you take a long time to get off. I hate women who don't get off as quickly as I do." Krycek said.

"Actually I think he calls her turtle because once in high school, you weren't there Alex, you had pretended to drop out, she was a green, bright green turtle for Halloween, and they screwed each other in Marita's bedroom at Marita's 1987 Halloween Spooktacular-"

"-SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Scully screams and jumps up and down with her fists balled up in fury.

Mulder and Krycek share a giggling look and both mouth off to each other, at the exact same time. "Hehe, yo. We made mommy go nutty, dude!"

A scratchy sound is heard from the floor. The three of them turn around and look down as Skinner lies there with his tongue hanging out, and he's scratching his index finger on the floor, his eyes are bugged.

Skinner starts to sing. "Why this car is automatic! It's systematic, it's hydromatic! It's greased lightnin'! With new pistons, plugs and shocks I'll be dancing till I rock! You know that I ain't braggin', I'm just into hot rod riding, greased lightnin'!"

"Wow, Skinner, you're a real John Travolta, ain't'chya?" Inside, Krycek is really jealous that he knows the words to the song, and that back in the day Skinner was a stud on the dance floor! "I'm so jealous, you fucking bastard." He mumbles.

Scully scurries to Skinner's side.

"Oh! Wally Big-" She stops herself just in time. She can hear the little "girls" giggling at her.

"Why the hell are you two here anyway? Geez." Krycek is annoyed.

Mulder turns to Krycek, hands on his hips. He catches himself and crosses his arms across his chest.

"Alex, this is my apartment. I invited them here... I think..."

SUDDENLY! A firecracker breaks through the window, right through the X (bullseye!) and errupts with a blinding fury that makes everyone shriek! The exposion is blinding and Mulder and Krycek hit the deck!

Skinner, stands up, frightened! He's still trying to figure out what is going on and his natural reflexes aren't working right.

"Cue-ball! Yo! Mr. Clean! Get DOWN... tonight. Yeah! Oh, get down tonight." Krycek starts to sing, but stops suddenly when he sees fire coming towards his beauty. "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HELP ME! SAVE ME! LOVE ME!"

"Fucking moron." Mulder mumbles, temporarily forgetting that his apartment is on fire. "EEK!" He shrieks. "My fishies!"

Scully helps Skinner out the door. "We're leaving and never coming back."

Skinner nods. "I still don't know how you got me here in the first place."

"I love you, Wally Big Shoes."

"I love you too, Turtle."

The two of them quickly make their way to the stairwell. Fire truck sirens are heard coming towards the apartment building.

The big red truck pulls up outside the window of Apartment 42 to see two grown men, dangling from the window sill.

"HELP ME!" Wails Krycek.

"I'm dying!" Exclaims Mulder.

"Save me! SAVE ME!" Krycek wails like a Muppet puppet, and looks down at the five firemen waiting to save him. "Say Mulder, do you think there's a cute one down there?"

"If I weren't grasping on for dear life to my window sill, I'd smack you a good one!" Mulder fires back. "This is all your fault! If you would have educated yourself for once in your dimwitty little life, you would know NOT TO PLAY WITH FIREWORKS IN TIGHT ENCLOSED SPACES!"

"Yeah well, if you-"

"Oh don't you dare blame this on me!" Mulder shouts at his friend.

"I am!"

"You are not!"

"I am too!"

"Are not!"

"Am too!"






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