TITLE: Krycek's Smörgåsbord
SUMMARY: For Krycek, it's time to get back to work, but what job will he chose after quitting the Presidency, and being rejected by the FBI?

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FRVS will be back to conclude season 11 soon! Stay tuned!

22 February 2018

Howdy! We hope you are all enjoying the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics! We just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that we will be going on a longer break than we initially thought.

We have hit a X-Files slump in recent weeks (thanks to the craptastic eleventh season of "The X-Files" TV series <--- why, oh why did that show have to return when we were in the middle of writing our new season? New XF crap always gets us in a funk because it's sucked since 2008! <--- Grrrrrr...) that has prevented us from finalizing the last handful of FRVS season 11 episodes. We need to go on a X-Files detox in order to get back up and running again.

We expect to be back with the final five episodes of our season later this spring (April would be ideal, but we're not making any guarantees). Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.

5 February 2018

Happy Olympics Month! "Fox & Rat" will be taking a little hiatus during the Olympics this month, and will be back with the last batch of season eleven episodes on Saturday, 10 March. During this time we will be tweeting out our episodes that take place during an Olympics, and will also tweet out all episodes of our eleventh season so you can get caught up before finale time! We watch as much of the Olympics as we possibly can, especially the winter Olympics (FRVS Krycek is a former figure skater, you know), and we will be working hard to edit and finalize the final chapters of our eleventh season which will lead directly into our third "Fox & Rat" movie this summer! Enjoy the Olympics (and our reruns)!

6 January 2018

Happy New Year, FRVSers! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and didn't party too hard on New Years (though if you did, that's frookin' awesome)! So we're back with new episodes this month, and then we're going to take another little break during February because of the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. We get really distracted during Olympics, and didn't want to forget to post new episodes (that and we still have a few episodes to finish heading into the final stretch of season 11).

And speaking of season 11s... did y'all catch The X-Files season 11 premiere last Wednesday?! Holy moly cannoli! That was such a fun and amazing episode! The final minutes, holy crap! But seriously, we sorta saw that one coming. "En Ami" is one of our favorite episodes of The X-Files.

Anyway, don't worry about FRVS dropping a Smoking-Man-Is-The-Daddy bomb on you, we have our own surprises hiding up our sleeves (that aren't so controversial). And without further ado, we bring you the thirteenth episode of our eleventh season, "The X-Files." This episode is our little hommage to the television series that inspired us to write this crazy fanfic series. The episode also features (not a) fan favorite, Agent Kyd Miller! We know a lot of XF fans didn't like him, but we love him, and we are making him our own. We hope you like the FRVS version of Miller! Enjoy the episode, and don't forget to leave us feedback! Thank you!

2 December 2017

What's a "Fox & Rat" season without a little SNAFU, right? Sorry about not airing this week's episode last week, it was Thanksgiving weekend, whoopsie! But that's all right because we're back now, and you'll get to see how President Krycek does in the White House! We also bring you a couple goodies! The official Krycek/Mulder 2020 campaign logo, and a desktop wallpaper!

The Holiday season is upon us now, and we will be on a Holiday Hiatus through most of December, and will be back on Saturday, 6 January 2018 with one of our (if you ask us) best episodes of "Fox & Rat" ever... 11x13 "The X-Files!"

We know that week will be a hectic one for the X-Files fandom since the television series, "The X-Files" season 11 premieres the Wednesday before we're back, and we hope you'll stick with us even though all that will be going on and occupying a lot of X-Phile time. We promise you, you do not want to miss our episode titled "The X-Files." We'd be spoiling it all if we told you why. We'll just say it's our little hommage to the original TV series that inspired us to write "Fox & Rat" all these years.

Here's a quick look at our Holiday Hiatus schedule!

09 December 2017 - 11x12 "Confrontations"

10 December 2017 - 5 January 2018 - FRVS Holiday Hiatus!

06 January 2018 - 11x13 "The X-Files"

3 October 2017

Howdy! We hope that you are enjoying the brand new season of "Fox & Rat!" We just want to let you know that there will be no new episode this Saturday (7 October), we like to take short breaks now and then to allow our readers to catch up.

We also would like to bring to your attention that we have discontinued the FRVS Forum, and that we are back at (officially) the Serenity of X (SoX) Forum for discussions and rating our new episodes! We hope to see you there! The FRVS section of the SoX Forum is set up so that guests can participate in discussions, and vote in that section's polls without having to register. While we'd love for you to become part of the SoX Family, and register, it is perfectly fine for you to drop by as a guest.

2 September 2017

It has been seven years, nine months, and five days (a total of 2,835 days to be exact, that's 28,040 hours - THANKS, AL GORE FOR CREATING THE INTERNET! so we could calculate that lazily!) since we last brought you a brand new episode of "Fox & Rat," and we're back! We're back from the future! No, actually, with today's eleventh season premiere episode (11x01 "How They Meet") we're taking you back to the past! That's right! We're going back to see the day that best buddies Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek met in line at the 1977 "Star Wars" movie premiere!

We have a brand new affiliate: It's Miller Time! A fansite for "The X-Files" character Special Agent Kyd Miller. Miller, will be joining FRVS during season 11, after the halfway point. We're looking forward to that! Robbie Amell as Kyd Miller was one of our favorite parts of that 2016 X-Files Event Series!

27 AUGUST 2017

The FRVS Season 11 Interview with Cassie and Kristi is now up!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Whaddaya say?! "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series is coming back to your computer monitors (and mobile phone screens!) this coming Saturday for its eleventh season! Eight years ago we thought "Fox & Rat" was gone forever, but in this era of miraculous television and movie revivals and reboots, it seems to be that this fad can even hit the little online world of virtual series!

How does it feel to be less than one week away from the "Fox & Rat" season eleven premiere?

CASSIE: It makes my stomach turn in anxiety. I've written almost all of the episodes of season eleven, and I'm not sure how readers will react to them. I hope they like them. I'm also just a couple weeks behind writing the final handful of episodes of the season so... there's that.

KRISTI: And I've got one in the middle that isn't done yet. But I'm working on it if/when I get a lunch break at work via my phone. So... you know, autocorrect issues. I don't know the air date of it, but yeah... I'm kind of freaking out and reminded why I was happy we "ended" back at the end of season 10.

(read more)

24 AUGUST 2017

We are exactly nine days away from our Season 11 premiere! We have re-worked the website so it is a bit easier to find what you are looking for. As time goes by expect more and more detailed information on the Characters page and the Timeline to be added.

We accelerated uploading this new layout for the site to today (instead of this Sunday) because we're not sure if Hurricane Harvey will be kind enough to keep our electricity going. There are still two more episodes left in our Best of The Best FRVS Re-read episodes that will "air" tomorrow and Saturday.

Since we have been "gone" since November 2009, we thought you might enjoy a little recap episode, so we came up with "Here We Go Again!" This is for all our readers who may have forgotten what happened the last time we saw the FRVS characters, and provides a brief summary of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series for new readers who may not have had the time to read through all our episodes heading into our eleventh season. The first two episode "print ads" have also been uploaded to the Season 11 page. Come back this coming Saturday to read the premiere episode, "How They Meet!"

Electricity permitting, we will try to bring you guys our Season 11 Interview sometime this weekend, if not then absolutely before season 11 premieres on 2 September. Stay tuned!

26 JUNE 2017

Unexpectedly, we have a BRAND NEW "Fox & Alex and..." episode! Yesterday, Kristi was able to "pen" this one out on her phone! It's called "Fox & Alex and Pro Bono" and it takes place after our tenth season, and before our upcoming eleventh season! Enjoy!

5 JUNE 2017

We've updated our Season 11 Press Release! Some changes were made after this past weekend's writers' meeting. The update reflects date changes. Season 11 is still set to premiere on 2 September 2017, but we pushed back the premiere of our third movie to June 2018. More episodes have been added to our 11th season that pushed into February 2018, so we couldn't keep our movie in January! LOL To view the press release as a PDF, clicky!

A few Season 11 episode titles have been revealed on our Season 11 page as well! Oooh! Less than three months to go!

FRVS also has a new affiliate! We'd like to welcome Mitch Pileggi Online to our Super Buddies Affiliates Club! Check out this website, seriously, so much Mitch Pileggi gawking material!

If you would like to affiliate your website with FRVS, please shoot us an email at:, and let us know your website URL and where to find a 100x35 link back button! We will affiliate with non-X-Files websites as well! Shiny!


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